The 2019 Innovation Issue

If the term “artificial intelligence” conjures up scenes from “The Terminator” or “The Jetsons,” you might be surprised to find out just how much AI now is powering the world—and what’s yet to come. We’ve devoted much of our 2019 Innovation Issue to AI, the industries using it and the questions the technology raises. But there’s more to the issue, including stories about the prominent role Indiana is playing in the creation of next-generation military weaponry, the lessons entrepreneurs learn from failure and how Indy-based The Heritage Group is embracing innovation.

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The new frontier: Artificial intelligence

The data scientists behind AI

Three data science experts spoke with IBJ about the benefits—and difficulties—associated with the practical use of artificial intelligence. Read more

Mark Clerkin: Coaching networks, a new innovation paradigm

Everyone has data, processing power continues to get cheaper and new tools are released every day, but customers are still frustrated. Finding actionable insights within the data is what truly matters and therefore is key to success. Read more

Innovation at work

How these Indianapolis entrepreneurs failed—but recovered

Four executives describe failures they experienced, and how they bounced back. Read more

Thinking about innovation

  • Wearable devices have applications beyond people. We’re at a turning point in animal health where better data combined with innovative medicines is leading to better care for our pets. Read more
  • Students have the power to innovate and free themselves from the system by prioritizing their college choice based on what a college is willing to do for them—and not the other way around. Students can find a college that exhibits affordability, student centricity, equality and genuine leadership. Read more
  • Dora Lutz: Thinking bigger for profit, world-changing purpose

    The good news: If you’ve considered the role of your business on the community while also considering profit, you’ve engaged in social innovation, regardless of your mission or your tax-status. Read more