Indianapolis Business Journal – September 28 – October 4, 2018


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$20M in state incentives targeted to help airport lure international flights

An ongoing effort to attract nonstop flights between Indianapolis and places like Asia, Mexico and Europe is in line for a big boost.

Patachou Foundation expanding rapidly, feeding more children in more places

It has grown from serving 180 children at three schools in the Indianapolis Public Schools district in 2013 to serving 1,200 children at eight schools and five summer camps this year.

Top Stories

Justice center move will bring changes to 2 neighborhoods

City officials and business are already considering how Market East Cultural District and the neighborhood of Twin Aire will change when courts-related public employees move in 2022.

Whitestown makes big bet on site of former junkyard

Where scrap once heaped along Interstate 65, town officials see a community center, sports facilities, an amphitheater and maybe even a convention center.

Ranking hospitals is serious business, but do patients pay attention?

Indiana University Health isn’t shy about telling the world how it stacks up in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospital” annual rankings.

The case for (and against) investing in Elanco Animal Health

Investors hope Greenfield-based Elanco—the No. 4 animal health company in the world—will be the next Zoetis, the former animal-health division of Pfizer, which has nearly tripled in value since going public in 2013.

Q&A with Steve Cage, founder of Cage Campus

Cage estimates about eight businesses could be housed in the campus—which includes four buildings plus one planned for construction—at once.

Prominent hotel developer, family foundation donate $30M to Purdue for Union Club upgrade

Purdue announced the gift Saturday during an event to celebrate homecoming and the kickoff of the school’s year-long 150th anniversary celebration, which is themed “Take Giant Leaps.”

UPDATE: Developer lands first office tenant for Bottleworks project

An Indianapolis-based company that launches tech firms said Thursday it would move its office from the 14th floor of the historic Circle Tower on Monument Circle to the Bottleworks District in summer 2020.

Apartment developer Milhaus buys former Harrison College property for $6.3M

The developer says it had agreed to let the college continue to operate on the site for three years before the surprise news last week that it was shutting its doors for good.


Mickey Maurer: Anti-Trump cabal does disservice to nation

Our democracy has a process for dealing with presidents who are unfit for office.

Morton Marcus: Friendly tax climate doesn’t guarantee robust growth

But does a relationship exist between a state’s tax-climate ranking and its actual economic growth as measured by gross domestic product?

Drew White: Ripe with potential, Cole-Noble needs a plan for its future

I think Cole-Noble should build upon its commercial history and become an innovation district. Startup companies (and even live-work communities) could provide research, consulting and financial services for corporate giants like Cummins and Eli Lilly and Co.

KIM: Musk’s reckless tweet unleashed chaos, damaged market integrity

When a company raises capital to fund its growth by selling stock to the public, part of the bargain is that it incurs obligations to disclose certain information to investors that is reliable.

BOHANON & CUROTT: We’re about to feel pain of trade war with China

Watching recent developments in the U.S. trade war with China has been like watching a minor traffic accident escalate into a multi-car pileup.

Letter: Look at potential of individual immigrants

It is our loss if we do not open our eyes and see individual immigrants for who they are and what they can do as Americans, if we give them the chance.

Letter: Media elevates fringe politics

My life experience tells me that nearly all concerns can be addressed by people actually listening and conversing with each other

In Brief

Bank, restaurant vacating downtown tower as work gears up for new hotel

The street-level retail tenants in One North Penn are preparing to either relocate or close for good as the office building’s transformation gets under way.

Council OKs $16.7M in financing for $141M in downtown Keystone Realty projects

The Indianapolis City-County Council on Monday night unanimously passed a proposal to give $16.7 million in financing to help Keystone Realty Group overhaul two problem downtown office buildings.

Local marketing firm Raidious acquired by Milwaukee-based agency

The combined firm said it will change its name to Mortenson Kim + Raidious and continue to maintain Indianapolis operations downtown in Pan Am Plaza.

DigIndy tunnel project half-completed, $400M under budget, utility says

Citizens Energy gave an update Monday on the the massive, $2 billion project, which involves a network of tunnels hundreds of feet under the city to handle sewage that would otherwise spill into local waterways.

Shore Acres apartment complex by Broad Ripple set to expand

The owner of the long-standing project on the Monon Trail has a deal in place to take acreage next door for more units as apartment development heats up in the heart of Broad Ripple.


Michael McQuillen: City should ban sitting, lying on sidewalks

It is not fair to business owners who have invested in this community to have congregations of panhandlers outside their doors.

Caleb Sutton: Housing, services are fix to downtown panhandling

As our community data shows, once housed, 90 percent of households remain housed a year later.

Michael Leppert: Get on your bad motor scooter and ride

So far, they have been more disruptive and dangerous than anything else.

Claire Fiddian-Green: Let’s strive to be good citizens

My own experiences as a first-generation American have given me a deep appreciation for the importance of American values and our rights as citizens.

Bill Oesterle: East-west thoroughfare can be grand again

Each building is a billboard for ineffective code enforcement.

Anne Hathaway: Indiana must turn its food deserts into food oases

The situation is especially dire in Indianapolis, where as many as 1 out of every 5 residents lives in a food desert.

Baron Hill: Constant fundraising strips lawmakers of time

Maybe a different way of running for office can become a reality.

John McDonald: Opportunity doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree

We in the tech industry desperately need a trade education system at a time we seem least able to deliver it.

Dana Black: Candidates who refuse to debate are cowards

If you are afraid of your fellow citizens, maybe you shouldn’t represent them.

Karen Celestino-Horseman: Our nation is just too divided

When did I become afraid to share my thoughts?

Ed DeLaney: John McCain, our nation’s nobility

Hatred over youthful failings, or pride over youthful heroics, was not the point for him.

Una Osili: Spread the message one person can make a difference

I want to live in a community where we invest in our most vulnerable residents.

Adrianne Slash: #MeToo and its opportunity to evolve the workplace

What good does it do to remove all the scary men from the workplace if we’re still left with scary women?

Leah McGrath: Nickel Plate Trail is plan to create our next destiny

Planning committee members want your input.

Meeting & Event Planning Guide

Indiana Convention Center may be just big enough—for now

Since its first iteration opened in 1972, it’s undergone four major expansions. The last one, completed in 2011, increased its size to six city blocks and more than 566,600 square feet of exhibit space—or 745,210, if you include nearby Lucas Oil Stadium.

Q&A: Catering is all about ‘controlled chaos’

Renee Miner says there’s nothing better than making clients happy.

Heading to a convention in Indy? Here are some side trips to try

Any earnest local or up-to-date guidebook can steer you toward obvious offerings for a uniquely Indy experience. But here are other options to consider.


Mike Lopresti: Peyton ‘boomers’ showing up on high school, college rosters

A great homage to hall-of-fame quarterback Peyton Manning are the number of boys coming of age now named Peyton.

Spice up your fall with some family fun

Haunted houses get more attention, but there are plenty of other fall activities that don’t involve minimum-wage kids jumping out of the dark and scaring the apple cider out of you.