Indianapolis Business Journal - August 17-23, 2018

Indianapolis Business Journal - August 17-23, 2018


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Do these executives have the clout to get a hate-crime law passed?

Business leaders are rallying behind a social issue they say could affect economic development.

Small events build big war chest for Riley foundation

During the past 20 years, Riley Children’s Foundation has raised $500 million, the majority of which has been spent for pediatric research and patient programs at Riley Hospital.

Top Stories

Hamilton Crossing, other businesses hurt by Carmel construction, road changes

As one of Hamilton Crossing Centre’s key tenants prepares to close its doors, the future of the Kite Realty development along Meridian Street in Carmel remains unclear.

Growth of Indy-based Defenders home-security company outpaces industry

The local family-run company specializing in home security and smart-home technology has grown 20 percent each of the past two years, with $600 million in revenue projected for 2018.

Carmel firm ties schools’ systems together to boost safety

Layered Solutions Inc. is helping schools enhance their mass-notification and emergency-management systems with products that could make it easier and faster to communicate in a crisis.

Calumet Specialty’s new CEO giving it second lease on life

Calumet shares now trade around $6.65, nearly double their October 2016 low but way down from October 2015, when they fetched around $27.

Q&A: Fishers firm uses plants in pods to battle food insecurity

Jonathan Paltrow is founder of Fishers-based ag-tech company Aggressively Organic, a company focused on ending food insecurity by innovating agricultural practices.

Historic downtown office building to receive $15M renovation as hotel

Located less than two blocks from Monument Circle, the 120-year-old building could reopen as early as 2019 as a millennial-friendly Aloft property.

Hogsett's plan to issue debt for road, bridge repairs draws some concern

Mayor Joe Hogsett, in introducing the 2019 city budget Monday night to the Indianapolis City-County Council, presented a plan to issue $120 million worth of debt over the next four years.


After 10 years, Greensburg's Honda plant has had broad but sometimes subtle impact

The plant employs 2,500 people—plus another 500 in a pool of temporary production workers whose numbers fluctuate depending on the company’s needs—and pays millions in taxes annually to state and local government.


EDITORIAL: Convention center must have exceptional technology

The city can’t afford to let Gen Con and other major events get away because the convention center doesn't have the technology they need to put on great shows.

NATE FELTMAN: A brain gain opportunity right before our eyes

Indiana should make it easy for foreign college students to stay here after they graduate.

Paul Halverson & Shawn Smith: Solving Indiana’s substance use crisis starts at school

Evidence-based programming in schools is one critical aspect of a comprehensive response by our city and state.

Susan Marshall: The time is now for female founders in the tech industry

When you show how you’ll make money, your gender doesn’t matter. Demonstrate that your business is scaleable and will provide a healthy return, and venture capitalists will be interested.

URBAN DESIGN: Density will lead to more thoughtful communities

Places thrive when they're designed to bring us together, not keep us apart.

Liz Malatestinic: Stereotypes lead to bad business decisions about workers

It’s important to move beyond the stereotypes and carefully examine what perks might have a lasting impact on each generation you’re hoping to keep happy in your company.

KIM: Wynn Resorts debacle highlights risk of imperial CEO

You can bet if there are narcissistic tendencies locked inside a lucky founder/CEO, fortune, fame and power will set them free.

BOHANON & CUROTT: Regulations rarely free of unintended consequences

Section 1502 of Dodd-Frank effectively stopped the flow of 3T minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and reduced warlords’ income. But the story has a dark side.

Letter: Success requires setting race aside

My experience has taught me to value everyone, and truthfully, there is only one race, and it’s the human race.

In Brief

Seafood restaurant taking over former Rock Bottom location on 86th Street

The new eatery is owned by Jason Wu of Columbus, Indiana, who said he believes the seafood niche is underrepresented on the north side.

Bird plans Indy return with nearly 10 times as many scooters

In its permit application with the city, scooter-rental service Bird Rides Inc. said high ridership rates it experienced last month in Indianapolis convinced it to come back with a much larger fleet of scooters.

Steak n Shake offering 'franchise partnerships' for $10,000

Indianapolis-based Steak n Shake announced a plan Monday to dramatically change its franchising model by letting "franchise partners" take over operations at company-owned restaurants.

Two more hotels planned for burgeoning Whitestown development off I-65

Once populated largely by cornfields, the landscape at the intersection of I-65 and Whitestown Parkway has exploded in recent years with retail and restaurant projects. A smattering of hotels has followed, and two more projects now are in the works.

Hoosier Lottery's private operator to get larger-than-expected incentive payment

This is the first year IGT Indiana has qualified for an incentive payment since it was hired by the lottery in 2012.


Dockside dining when vacation is not an option

There’s something soothing about hanging out near large bodies of water—especially at mealtime.

MIKE LOPRESTI: Women’s tennis pros proudly wear IU East’s colors

School in Richmond welcomes a parade of grand slam tournament champions, contenders.

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