The 2022 Innovation Issue

Energy—how to sustainably create it, effectively store it and efficiently use it—is heart of so many of our world’s technological challenges today. How do we harness the power created by nature and store it for use in the future? How do we fuel vehicles without generating emissions that hurt our environment? How do we harness the energy in our workforce at a time of talent upheaval? Our 2022 Innovation Issue explores those issues—and offers stories about insect farming, NFTs, Indiana’s defense industry and more.

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Energy: Harnessing power

Universities are driving innovation in sustainable energy, autonomous vehicles

Across the state, enthusiasm for sustainable energy is growing. And the state’s universities are leading the way with cutting-edge research and development projects related to solar, autonomous vehicles, nuclear power and more. Read more

Energy: Driving innovation

Have a dialogue and purpose to fuel workplace energy and avoid staff burnout

The consensus No. 1 weapon for keeping workplace burnout at bay is healthy communication—an old-fashioned practice that often proves elusive. Read more

Seeking solutions

Collecting goes digital: NFTs are coming of age on sports and entertainment fronts

Digital collectibles aren’t replacing trading cards or bobbleheads quite yet, but local sports franchises like IndyCar and the Indianapolis Colts are eyeing them as a marketing tool that could attract younger fans. Read more