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As debate rages over pre-K funding, families already in program see gains

Fifty-one percent of respondents in an early state evaluation of the pre-K program said their families had been able to increase their work or school hours while their children participated in the program.

City reaps $1.2M from Conrad hotel investment

Here's a little-known fact: The city of Indianapolis has an ownership stake in two of downtown's most luxurious hotels and has received nearly $1.2 million so far from one of the investments.

DeHaan, 74, still pumping massive cash, countless hours into charity

Indianapolis businesswoman and philanthropist Christel DeHaan is nearly 75 years old and she knows that someday she’ll have to slow down. Someday. Not now.

Top Stories

Reality TV star Rupert Boneham, other enthusiasts keep pinball popping

A handful of local businesses signal of a renewed interest in the once-ubiquitous pinball machines that used to be a staple in restaurants, bars and arcades before they were usurped by video games.

Tech groups ally for venture capital event

Some of Indiana's most acclaimed technology and entrepreneurial events are joining forces for a multi-day June conference, an effort aimed at boosting venture capital in a state that struggles to draw it.

Anderson University leads effort to draw young entrepreneurs with student debt

An Anderson University fine-arts-major-turned-entrepreneur has helped develop a unique student-loan-forgiveness program that encourages recent Indiana graduates to set up shop in Anderson.

Layoffs loom as state moves on incentives to save other Carrier jobs

The IEDC approved a $7 million incentives package that requires Carrier to keep 1,069 jobs here, although the company is still sending hundreds of other jobs to Mexico.

Lawmakers consider tax breaks needed to bid for NBA All-Star Game

The Pacers—working with city officials and the Indiana Sports Corp.—are expected to bid for a future All-Star Game. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said he supports the idea of bringing the event to Indianapolis.

Art education fundraising firm crafting $4M office at Fort Ben site

The local company considered buying its current home before hitting the drawing board and launching plans to build its own space.


FOCUS: Biosciences institute's chief scientific officer aims to foster commercialization

Rainer Fischer's goal is to spur collaboration in research and commercialization of life sciences products.

A&E, etc.

LOPRESTI: IU gets ahead of youth movement with Miller hire

College basketball is on the brink of big transition as elite coaches approach retirement.

DINING: On Mass Ave, punny name masks a welcome addition

Thaitanium Restaurant and Bar has an $8.99 lunch special with a choice of 17 entrees and rounds out the meal with a spring roll, soup and salad.

LOU'S VIEWS: When Earth attacks

In one of the more science-focused exhibitions it has featured in quite a while, the Indiana State Museum is housing an interactive, informative tutorial titled “Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters.”


EDITORIAL: High bar set by scrapped 21c hotel project

We encourage the city to be picky in selecting a winning bidder for the Old City Hall, which has been without a permanent use since the Indiana State Museum moved out in 2001.

MORRIS: Legislative session is in final stretch

Indiana road funding and public education are among issues that hang in the balance.

BRADY: Time to tackle city’s most solvable problem

As we strive toward the goal of attracting talent and making the city more vibrant, we have to start with the most fundamental practice of keeping Indianapolis clean.

KENNEDY: Another reason single-payer makes sense

If health coverage were de-coupled from employment, the United States would become a much more attractive location for new businesses, and incentives to outsource production to overseas workers would be reduced.

FEIGENBAUM: Millennial lawmakers seek to lead state into third century

The youngest Republican and youngest Democrat in the Indiana House have come together to form the Indiana Future Caucus, which will focus on passing future-focused legislation on issues affecting young Hoosiers across party lines.

BOHANON & STYRING: Evaluation of health care plan was devoid of nuance

When the Congressional Budget Office scores a bill, it has to follow certain rules. Fair enough. But by nature, this excludes plausible details in the administration of the law.

SKARBECK: Unusual Berkshire manual contains pearls of wisdom

Berkshire Hathaway provides its shareholders with an owner’s manual that dictates the managerial guidelines and culture of the company.

Bad choice of metaphor

LETTER: VA to consider other sites

We continue to operate in good faith, as we seek to balance our mission to serve veterans, our responsibility to the American taxpayer, and our sincere desire to engage cooperatively and collaboratively with the community.

In Brief

Tech firm ClearScholar plans 31-employee expansion

The company, which develops student-engagement applications for universities, more than doubled its office space this month by moving operations across Monument Circle, from Circle Tower into the Lacy Building.

Former Fever star Catchings buys Indianapolis tea shop

Eventually, Tamika Catchings plans to franchise Tea's Me and develop her own blend, likely called "Tamika's Tea."


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