Indianapolis Business Journal - September 11-17, 2017


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Bus consultant leads school districts into ditch

At least three Indiana school districts that hired the startup firm True Consultant Service LLC to revamp bus routes ran into major problems when school began this summer, forcing administrators to apologize to parents and reverse course.

As advertising falls, Star hits subscribers with hefty rate hike

The Indianapolis Star is asking its subscribers to absorb hefty rate increases—a move that reflects the pressure the newspaper industry is under to find ways to offset declines in advertising.

Under Daniels, Purdue unleashes surge of startups

Before Mitch Daniels took the helm, the  university used its intellectual property to create about eight startups annually. The school has been averaging nearly three times that each year since.

Top Stories

ITT brass settled with SEC, but commissioners nixed deal

The SEC in a blistering 56-page suit had charged that the pair concealed the company’s rapidly eroding financial condition and “routinely misled” the firm’s outside accounting firm, PwC. It’s not clear what the terms of the settlements were.

Coop builder takes henhouses to next level

Andrew Brake build his first coop to house chickens in his own backyard. But he's turned his hobby into a new career and how builds coops worth thousands of dollars.

Indianapolis lands first nonstop transatlantic flights

The state’s first-ever nonstop transatlantic air service—provided by Delta Air Lines from Indianapolis International Airport—will begin in the spring, airport officials announced Wednesday afternoon. The state is kicking in up to $5.5 million to land the flights.

Colts make 10-year deal to hold training camp at Grand Park

Word of the training camp's move to Westfield leaked out Tuesday night, but further details were added by the NFL team and city officials at a Wednesday morning press conference at the Grand Park Events Center.

Indy Eleven's league again faces uncertain future

The North American Soccer League—the professional soccer league that includes the Indy Eleven—has lost its sanctioning as a Division 2 league for the 2018 season, the NASL announced Tuesday.

ISTEP scores hold steady for third straight year

Indiana appears to have reached a new normal when it comes to ISTEP scores: For the third straight year, about half of the students taking the exam passed it.


Hamilton County employers try to fill thousands of positions as jobless rate falls

No particular industry sector appears safe from the impact, as the county's unemployment rate falls below 3 percent. Companies in health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing and construction are all struggling to find workers.

A&E, etc.

LOU'S VIEWS: Macaws and more keep summer going

Think the season is over? Well, you can still hit the drive-in, outdoor concerts, etc.

DINING: Two Speedway newbies join crowded restaurant field

O'Reilly's and Tacos & Tequila join bustling Main St. options.

LOPRESTI: Uncertainty is the watchword as Colts begin new season

The reliable Horseshoes of old have morphed into a model of mediocrity.


Years of effort yield payoff with non-stop Paris flight

With the addition of the Paris route, the airport has added 37 nonstop flights since 2014. Each small success has begat a larger one—with perhaps the first big breakthrough coming when United Airlines established nonstop service between Indianapolis and San Francisco in 2014.

MAURER: Who are today’s city leaders?

Those on lists from decades past are being replaced by a new generation.

HENEGAR: Constitution reinforces power of the people

The ACLU has held every presidential administration accountable to the letter of the Constitution. And we will hold this administration accountable, too.

HIATT: Making the IMA and gardens a thriving museum

We have balanced our budget, reduced our endowment draw each year, and paid off more than $40 million in debt, while delivering a wide variety of exhibitions and programs to our community. This kind of change is not easy.

KIM: ‘CAT’ bonds ease financial pain of nature’s fury

Weather forecasting and investing are both probabilistic endeavors.

BOHANON & STYRING: Alt-right, liberals find economic common ground

The alt-right views white Europeans as socio-political—and economic—victims, and calls for a strong dose of white nationalism and anti-Semitism.

Yes to more fun time

Fadness story illustrates disingenuousness

LETTER: Nickel Plate plan won’t work

There has been a clear lack of transparency and public input regarding every aspect of the proposal to convert the Nickel Plate Railroad to a trail.

Divisiveness problem is with public officials

In Brief

Purdue University launches three-year degree program

The program is "not for the faint of heart," a Purdue dean said. It will require the students to be in school year-round and complete summer courses.

National real estate brokerage making bigger play into hot industrial market

The local office of Lee & Associates plans to more than double the number of brokers it devotes to the sector, as industrial vacancy remains solidly in the single digits.



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