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City mulls taxi rule changes in era of Uber, Lyft

When the ride-connecting companies came to town, Indianapolis had 917 licensed taxi drivers. That number has fallen every year since then, dropping to 632 in 2016.

Worry rises over future of HIP 2.0 insurance program

Indiana hospitals are bracing for congressional action that could mean deep cuts in Medicaid, which funds the state's popular health insurance program for low-income adults.

Audio firm finds 'Made in USA' strikes chord

Indy Audio Labs, founded in 2009, serves a very exclusive market niche—high-end audio equipment for home music and theater buffs.

Top Stories

Aldi spending $30M to revamp 22 area grocery stores

Aldi is doubling the amount of space it devotes to fresh produce; carrying fresh fish to complement its beef, steak and chicken offerings; expanding its wine selection and adding more shelves in its frozen food section.

$10M proposal adds to Broad Ripple apartment boom

The project, from local developer Zinkan & Barker Development Co., would feature up to 35 apartments and 7,000 square feet of ground-floor retail on the one-acre property now home to a billboard and small retail building on the east end of Broad Ripple Avenue.

State push leads thousands to re-enroll in college

Officials want to boost Indiana’s college attainment rate from 41 percent to 60 percent by 2025 and think targeting people who have shown an interest in school but never finished may be the fastest way to get there.

Scrappy insurer continues pursuit of $25M judgment from Symons family

Continental Casualty Co., which has been tangling in court with the family for more than 15 years, recently initiated garnishment proceedings in a quest to collect as much as possible of a 2009 judgment.

Apparatus alum rolls out text-based recruiting startup

Former Apparatus President Aman Brar has launched Canvas Talent Inc., with a software tool that allows recruiters to manage their text conversations with prospective employees.

Proposed Marsh store sales set table for downtown free-for-all

For decades, Marsh Supermarkets has had a lock on the downtown grocery market. Proposed store sales disclosed Tuesday, combined with the impending opening of Whole Foods, set the stage for three-way showdown.

Former Double 8 warehouse offering co-working space for tradespeople

Refinery 46 is targeting plumbers, electricians and other contractors in a twist on the growing trend of shared work spaces.

A&E, etc.

DINING: Unexpected sushi stop added to Westfield’s Park Street

A spin-off of a New Orleans sushi restaurant, Chiba is owned by a couple who met during their work with Andretti Autosport.

LOU'S VIEWS: At Stratford, a theater festival well worth the trip

For vacation this year, I took a trek to Verona, Ilyria, Broadway and a tropical island that housed buried treasure.

LOPRESTI: No one could have predicted these crazy sports headlines

Another spin on the coaching carousel and some weird numbers from the games we play.


EDITORIAL: HIP 2.0 is worth saving

Lawmakers should resist the temptation to pass a law that would destroy programs such as HIP 2.0 that have found a way to balance liberal ideals about government serving the poor with conservative principals about the marketplace.

MAURER: Gerrymandering leads to bad bills

Safe seats cause crazy legislation, but non-partisan advocacy for fair redistricting is mushrooming.

MARCUS: Catching up is hard to do

Multinational companies and foreign trade are not evil forces. Rather, states and cities need to recognize the economic perils any community can face almost anytime as private companies make changes.

THOMAS: The water we all swim in

In small towns and disconnected communities, the humanities need the sort of “venture capital” or catalyzing boost that only the government can offer.

URBAN DESIGN: Stretch of Ohio Street has magnetic allure

Examining why this simple place makes passersby feel like they're somewhere special.

KIM: Fiduciary rule or not, be on guard for conflicts

Now that the Department of Labor's fiduciary rule is effective, does that mean you can relax your vetting process? Absolutely not, as it’s been proven time and again it’s impossible to legislate ethical behavior.

BOHANON & STYRING: Protectionism causes more harm than good

When there’s an international boundary involved, The principle of free exchange making everyone better off gets lost in a wave of “us” versus “them.”

LETTER: Indy neighborhoods need smart growth

Unfortunately, providing adequate parkland in the northern tier of Marion County townships, including Washington Township, has not been a high priority either for the city or for most community groups.

In Brief

Butler's new coach plans to stick to old-school philosophy

LaVall Jordan made one promise to players and fans Wednesday: The old-school philosophy that turned the Bulldogs from also-rans into consistent winners will remain intact during his tenure.

UPS plans $260M logistics facility in Plainfield, 578 jobs

United Parcel Service Inc. and the Indiana Economic Development Corp. announced plans for the new 893,000-square-foot package-handling hub Tuesday morning.

Minimum-security prison in Indianapolis to close this summer

State officials say a minimum-security prison that's operated in Indianapolis for nearly 150 years will close its doors on or before July 31.

Indy marketing firm nabs Dallas company co-founded by Staubach

NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach will be a partner in the merged company, which will maintain the LST Marketing name.

Special Sections

2017 Indiana 100: E-commerce firm marches to own beat

Sweetwater Sound—which has a 44-acre campus in Fort Wayne—is the nation’s largest online retailer of musical instruments and audio equipment.

2017 Indiana 100: You’ll find few motorcycles parked at therapy offices

Q&A with Andre Lacy, LDI Ltd.: "Somebody asked me within the last six months, how many miles have I ridden? I started adding it up. I’ve ridden more than 200,000 miles."

2017 Indiana 100: In a mature industry, Wheaton keeps on truckin’

Q&A with Mark Kirschner, Wheaton Van Lines: “We’re not losing drivers; there’s just no new drivers coming into the industry.”

2017 Indiana 100: Agency powers Indiana, one small town at a time

Q&A with Rajeshwar “Raj” Rao, Indiana Municipal Power Agency: "Municipal power companies are your next-door neighbors. When you lose the lights, they lose the lights, too."

2017 Indiana 100: Smith talks customers, the coliseum and Garfield

Q&A with Kimberly Smith, Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Co.: "I don’t want to say by any means that it’s been easy to effectuate the change but I think it all has to do with why you’re effectuating change."

2017 Indiana 100: Cummins aims to transform trucking through tech

Q&A with Sherry Aaholm, Cummins Inc.: "My mother, early on, taught me the value of hard work, the value of recognizing diversity, the value of recognizing engagement and the fact that you’re just as powerful to do what you want to do."

2017 Indiana 100: After pulling CNO back, Bonach stepping aside

Q&A with Edward Bonach, CEO of CNO Financial Group: "Thankfully, I don’t know if it’s genes or what, but I can usually get by on less sleep than most. Starting early is good for me."


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