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Spanking City Hall

Spanking City Hall is the true story of an account executive who reinvented herself as a dominatrix in a Midwestern city. Harassed then sued by city government, Melyssa Hubbard stood her ground and fought for her right to conduct her legal businesses. She became involved in local politics, went on to fight unfair taxation, and created the first grassroots Tea Party movement in Indiana which helped oust the mayor who targeted her. View

Words They Lived By Colonial New England Speech, Then and Now

Words They Lived By: Colonial New England Speech, Then and Now offers an entertaining and informative look into colonial New England life as well as a bit of perspective on our own. It sheds light on familiar colonial New England words and expressions and on the life and history that informed them. Did you know that the colonists used the words slang, football, coffeehouse, negligee, scuttlebutt, but with far different meanings from those we know today? Did you wonder where the expression red tape, bitter end, to be at loggerheads came from? Join me as I regale you with definitions, stories, poems, anecdotes and photographs. View

Bonds As Strong As Steel

The Indiana Jewish Historical Society, with the assistance of the Indiana Center on Philanthropy, conducted research on the scrap dealers of Indiana. The scope of this project included the scrap dealers' businesses and families and their impact on communities. The Society attempted to contact as many current and former scrap dealers as possible in order to record their family, business, and philanthropic histories. View

Aiming Higher: Words that Changed a State Selected Speeches by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

I have known Mitch Daniels for more than 25 years, and worked for him in various capacities at Hudson Institute, Eli Lilly and in the Governor's Office. I provided some assistance to him in 2011 as he wrote his book, Keeping the Republic. So it was not altogether surprising when the Governor asked me this spring to go through the weighty green binder to see if some of the speeches it contained were worth publishing, and if so, to pick out the best for this volume. View

Power Versus Country

The United States faces myriad problems in the twenty-first century, few of which have easy solutions. In this book author Donald Bogard outlines four problems that the federal government could solve, given the political will. Unfortunately, Congress, as well as the president, do not address difficult issues for fear of offending voters, thus risking losing an election, which would mean lose of power, the ultimate Washington aphrodisiac. View

125 Years of Indiana Pharmacy

On the evening of Monday, May 8, 1882 a group of pharmacists from across the state of Indiana met in the Bates House parlors in Indianapolis. City and small town druggists alike exchanged pleasantries and engaged in conversation to pass the evening. These men, earnest in their conviction, had come to Indianapolis with the purpose of meeting the following day to establish a State Association of Pharmacy. View