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Latest scandal rocking college basketball fuels debate over compensating players

Some say the simple solution to the dilemma that has given rise to the most recent scandal in big-time college athletics is to let college athletes profit from their name, image and likeness.

Battered Finish Line ripe for takeover

The Finish Line Inc. is highly vulnerable to being acquired, retail analysts say, thanks to a succession of challenges hitting it all at once.

City hush-hush about Amazon HQ2 bid

Central Indiana is facing crunch time in its push to bid for the Amazon HQ2 project, with pitches to the Seattle-based company due Oct. 19, less than two weeks away.

Top Stories

Zionsville pharmacist who put himself in feds’ sights admits to felonies

Harry Zhang pleaded guilty to two felonies this month after charged with illegally obtaining prescriptions from Canada and Germany and reselling them in China.

Microloans make the difference for small businesses

Dozens of small businesses have been helped by microloans—smaller than $50,000—from the Indy Chamber’s Business Ownership Initiative.

Indy GDP keeps up with most peer cities

Indianapolis’ economic performance in recent years has been as good or better than that of most of its peer cities around the Midwest, new government data show.

Trendy high-deductible health insurance plans lead patients to skip care

High-deductible health plans are booming in popularity, but, in an effort to save money, too many people are skipping preventive care even though such visits are covered 100 percent.

KAR to pay up to $125M to gain full control of software firm

After buying a 50 percent stake in TradeRev for $30 million in 2014, Carmel-based KAR Auction Services said Tuesday that it has acquired the remaining shares in the company for a sum that could balloon to $125 million.

Struggling Endocyte spending millions for rights to prostate-cancer drug

After struggling for more than 20 years to develop cancer drugs without success, West Lafayette-based Endocyte Inc. is pausing it own R&D efforts to concentrate on a potential blockbuster drug from a German chemical company.

Midtown office building undergoes massive interior makeover

The building, once fully occupied by State Auto Insurance, has been revitalized under new ownership and attracted a couple of key tenants.


After overcoming abundance of obstacles, 360 Market Square nears completion

The $120 million building will become yet another signature structure in the new Market East district, a section of downtown that until recently featured a sea of parking lots and ramshackle buildings.

UIndy partnering to develop taproom near its campus

The university will help convert the former Shelby Bowl building into a Books & Brews taproom as part of the school's efforts to attract more development to the area surrounding the south-side campus.

Noblesville board denies request for downtown bed-and-breakfast

Noblesville resident Mona Whitfield had planned to operate a B&B out of the 95-year-old house at 1135 Conner St. In addition Monday, the Noblesville Board of Zoning Appeals approved a request for an events venue at 206th Street and State Road 19.

A&E, etc.

LOU'S VIEWS: Ten top picks from the Heartland Film Fest

No, I didn't watch all 200-plus movies being screened at this year's fest. But I saw enough of them to offer strong recommendations.

LOPRESTI: Meet the members of the exclusive Indiana winner’s club

The late Joe Tiller and others have this in common: lots of victories.

DINING: Putting Burger Study to the test

The St. Elmo/Harry & Izzy spinoff offers a slate of meaty sandwiches with an academic twist.


EDITORIAL: Tax provision benefits Hoosiers

A provision of the Trump tax plan would shift some federal tax burden away from lower-tax states to higher ones but the larger plan needs evaluation before we know whether it's good for Hoosiers overall.

MAURER: Will Bezos ignore state’s social record?

We have a lot to offer Amazon, but our legislature hasn't done us any favors.

KENNEDY: The America in the mirror

If we are honest, if we look at our recent and not-so-recent history, we’ll see that our democratic institutions have been malfunctioning, and our democratic norms eroding, for a long time.

McVerry: Capital needs challenge growth companies

Capital can be a game changer in growth-stage companies' ability to innovate, tap unrealized growth potential, retain and attract talent, and even survive the next economic downturn.

KIM: Review timeless truths before next market ‘crisis’

Reviews Ben Carlson’s “obvious truths” about investing in times of relative calm

BOHANON & STYRING: Index funds aren’t going to destroy capitalism

One commentator goes so far as to claim index funds are "worse than Marxism."

LETTER: Lucas estate decision leaves victims

At the very least, events already booked should be able to go forward.

LETTER: Housing concept isn’t new

The community might not be aware that Partners in Housing has been using Housing First as its guiding principle for well over a decade.

In Brief

Southwest Airlines to ditch nonstop Indianapolis-D.C. flights

The airline says the route, established in 2014, doesn't have enough "sustained traffic" to keep it flying.

Fuzic planning to add more than 250 jobs in Fishers by 2020

The company, which sells software for on-site audio marketing, intends to spend $3.7 million to triple its office footprint in Fishers' Nickel Plate District.

Developer sets upscale rents for 27-story apartment tower downtown

Although the largest units in 360 Market Square will top out at more than $2,000 a month, the rates compare favorably with other new downtown projects, according to one apartment expert.


Wolley: It’s about equality—not the anthem or free speech

U.S. soldiers don’t fight and die so that black people can be treated like second-class citizens by the criminal justice system.

Schneider: What it means to be the land of the free

Being compelled to perform and conform to what most people think is proper behavior debases what the anthem and flag stand for.

Shella: Free speech rights apply to those kneeling, booing

I thought it was a tribute to America that some of the players at a recent Colts game held on to the giant flag that covered the field at Lucas Oil Stadium while teammates nearby kneeled in protest.

Shabazz: Patriotism, politics and professional athletes

Patriotism is loving your country so much that you are willing to call it out when you think it is wrong.

Leppert: The power of words is often underestimated

While “straight talk” can seem refreshing and honest at times, it can also be vulgar and offensive during others.

Smith: NCAA must step up and root out corruption

Big money has broken college sports.

Brinegar: Tax plan would drive investments, income growth

Encouraging business investment and accelerating economic growth are always winning strategies. Additional elements of the administration’s proposal bring more benefits for all Hoosier taxpayers.

Fraser: Lower-income Hoosiers don’t benefit enough

Given that many Hoosiers have not recovered from the recession, I argue that we need better jobs, not skewed tax cuts.

Ireland: How doubling tweet length matters to public debate

While brevity is a welcome touch for encouraging access to discourse, it also fixes the discussion in favor of intellectually weak perspectives.

Robertson: A return (hopefully) to compromise in U.S. Senate

Those GOP senators who did not sign on to the repeal-and-replace legislation did the entire Republican Party a giant favor.

Wagner: Becoming a more thoughtful protester

It’s easy to see how things can get out of control. When you’re in the heat of the moment, you don’t necessarily feel the intensity. When you’re on the receiving end, the ebb and flow of the crowd is more apparent.

Siddiqui: Obamacare not all good or bad, so let’s fix it

Perhaps parents who are under 65 but lack insurance should be allowed to be added to their children’s insurance.

Hale: U.S. must be more open, not wall itself off

This is domestic, economic policy that will drive new, closer relationships and a probable shifting of alliances over time.

Daniels: Keep monuments of past, but add to list of honored

Let us never seek to erase the signs of a past we must remember, in order to avoid repeating our collective sins.

Shepard: Appreciating Larry McKinney and Denise LaRue

Judges don’t have armies or taxing power at their disposal, only the power of thoughtful and impartial decisions to prompt people to follow their rulings.

Parr: Why all conservatives should support school choice

Why not give a child an opportunity he or she might otherwise have never had?

Ritz: Literacy is key to better results—on tests and in life

A student’s ability to read impacts their learning in every content area and determines the outcome of every assessment. Every test is first a test on the student’s ability to read.

Irresponsible Collins blocked serious health reform

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