The internet of things—a term that describes how everyday objects are connected to the internet, our devices and each other—is transforming the way we live and work and the way businesses communicate and collect data. IBJ’s third Innovation Issue explores how IoT is changing central Indiana’s economy. You’ll also learn how to lead your firm to be more creative and see how central Indiana companies are making innovation happen.

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Harnessing data

The quest to make Indiana an IOT hub

Business leaders and public officials say Indiana can turn its manufacturing base into an even bigger advantage by harnessing the power of the internet of things. Read more

How to make it happen

  • Stephanie Fernhaber is using a trendy creative strategy called “design thinking” to crack a problem that could be made worse as Marsh Supermarkets continues to shed locations.

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  • I like to think of new ideas as a network—a collection of observations, experiences, insights, relationships and creative thinking that systematically come together to form something new.

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  • Indianapolis Public Schools sought to disrupt the K-12 education world two years ago by launching “innovation schools,” an entirely autonomous group of schools within the district’s boundaries. With eight schools up and running, what lessons are emerging?

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  • Try this idea-inspiring exercise

    Are you inspired to spark some creativity in your brain—or in the brains of your staff? Try this exercise created and used by Innovatemap to open your mind to new ideas.

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Professionals say you can learn to be creative

The keys are creating the right environment and keeping an open mind. Read more

Innovation in action

  • The younger brother of high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is bringing two restaurants to the city and funding the installation and operation of modular garden plots at as many 100 local schools.

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  • Bio-Response Solution’s flagship product is a controversial device that liquefies human corpses, turning muscle, flesh and fat into a coffee-colored effluent that can be swirled down the drain.

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  • When organizations tap into the social web to gain information about their audience, and leverage social channels to engage with prospects, it becomes easier to present a trustworthy, knowledge-based solution.

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  • It’s tough to look at your own community and figure out what it’s doing that no one else is. But IBJ gave it a shot. Here are four things other cities could copy from us.

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Should Indy copy these ideas?

A struggling mall turned into a co-working space? An auction that connects startups with C-level execs? Inmates-turned-entrepreneurs? Check out programs and projects in other cities that have garnered national attention and could prompt discussions locally. Read more

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