Indianapolis Business Journal - November 13-19, 2017


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Fishers cries foul, claims tax formula benefits Carmel

Fishers leaders say the state's formula for distributing income tax revenue to local entities is unfair, and they want changes.

5 Republicans want chance to take on incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly

U.S. Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer, former state Rep. Mike Braun, and two others have so far filed to face off in the GOP primary next spring.

Top Stories

Longtime owner of Fountain Square Theatre sells building

After nearly 25 years, Linton Calvert has sold the iconic home of duckpin bowling to Chicago-based real estate firm North Park Ventures LLC. But Calvert, and the bowling, will stick around.

Cameras to capture car plates in St. Vincent parking lots

The hospital is about to roll out a parking-enforcement program to make sure employees stay in their designated areas so patients and visitors can park closer to the building.

Marian to unveil $150M fundraising campaign led by Klipsch gift

The Indianapolis-based university has big ambitions for boosting the national reputation of its teacher-training program—and it already is more than halfway to its fundraising goal.

ITT failure a calamity, but former execs say not fraud

The SEC broadly charges that two former ITT Educational Services executives concealed from investors the “extraordinary failure” of two off-balance-sheet student loan programs ITT helped set up in 2009 after the financial crisis shut down the market for traditional private education loans.

Former Angie's List CEO seeks to buy company's HQ campus

Bill Oesterle has assembled a group of local heavy hitters in hopes of purchasing the 17.5-acre site east of downtown, now that ANGI Homeservices Inc. has put it up for sale.

Angie's List executive taking top job at Conexus Indiana

Mark Howell, who has been Angie's List's chief operating officer since 2013, will start his new job at the manufacturing and logistics advocacy group in January.

Boudreaux a trailblazer with vast experience in health insurance industry

Gail Boudreaux's appointment as CEO of Anthem Inc., announced on Monday, makes her the highest-ranking female executive in the health insurance industry.


Indiana’s battery industry, undeterred by past setbacks, sees bright future

Experts contend the state can make its mark in this rapidly growing field—if not as a mass-market builder of the battery cells themselves, then as a creator of value-added products.

Gasoline prices in Indiana exceed national average

The average price of regular gasoline in Indiana has topped $2.70 for several days, about 8 percent higher than the national average, which has been hovering around $2.50, according to AAA.

State awards $900,000 for conservation projects

Twenty-five soil and water conservation districts across Indiana will receive nearly $900,000 in grants awarded by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture and the State Soil Conservation Board.

Mild weather hurts IPALCO’s results

IPALCO posted a profit of $33.2 million on revenue of $355.3 million in the latest quarter. That compared to profit of $47.3 million on $361.3 million in revenue in the same quarter a year earlier.

A&E, etc.

LOPRESTI: Triplet starters hope to lift Cascade girls hoops team

The Bryant sisters combine their individual gifts, prepare to make mark in senior year.

DINING: Brisket, soup among new Fieldhouse fare

It's not just the Pacers players who are unknown quantities this season. So are some of the food offerings. Until now.

LOU'S VIEWS: Broadway roundup includes glorious musical newcomer ‘The Band’s Visit’

Plus "Come From Away," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "The Play That Goes Wrong," "Miss Saigon" and "A Bronx Tale."


Bring offshore profits home—but companies shouldn't squander cash

There is an estimated $2.6 trillion in profits that companies have made in other parts of the world—and are leaving there to avoid paying hefty taxes on the earnings when they transfer the money to the United States.

MORRIS: Let’s do more to support veterans

Set an example for our state government by thanking those who've served in the military.

McCABE: Cities can drive climate action with Paris Accord in flux

If I were an Indiana mayor, I would ask: What are the best things I can do to serve my city and reduce my city’s carbon footprint?

DUVALL: Teachers need affordable and safe housing near schools

Teacher’s Village, a cluster of affordable housing for teachers on the near-east side in Indianapolis, will be only five minutes away from several schools.

