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Breaking Cardinal Rules

Breaking Cardinal Rules


An expose of sexual recruiting tactics from the journal pages of an escort queen.

Breaking Cardinal Rules is an exposé by escort Katina Powell based on her experiences providing sexual services for the basketball program at the University of Louisville. It is written with Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Dick Cady.


Lessons Learned at Knight School

Over the 29 seasons that Bob Knight was head basketball coach at Indiana University, more than 100 students served on his staff as managers. Coach Knight relied on this “volunteer” staff for a wide array of duties that deeply involved them in the inner workings of the program. These students have gone on to become successful adults with highly productive careers in business, medicine, law, education and sports. View

Traveling with Frank and Katrina

Frank and Katrina Basile rarely take the road most traveled. While traveling to 174 countries on all seven continents from Bhutan to Bosnia, Antarctica to Greenland and Serbia to Syria, they've experienced the world in ways you won't find in guide books. So come along with the Indianapolis Business Journal travel columnist and his wife on their journeys throughout the world. View

Instant Fan Guide: Football

It's 4th and goal with seconds ticking away. The home team needs to score a touchdown to win the game and make the playoffs. It all comes down to this. It's moments like this that remind Michael A. Stokes why he likes football. So much, in fact, he wants everyone to watch, learn and enjoy the game as much as he does. View