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Our lives are filled to the max with stuff: iPhone® 4 (and we can't wait for a 5G model), 60-inch LCD flat-screen televisions (though now we need the 3-D version), numerous sports lessons to which we drag our children (you know, because they're going to be future NBA/NFL stars), seventy-hour workweeks, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, blogs. No matter what and how much we have, and no matter how many things we try to add into our day, it's never enough. We have more than the previous generation could ever imagine, so why are our lives flooded with devastating amounts of stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness? And what can we do to change this constant, never-ending search for fulfillment? View

Spiral Impact

Eliminate struggle. Harness the power of the spiral to achieve your desired outcomes — and do "it" with grace and ease. Karen Valencic blends her expertise in the martial art aikido, with performance improvement, and science. She illustrates how to use conflict creatively, focus energy and make solid decisions to generate the power to get what you want done with grace. View

Smart From the Start - Money

Smart from the Start Money is an easy to understand and necessary book for people entering the "real world." In a conversational, easy-to-read style, this book covers common financial decisions young people often face when first starting out on their own. Smart from the Start Money is uniquely written so each chapter covers a common financial situation. Need advice on buying a car or renting an apartment? Don't understand your insurance deductible or 401(k) options? Confused by all the fine print on your credit card statement? This book has it covered… and then some. View

Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.

The number of unmarried adult women actually outnumbers the number or married women for the first time in US history, according to the Population Reference Bureau, in October, 2010. Women are now earning more, going to college and graduate schools more, and finding ways to become more independent. Also, according to the Kauffman Foundation, single, divorced and widowed women start more businesses as entrepreneurs than men in their respective categories. This book interviews 30 single women entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. to discern why they started their original businesses, what the perceived advantages and disadvantages are for the single woman entrepreneur, what they each learned from the experience, and what advice they have for the next generation of women solopreneurs. View

Monitoring: Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of School Improvement

Peggy Hinckley is an educational consultant for Peggy Hinckley Consulting LLC, working with teachers, principals, superintendents, and state educational leaders to close the achievement gap at all levels. She has a doctorate from Loyola University of Chicago and has been an adjunct professor at Indiana University South Bend. She spent 38 years in public education, with 28 of those years as superintendent in three districts. The last district, The MSD of Warren Township, received the 2005 Magna Award Citation from the American School Board Journal for the district's efforts in closing the achievement gap and sustaining a ten year school improvement effort, using the Eight Step Continuous Improvement Process. View

Joys of the Journey: An Offering of Essays

Author Mary C. Woolling invites you to step back from the hectic traffic of life's journey into an enchanting world of awaiting joys. Readers set out on a relaxing expedition of discoveries, encouragement, and simple pleasures. You'll take a stroll down a peaceful path meandering through shady, wooded groves and open, sunny meadows; winding past babbling brooks and fragrant fields of wildflowers; and treading upwards through cool, verdant hillsides. On this refreshing high road, things happen at a restful pace and are viewed from a gentler perspective. View