The 2023 Innovation Issue

Indiana's ag industry includes a lot more than corn and soybeans—although those are the state's two largest crops. Widen the lens to include agbioscience, and the industry includes more than 145,000 Hoosiers doing everything from securing patents for crop-protection products to developing drones that help farmers keep tabs on their fields.

A group of Fall 2022 fellows in Purdue University’s DIAL Ventures startup studio program listen to a speaker in a greenhouse
Dr. Jim Donahue wearing scrubs standing in front of a wall of degrees
A shining sun behind a silo in the middle of a field of Rapeseed
Purdue agricultural and biological engineering professor Jian Jin holding a handheld device farmers can use in the field for
                early detection of plant diseases.
NanoBio Designs Chief Operating Officer Ryan Skaar standing in front of a white wall
A sign in front of a construction site reads INARI Greenhouse Expansion.
Food industry leaders seated in Sochatti's chocolate tasting room
Mariah Adams, a registered dietitian at Eskenazi Health, leading a virtual class from a kitchen island with a sheet pan of vegetables in front of her
Professional headshot of Mitch Frazier
Professional headshot of Paul Nselel
Professional headshot of NiCole Keith