Indianapolis Business Journal – October 26 – November 1, 2018


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IU Health covets big prize, but neurosurgery practice clings to independence

Indiana University Health Physicians is setting its sights on one of the state’s last independent specialty holdouts, the neurosurgical Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine.

Experts aren’t expecting watershed year for Hoosier Dems

But talk of a “blue wave” of support for Democratic candidates across the country this year has spread hope to even some of the reddest parts of Indiana.

Top Stories

Think tank Sagamore Institute promotes ‘impact investing’

Commonwealth Indiana aims to create both economic and social returns for investors.

2018 Carroll Award winner: Frank Basile, an ‘honest broker’ who gets things done

Frank Basile is one of the city’s premier philanthropists, sitting on nine not-for-profit boards and winner of the 2018 Michael A. Carroll Award.

KAR Auction CEO is taking on Indy’s mobility problem

Although Jim Hallett runs a business that sold 5.5 million used vehicles in 120 countries last year, he also knows firsthand what life is like without a car.

Lids Sports Group’s future growing cloudier by the day

Parent company Genesco started trying to sell the Zionsville-based division 10 months ago, but no deal has been struck. Meanwhile Lids'  long-running decline has continued.

Women who accuse attorney general of groping to file civil lawsuit

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill allegedly groped a state lawmaker and three legislative staffers at an Indianapolis bar during a March 15 party to mark the end of the legislative session.

State committee recommends Indiana should consider sports wagering

The state interim Committee on Public Policy voted unanimously Friday afternoon to recommend the General Assembly consider legislation that allows sports gambling. But it left big details up to lawmakers.

Area builders stay on hot streak, but study says pace won’t meet demand

A new report from the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis and MIBOR Realtor Association says builders have a long way to go if they want to keep up with the area’s future demand for new housing.

Teachers union spends big on Indianapolis Public Schools in election

The political arm of Indiana’s largest teachers union is spending heavily on some of the candidates vying for seats on the board this November in the Indianapolis Public Schools board election.

Q&A with Jim Litten, the longtime boss at F.C. Tucker

Jim Litten started with F.C. Tucker in 1972, and today he leads the state's largest independent real estate firm, with 40 offices, 1,500 agents and 400 employees.


Outdoor fireplaces, flex space, technology are hot trends in new homes

Thanks to Pinterest and HGTV, buyers often know just want they want when they are building a new home, experts said.

Home tour: English Tudor on the outside, eclectic on the inside

Maigen and Jim Rowe have filled their old home with their own family’s history.


Kristen Cooper: How do venture capital tax credits help startups in Indiana?

The startup community has grown so substantially over the last 14 years, it’s probably time to increase the venture investment tax credit ceiling to about $20 million.

Editorial: Balanced budget amendment is worthy constitutional change

Indiana has had a series of fiscally responsible administrations that have maintained strong reserves and spent them down only when faced with especially tough times. But there’s no guarantee such conscientious leadership is in the state’s future.

MICKEY MAURER: Endocyte believers finally have their day

Its purchase by Novartis will richly reward those who stuck with the cancer-drug startup.

Leslie Zwirn: Reject Trump values or cripple GOP for a generation

The stakes for the nation, our state and our two political parties couldn’t be higher.

John Lechleiter: Early childhood education is path out of poverty

United Way of Central Indiana is our best chance to focus resources on our community’s education, financial stability, health and other needs.

KIM: Is cannabis stock frenzy a case of ‘reefer madness’?

Cannabis may be the wave of the future, but that doesn’t mean the stocks are a good investment.

BOHANON & CUROTT: Trade pacts aren’t only about politics and producers

Journalists, commentators and economists routinely ignore consumers in trade discussions.

Letter: For Monument Circle, an idea and a complaint

One reader says city must deal with homeless population at Circle; another says look to Holland, Michigan, as a model.

MacAllister column should be required reading

In Brief

Indianapolis vying to continue as host of FFA convention until 2031

Indianapolis is under consideration for a seven-year contract extension that would keep FFA’s giant national convention in the city until 2031—but it’s competing for the opportunity with another city.

Airport board approves $21.4M land sale for Infosys campus

The airport will sell 132 acres to the city of Indianapolis in phases over the next several years. In turn, the city will sell the property to Infosys for pennies so it can create a $245 million training campus.

Former ITT Tech building to be reborn as church, co-working space

A Carmel-based church plans to close on its $1.8 million purchase of the building near Interstate 465 and Michigan Road on November 5.

High Alpha portfolio company raises $3.5 million

Pattern89, formerly known as Quantifi, intends to use the latest round of funding to expand its marketing efforts, scale its platform, and grow its data science, sales, and marketing teams.


Claire Fiddian-Green: We must do more to support teachers, help students

Schools should ensure that classroom assignments in every grade and for every student align with rigorous academic standards.

Beverly Gard: End of one principled era in Senate, start of another

Since 1980, only two people have served as president pro tempore of the Senate: Bob Garton served from 1980-2006 and David Long served from 2006-2018.

Una Osili: Too many people aren’t benefiting from market growth

Financial asset ownership among parents greatly influences the portfolio decisions of their adult children.

Deborah Hearn Smith: What we allow as a society will continue

It is time to stand for all that is good and noble and speak out against that which we know is not.

Adrianne Slash: The importance of diversity in leadership

As our city becomes more diverse and residents also become more globally minded, it’s important that those same views be held by its leadership.

Brandt Hershman: Vote for budget amendment is vote for responsibility

I believe it is the strongest and most effective balanced budget language in the nation.

Karen Celestino-Horseman: A vote for Joe Donnelly is a vote for all Hoosiers

He is a moderate who does not do what is politically expedient just to get re-elected.

Jennifer Ping: Supporting the GOP’s all-female statewide ticket

Their victories showed that Hoosiers believe in proven leadership and results.

John McDonald: It’s not just the product; it’s the convenience

Whatever your product is, there is a way to capitalize on its data value through the creation of a digital twin that expands the potential value of your physical asset.

Dana Black: Attempts to limit voting are un-American

For blacks, especially in the south, attempting to register to vote could mean the end of your life.

Ed DeLaney: Can’t we make voting a service industry?

Voter fraud is so rare it has seldom been proven anywhere in the country.

Baron Hill: President Trump’s lies cannot become the norm

He keeps on lying all the time and on a multitude of issues, no matter how unimportant the subject.

Kristen Cooper: California got it right on this one

The move not only begins to address long-term structural gender inequities, but it’s good for business.

Bill Oesterle: We need more women directors—but not by mandate

I believe California’s law is structurally flawed, potentially counterproductive, and contributes to a large dangerous trend.

Leah McGrath: Creating a culture of equity ought to be our goal

We are not just going for a quota; that is not equity.

Anne Hathaway: Year-round adoption of E-15 will drive rural economies

The president should be applauded for cutting through the fog and finding the common ground needed to make this plan a reality and fulfilling his promise to rural America.


MIKE LOPRESTI: For Purdue, big upsets are part of the tradition

The thrashing of Ohio State is merely the latest in a decades-long habit of taking down big opponents.

EXPLORE: Spooky productions take stage for the creepy season

Stages around the city are tilting toward the terrifying and dabbling in the macabre at this haunted time of year.