Indianapolis Business Journal

SEPT. 22-28, 2023

The latest issue of IBJ is packed with stories on the new relevancy and accessibility of artificial intelligence, now that the technology has taken a transformative step. We have stories about AI’s potential impact on the Hoosier workforce, how artists and pharmaceutical developers are using the technology, how schools are preparing students for the future of AI, and how Indiana and other states are approaching potential regulation of AI.

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Tech Exec of the Year: Hong Gao

Greg Clancy, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s former chief information officer, said Hong Gao has taken the organization “from the Dark Ages of data analytics and has really moved the needle in driving corporate performance.”

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Tech Exec of the Year: Rebecca Ruselink

Rebecca Ruselink leads a team of 17 that over the last seven years has helped increase attendance at the Indianapolis 500 from 220,000 to 325,000 fans and increase the television audience, social/digital media, merchandise sales and race attendance at other IndyCar venues.

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Tech Exec of the Year: Charlie Clarke

Charlie Clark is chief innovation officer Hc1 Insights, which works with artificial intelligence and machine learning to take complex medical laboratory data from thousands of locations and uses it to improve testing and treatment decisions for millions of patients.

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Tech Exec of the Year: Ron Double

As CIO for Parkview Health, a not-for-profit, community-based health care system that operates 10 hospitals and more than 200 clinic locations in 16 counties in northeastern Indiana and northwestern Ohio, Ron Double has worked his way up to lead all of the organization’s information systems and technology.

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Tech Exec of the Year: Ian Hyatt

Ian Hyatt, who leads a team of 700-plus IT people at Purdue University, is credited with bringing a steady hand to the position as well as advances in cybersecurity, student experience and research support.

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