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Thank you for joining us for an evening of networking designed especially for real estate professionals. Visit our bourbon tasting stations and enjoy complimentary drinks + hors d’oeuvres, while mixing + mingling.

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Station 1

Woodford Double Oak

A rich, soft bourbon produced by finishing Woodford Reserve bourbon with freshly toasted barrels. Notes of chocolate, toasted oak, and dark fruit.

Old Forester 1920

Heavy waves of baking spices and caramel compete with bright cherry and mint notes in this 115-proof ode to pre-Prohibition whiskey.

Ben Holladay Missouri Bourbon

This six-year-old bottled-in-bond bourbon from a historical Missouri distillery purportedly uses a mash bill from the 1850s. Floral and spicy, with rich tannin and oak notes.

Station 2

New Riff Bourbon Pick Barrel #2551

This wholly unique barrel selection from New Riff Distillery jumps out of the glass with savory walnut, dark fruit, and cola notes, with a deep and lingering finish.

New Riff Bottled In Bond Bourbon

With a mash bill consisting of 30% rye, this whiskey bursts with rich clove, cinnamon, and pepper notes. Caramel and toasted marshmallow sweetness provides balance.

New Riff 6YR Malted Rye

Made with an uncommon 100% malted rye mash bill. The usual rye mint and spice notes are subdued and replaced by floral marzipan, oatmeal raisin, and toasted malt.

Station 3

Horse Soldier Premium Straight Bourbon

A wheated mash bill makes for a sweet and inviting bourbon with caramel apple and honey notes, balanced by some pepper and oak spice, and followed by a gentle finish.

Horse Soldier Signature Small Batch

Aromas of stone fruit, toffee, and caramel mix with chocolate, toasted oak, and baking spice on the palate. Finishes with lingering oak and spice.

Horse Soldier Reserve Barrel Strength

Rich and heavy for a wheated bourbon due to its proof, this whiskey starts with butterscotch and dark cherry notes that blend into vanilla, ginger, and maple, followed by a dry and spicy finish.

Station 4

Angel’s Envy Bourbon

An early wine cask-finished bourbon, this whiskey provides spice, vanilla, and toasted nutty aromas subtly enhanced by berry, apricot, and raisin notes from ruby port.

Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel

Bottled at 104 proof, this non-chill filtered, high-corn recipe rye presents with citrus, mint and caramel notes and follows up with a rich creamy, peppery finish.

Marker’s Mark 101 Bourbon

Previously a distillery-only exclusive, this bigger and bolder expression of the familiar bourbon amps up the caramel and spice notes while keeping Maker’s signature creamy, mellow texture.

Station 5

Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon Bottled in Bond

This bourbon uses a higher-than-normal portion of rye in its mash bill, with aromas of dark fruit and leather that are elevated by nutmeg, clove, and butterscotch.

Wilderness Trail High Wheat Bourbon Bottled in Bond

This bourbon uses a large amount of wheat in its mash bill, leading to bright tropical fruit notes that combine with oaky spice and dark sugar flavors.

Baker’s 7yr Bourbon

This 107-proof, 7-year-old premium single barrel bourbon from Jim Beam features the signature Beam aroma of peanuts and baking spices, punched up with vanilla and pepper and a lingering, moderately tannic finish.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon

The highest-proof regular release from Wild Turkey, this barrel-strength bourbon hits hard with toffee, tobacco, and leather, but finishes with a complex mix of oaky spice, burnt sugar, and orange zest.

Station 6

Old Fashion

A cocktail with muddled sugar, bitters, water, bourbon, and garnished with an orange slice or zest and a cocktail cherry.

Van Winkle 12 year Lot B

Do not need to be present to win. Winner will be notified via email.