Indianapolis Business Journal - June 15-21, 2018

Indianapolis Business Journal - June 22-28, 2018


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Downtown’s forgotten south side ‘ready to explode’

Leaders of what’s known as Stadium Village on downtown’s southern edge have been waiting patiently for the area to pop; now, there’s finally enough activity to justify their hopes.

IndyGo rethinks another electric-bus buy

IndyGo is expected to back off plans to purchase electric buses this year to replace the mass-transit system’s older diesel fleet, saying electric-vehicle technology is not yet good enough to meet its needs.

WFMS-FM 95.5 boot stomps its way back to No. 1

For the first time since November 2013, the country station in April was the most-listened-to radio station in central Indiana, according to New York-based Nielsen Media Research.

Top Stories

Franciscan and other health systems spend millions in booming Johnson County

Franciscan Health is the undisputed king of south-side health care providers, but its executives see a huge opportunity to expand services even farther south into fast-growing Johnson County.

Developers come around, slowly, to different housing options in Noblesville

The kind of housing that caters to millennials and empty-nesters is finally on the upswing in Noblesville—although the growth in single-family homes is still increasing, too, city officials say.

Indy group raises $9M in effort to fill talent gap

Ascend Indiana, an initiative aimed at closing what local corporate and education leaders say is a stubborn talent gap, is ramping up its operations.

Q&A: Recurring nightmare scared Dan Dakich straight

Dakich, 55, used chewing tobacco through his 30s and most of his 40s, before he quit and launched an anti-tobacco campaign that now includes on-air and print ads.

City set to pay $1.5M to review needs, reimagine presence downtown

All options are on the table for the city's future use of the City-County Building, Old City Hall, the Marion County Jail and the 500-space East Market Street parking garage.

City-County Council rejects proposed $3M downtown tax on property owners

Most Republicans, along with six Democrats, voted against the proposal, which would have created an economic improvement district in the Mile Square.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway adds dirt-track race prior to Brickyard 400

The new race could be another effort by IMS officials to boost interest in the Brickyard 400, which has suffered from sinking attendance in recent years. It is likely to attract several NASCAR drivers who still drive in dirt-track races.

New dockless electric scooter system 'Bird' runs into trouble as city ponders regulation

City code enforcement officials sent the company a letter asking them to halt their service for 30 days while the city works out a regulatory scheme that would tackle dockless bike and scooter sharing.


Editorial: City officials must address perceptions about downtown

City officials can’t ignore the questions and concerns about downtown. Maybe the Mile Square taxing district wasn’t the right answer to address the problems. But we’re eager to find out what is.

NATE FELTMAN: Move to Circle shows commitment to city

Having Soldiers and Sailors Monument next to IBJ's new headquarters is honor and inspiration.

Amy Liu & Michael Huber: Making inclusive economic growth a priority for Indy

Communities like Indianapolis cannot afford to watch idly as more of their human capital drifts further into isolation from the job market and productive economy.

Dennis & Sandy Sasso: The children of immigrants is a moral emergency

Government officials should not have sought to defend their immigration policies using scripture.

Sheri Fella: Climbing onto the pitching mound of confidence

A feeling of knowing that, whatever is about to happen, all will be OK and all I can do is my best—that is confidence.

BOHANON & CUROTT: Incentives can backfire if carried to extremes

Part of economists’ useful function is to offer alternative ways of structuring incentives to attain socially desired ends.

KIM: ‘Secret’ to stunning philanthropic gifts hiding in plain sight

"Salt-of-the-earth" people of modest means can still manage to amass multimillion-dollar estates, through discipline and the miracle of compounded interest.

Trust police to enforce laws

Don’t ignore hateful rhetoric

In Brief

Real estate firm planning $8.5M office project in Fishers tech park

The building will serve as a gateway to the Fishers Certified Tech Park, which is home to Launch Fishers and the Indiana IoT Lab.

Council approves spending $10.8M on equipment, workers to maintain streets

The proposal, approved unanimously, will allow the Department of Public Works to purchase equipment as well as hire an additional 36 people, or six crews, to perform street maintenance work.