SKARBECK: Identify good management for successful investing

While financial statements provide the numbers used to value a business, management policies are more subjective, and it takes time to determine whether their strategies were effective.

BOHANON & STYRING: No movement toward a rules-based Fed

A constant debate in every Macroeconomics class since at least 1975 is, to what extent can or should the Federal Reserve provide policy certainty?

LETTER: Eskenazi offers model for modern care

Eskenazi Health is committed to public health with a focus on preventive, cost-effective care for chronic disease and trauma care for the most underserved population in Indianapolis/Marion County.

LETTER: Lack of congestion is local advantage

I like to brag about Indy’s rush hour where traffic on I-69 slows to 60 mph. That’s worth a lot to me.

In Brief

State hits Amazon with safety order, proposed fines for fatality

The Indiana Department of Labor has issued the order following the September death of an employee at an Amazon facility in Plainfield.

Circle Centre mall sues restaurant tenant over lease

In a lawsuit, Circle Centre claims Granite City Restaurant Operations Inc. has fallen behind by several months in rent payments on its downtown restaurant.

Honda executive to lead Indiana workforce development agency

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Tuesday that Fred Payne will become commissioner on Dec. 12 at the state agency that oversees Indiana's workforce development efforts.

Bill Styring, economist and author, dies at 72

William Styring III, an Indianapolis native who had a long and influential career in Indiana conservative politics, died Monday.


Hill: Handing out needles does nothing to curb abuse

Providing items that enable and even encourage exactly the destructive behavior we want to stop is a self-defeating exercise.

Clere: Clean needles save lives, while sharp rhetoric kills

Compared to the cost of treating HIV or hepatitis C, clean needles are cheap.

Wolley: ‘I feared for my life’ is not enough

There must be a rebalancing of the legitimate concern for officer safety versus the use of lethal force in police interactions with the community.

Daniels: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ lessons remain vital today

The whole point of the book is to make people uncomfortable as we confront a past that helps to explain a great deal about our present.

Schneider: It’s time for mad women

It would be a step in the right direction for more women to be in positions of political and business strength, leading as editors, executives and officeholders.

Shella: Forcing Republicans, Democrats to work together

Lawmakers in safe districts, be they in Congress or in the Indiana General Assembly, don’t need to cooperate with others because they have no fear of losing the next election.

Wagner: Gun Range Barbie conquers her fear

There is something awesome—the actual definition of the word, not 1990s’ teen vernacular—about holding that power in the palm of your hand.

Shabazz: Here’s how you do immigration reform

I totally get border security, but we have to be smart about it.

Ritz: Virtual schools fail students

These companies lure many of these students through effective advertising. They take our money and enroll our most vulnerable with little result.

Ireland: Republicans must start painting in ‘bold colors’

Recent polling shows Democrats up double digits on a generic ballot, putting Republicans’ sizable majorities at risk.

Leppert: Politics draws distinction between wrong and illegal

Even after several months and countless tweets from the president declaring “NO COLLUSION” has occurred in the Russia-election investigation, it is clear it absolutely has.

Parr What it means to be a nation of laws

We could, I suppose, dispense with these constitutional protections and simply hold a people’s court by which an individual is found guilty or liable based solely on how a group feels on any given day or predicated on accusations alone. I’m not a lawyer yet, but I think that’s called mob justice.

Hale: IU institute’s role is more important than ever

Thank goodness for those neutral bodies that make it their business to provide the evidence needed to get things done the right way.

Smith: Israel is a nation committed to religious freedom

There is an ethos in this land, something in the very DNA of the nation, that recognizes the strength of saying, “All are welcome as long as you live and let live.”

Siddiqui: A user-fee is just a tax (not even in disguise)

There are two fundamental questions. First, is it the responsibility of lawmakers to create a long-term, sustained commitment to the regular upkeep of our infrastructure? Second, how do we fund this commitment?

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