Children's Books



Punky's Adventure

"Punky's Adventure," written by Dr. Edward Yosowitz, is the story of a young pumpkin's adventure to find himself. Punky was born and raised on Farmer Brown's farm in Indiana. After being harvested and sent to market with his family, he soon realized he didn't want to end up a holiday treat. Punky wanted to be something different. During his travels, he happened upon Mrs. Gowdy's orphanage. The children immediately adored him. While there, Punky became who he wanted to be, which made everyone very happy. Punky's legacy will live on forever at the orphanage. View

Priscilla's Adventure

"Pricilla's Adventure," the second book in the Tales from the Pumpkin Patch series, written by Dr. Edward Yosowitz, is the story of a beautiful red-haired pumpkin with an extraordinary gift. At night, Priscilla would dream of singing at the New York Metropolitan Opera House. Two talent scouts discovered her beautiful voice and encouraged her to audition for the new talent show, America's Greatest Garden Talent. With her parents' blessing, Priscilla went to New York with hopes of making her dream a reality. Week after week on the show, audiences adored the beautiful red-haired pumpkin and her talented voice. Win or lose, she cherishes the time on the show and the wonderful experience of singing at the Met. View

Dreams Are For Catching: Discovering The Star In You

The Inspiring Story of Tamika Catchings. Do you have a dream that seems as far away and impossible to achieve as a star might be to catch? Believe it or not, Tamika Catchings — Academic All Star, high school and collegiate champion, WNBA veteran and oft-named All Star, two-time gold medalist Olympian and much more — has overcome many obstacles to reach her dreams and become the star she is. View

Creation's First Light

On the first day of creation, God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. But it was not until the fourth day that God created the light of the sun and the moon. What is the light of the first day and how does it differ from the lights of the day and the night? View