Indianapolis Business Journal – May 31 – June 6, 2019




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2019 Innovation Issue: Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence in recent years has been simultaneously stunning, promising—and a bit scary.

2019 Innovation Issue: This firm harnesses AI, big data to make farms more efficient

A Brazilian digital agriculture company that has set up its North American offices at Purdue Research Park wants to create a data-aggregation system powered by artificial intelligence.

2019 Innovation Issue: Hospitals move cautiously into AI

The medical field’s lofty dreams of unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to transform medicine have yet to materialize in a major way.

2019 Innovation Issue: Many questions, fewer answers at intersection of AI, ethics

James McGrath, a professor of religion at Butler University, ponders the ethical and moral questions related to artificial intelligence.

2019 Innovation Issue: Universities focus on training students in AI

With artificial intelligence disrupting both high-tech and traditional industries, universities are searching for new ways to prepare students for the fast-changing field.

2019 Innovation Issue: The data scientists behind AI

Three data science experts spoke with IBJ about the benefits—and difficulties—associated with the practical use of artificial intelligence.

2019 Innovation Issue: Hoosiers’ hypersonic expertise propels new U.S. weapon development

The Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, along with prominent Indiana universities, is helping develop an arsenal of weapons that can travel at least one mile per second and maneuver through blind spots of missile defense systems.

2019 Innovation Issue: This family-held enterprise embraces innovation

Four generations are involved The Heritage Group, which owns dozens of companies employing more than 6,000 people.

2019 Innovation Issue: Diesel powerhouse Cummins ventures beyond its comfort zone

As the Columbus-based diesel-engine maker dips its toes into the still-evolving world of electric vehicles, it's had to reshape its deep-rooted culture.

2019 Innovation Issue: How these entrepreneurs failed, then learned from the experience

Four executives describe failures they experienced, and how they bounced back.


2019 Innovation Issue: Jason Williams on 5 ways to build a more innovative culture at work

Innovation doesn’t happen when we withdraw ourselves from the outside world, but rather when we engage with it. A great way to spark curiosity within your team is to let them explore.

2019 Innovation Issue: Dr. Edward McGruder on improving pet health via the ‘internet of animal things’

Wearable devices have applications beyond people. We’re at a turning point in animal health where better data combined with innovative medicines is leading to better care for our pets.

2019 Innovation Issue: Kiko Suarez on how 21st century students are mired in a 19th century system

Students have the power to innovate and free themselves from the system by prioritizing their college choice based on what a college is willing to do for them—and not the other way around. Students can find a college that exhibits affordability, student centricity, equality and genuine leadership.

2019 Innovation Issue: Mark Clerkin on coaching networks, a new innovation paradigm

Everyone has data, processing power continues to get cheaper and new tools are released every day, but customers are still frustrated. Finding actionable insights within the data is what truly matters and therefore is key to success.

2019 Innovation Issue: Dora Lutz on social innovation—thinking bigger for profit, world-changing purpose

The good news: If you’ve considered the role of your business on the community while also considering profit, you’ve engaged in social innovation, regardless of your mission or your tax-status.

In Brief

UPDATE: Indy 500 viewership ratings jump in first year on NBC

NBC’s first broadcast of the Indy 500 earned a household rating of 3.43, the best for the race since the 100th running of the race earned a 4.1 rating in 2016.

Keystone gets approval to revamp entrance of old AT&T building

A portion of the building’s facade will be replaced with clear glass as part of its $80 million conversion into apartments and retail space.

U.S. consumer confidence hits highest level since November

American consumers felt more confident this month, shrugging off a rocky stock market and heightened trade tensions between the United States and China.