Angela Braly


Conversations with a spectrum of big thinkers

Welcome to IBJ's inaugural Interview Issue, featuring dozens of Indy bigwigs and up-and-comers. Which top banker escaped a tough neighborhood? How does a Democrat exist in an ecosystem of conservative talk radio? Who launched a soccer team and invented Schlabst? Check it out.
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REWIND: IBJ's top 10 business stories of 2012

Top 10 business stories of 2012 Watch VideoThe state's labor landscape changed, and the housing market improved. Indianapolis basked in the glow of a flawless Super Bowl, and big-name CEOs were shown the door. IBJ's reporters and editors recall the year's biggest stories.
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WellPoint likely to go outside for chief

While WellPoint Inc. and its predecessors have a history of grooming new CEOs in-house, the next leader of the health insurance giant is likely to be an outsider, according to interviews with more than a half dozen former directors and officers of the company.
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Bounty on Braly? $1.4 billion

Investors who called strongly for the head of WellPoint Inc. CEO Angela Braly got what they wanted last week. In response, they bid up WellPoint's share price by $1.4 billion on the day after she resigned.
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EDITORIAL: Braly ouster overstates failures

Investors heaped criticism on former WellPoint Inc. CEO Angela Braly and called for her ouster in the weeks leading up to her resignation Aug. 28, but her leadership of the health-insurance giant might not be judged so harshly once the smoke clears.
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Departing CEO Braly due to get $15M exit package

WellPoint Inc. is expected to give about $15 million in cash, stock and benefits to former CEO Angela Braly on her way out the door, based on the terms of a separation agreement filed by the company Wednesday morning. And the payout could be even more lucrative based on the company's future stock price.
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