RCA Dome

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Dome roof finds new life

The salvage operation surrounding the old RCA Dome's fabric roof has taken on a life of its own. Portions of the 13-acres of Teflon-coated dome material saved when the stadium was demolished is going to a variety of uses, including Dome Bags, a line of purses and wallets.
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Colts' suite holders devise ways to maximize boxes' value

In a meeting that had more X's and O's than Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy's game-day war room, FedEx District Sales Manager Doug Knowles and his lieutenants decided which clients and prospective clients would be invited to the FedEx suite which game, which FedEx employees would accompany them, and what ancillary activities would be planned.
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City fights property owners over value of land by stadium

A legal fight is brewing over a 2.3-acre parking lot sandwiched between the RCA Dome and Lucas Oil Stadium. The state is seeking to acquire the property through eminent domain and is fighting an appraisal that puts its value at $7 million. The owners, meanwhile, contend the land is worth about twice as much.
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