After exit from Phoenix, Fonseca launching theater group on west side

The River West Theater Company plans to stage its productions in the Indy Convergence arts space and feature repertoire that focuses on black, Latin American, Middle Eastern and Asian communities.

Mind Trust lands $1.5M donation from Walton Family Foundation

The grant is part of more than $100 million in funding the Walton Foundation announced Tuesday morning that will go toward improving education.

Herff Jones owner Varsity Brands sold to Bain Capital

Bain Capital has agreed to buy Varsity Brands, the owner of BSN Sports and Indianapolis-based Herff Jones, in a deal estimated at $2.5 billion.


Micah Clark: GOP delegates recognize importance of marriage

The collapse of marriage is the primary cause of child poverty in the United States.

Celestino-Horseman: Shame on GOP for keeping marriage language

The list of those supporting this language reads like a who’s who of Republican politics.

Michael Simpson: Republicans need broader, inclusive view to grow

Hoosier families are more varied and diverse than just a few decades ago.

Gerry Lanosga: Why ‘opposition media’ is a key part of democracy

Don’t just question authority—challenge it, regularly.

Anne Hathaway: Remember why we celebrate Independence Day

Through hard work, sacrifice and yes, a little luck, we each have the opportunity to fight for and live the American dream.

Una Osili: More direct flights will boost Indy economy, culture

We need to envision the Indianapolis-Paris flight as a first step in a new era of global connectivity for Indiana.

Baron Hill: Don’t put up with the GOP attack on health care

Policymakers should be working together to improve the ACA, rather than blow it up.

Ed DeLaney: Will Indiana leaders offer health care safety net?

Until the passage of the Affordable Care Act, our regulation was a very light touch.

Adrianne Slash: Give black drug users same empathy as white ones

Equity matters. In order to build trust with communities, our response in their time of need must be equitable.

Beverly Gard: Indiana’s waterways are cleaner than you think

IDEM works side by side with numerous locally led watershed groups to help improve water quality.

John McDonald: Five employee perks that don’t cost a dime

Companies that offer flexible work schedules frequently see more productive, engaged and happier employees.

Deborah Hearn Smith: A cautionary tale: Is 2018 another 1968?

We have once again gone to our corners to shout at the other side. Listening is a lost art.

Dana Black: Celebrating Pride Month is to be better American

The fact that we stand strong is proof that no matter how some try to harm or silence us, we will not go away.

Curt Smith: Divorce rate drags down Hoosiers’ well-being

About 37,000 Hoosier babies are born each year with two strikes against them—no father in the home and an impoverished mother.

Bill Oesterle: Pledge requires creative anti-smoking effort

The best way to reduce smoking is to tax the hell out of it and use the tax dollars to fund programs that help people quit.

Special Sections

2018 Indiana 100: High-growth markets grab White Lodging’s attention

Since founding White Lodging in 1985, the privately held company has gained a reputation for delivering new hotels on time, and for managing them without a surfeit of drama.

2018 Indiana 100: Even if liquor law changes, it'll be too late for Monarch

“Right now, it’s kind of crisis management. And we’re hoping to put ourselves in a position next year to be thinking about growth," says Monarch CEO Phil Terry.

2018 Indiana 100: Allegion doesn’t just make locks; it’s a tech firm

“We’ve just really grown up and kind of grown into what we are today, and it’s been a really neat story," says Allegion Senior Vice President Tracy Kemp.

2018 Indiana 100: KAR accelerating plan to digitize auto auction biz

“People are still going to go to physical auctions, people are still going to use wholesalers, but we see this as the wave of the future," says TradeRev President Becca Polak.

2018 Indiana 100: Meeting the needs of open offices

“Culture starts at the top. It’s understanding and realizing your people really are the company, so you need to treat them with dignity and respect," says Kimball CFO Michelle Schroeder.




MIKE LOPRESTI: In a World Cup funk? Root for obvious underdog

Tiny Iceland, making its first appearance, tied Argentina to kick things off.

Neighborhood festivals serve up culture with food

Nothing says summer like paying for dinner with a foot-long span of festival tickets.

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