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Tech Product/R&D

Max Brundige

Sr. Consultant,
KSM Consulting

“Max has been instrumental in validating KSMC’s decision to add custom application development to its service offerings. It’s one thing to say you’re passionate about using technology to solve the world’s problems. It’s entirely another to dedicate hundreds of hours of your time to creating the technology to solve those problems, but that’s exactly what Max does. His love of and fascination with technology inspires me and those around him to innovate continuously and never settle for meeting expectations when exceeding expectations is an option. It’s people like Max who make change happen.”

— Ryan Achterberg,
Director of Business Applications at KSM Consulting

Tech Product/R&D

Christopher Carrington

Enterprise Cloud Architect,
Franciscan Alliance, Inc.

“Chris has consistently proven to be both the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable contributor to every project he has ever been associated with. His ability to apply critical thinking to complex business problems has time and again resulted in an outcome that exceeds the initial expectation. Those who work with Chris enjoy the experience, as much as the outcome, and are invariably eager to work with him again. Chris has a knowledge of both technology and healthcare that allows him to speak tactically and strategically to the particular needs of healthcare technology decision makers and consumers. These leaders also enjoy working with him.”

— Charles Wagner, Senior VP & CIO of Franciscan Alliance Information Services

Tech Sales & Marketing

Tom Cheatham

Vice President of Sales,

“Tom’s journey with HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List proves that he is nothing short of deserving of both his position as VP of Sales as well as of this award. Tom is a humble, engaging, smart, fun leader who fosters an award-winning work environment that focuses both on productivity and professional growth for his team. His deep understanding of the businesses, in combination with his charismatic energy, makes him the ideal team leader. It is a pleasure to work with him and we feel lucky to have him on our team.”

— Craig Smith,
President and COO of HomeAdvisor

Tech Sales & Marketing

Kristy Esch

Director of Content Marketing & Brand,

“I hired Kristy just as the company was heading into targeting the ‘considered purchase’ market, where goods and services are costly and the decision involves an emotional investment. These markets had little experience with the kind of marketing technology PERQ offered, so I knew we needed a strong storyteller to gain buy-in. I also desperately needed a strong lieutenant beside me as I navigated our scary-fast company growth. Kristy fit the bill with her work at Angie’s List, laundry list of awards, community involvement, and strong personality. However, she has far exceeded expectations in her oversized contribution to the business.”

— Muhammad Yasin,
Vice President of Marketing at PERQ

Tech Sales & Marketing

Amber Ferrari

Business Development Manager,

“Amber has reported to me for over two years since she joined Canvas right at inception in 2017. She immediately jumped into the fire and has been an incredible contributor to our pre-launch, post-launch, and now, post-acquisition journey. She’s been called to lead everything from sales, marketing, product marketing, social media, employee on-boarding, partnership management and more. She is a critical member of our team, and I truly feel she has been a secret ingredient to our success. There’s no question in my mind that she should be honored with the Tech 25 award.”

— Aman Brar, CEO of Canvas

Tech Product/R&D

Haoda Fu

Senior Research Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company

“Haoda Fu is undoubtedly the top data science talent at Lilly today. His impact at Lilly has been enormous, through his innovative contributions to drug development and commercialization. Haoda has influenced many strategic decisions Lilly has made over the past decade, impacting many therapeutic areas, particularly diabetes. More recently, Haoda is leading Lilly into the AI era through the development of innovative algorithms which forms the core of digital health solutions. Haoda is extremely well-respected internationally and has served as a talent attractor to Lilly and Indianapolis. He is highly recommended for this award.”

— Vipin Gopal,
Vice President at Eli Lilly and Company

Tech Professional Services

Arwa Ghalawan

Diversity and Inclusion Representative,

“For each individual to bring their best self forward, a sense of belonging must first be established. Arwa has the right connections she brings to the table that makes you feel you can be your most productive self. This results in greater engagement and creativity in the workplace, and creates that inclusive culture so all our employees feel a sense of belonging. Given her background, she understands it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach—that’s why it’s so important to build and share best practices. Arwa understands how our Indy Tech Hub should evolve to attract the best, brightest and most diverse talent.”

— Richard Cardwell,
Vice President & Regional Head – Midwest at Infosys

Tech Sales & Marketing

Dan Gross

Senior Director,
Revenue Operations &
Strategic Partnerships,

“There is no doubt in my mind we would be a lesser-performing company without Dan’s contributions. He brings plenty of technical skills and process discipline to the job, enabling us to scale and deliver solutions effectively, but what is possibly more impactful is that Dan is one of the biggest drivers of our culture and community mindset. Dan not only lives our values every day, but also leads all of us to tap into those values in ourselves. He’s a compass for me to know how we’re doing, where we should be going, and yes, ultimately plots the course and helps us get there.”

— Karrie Wozniak, SVP Marketing at OneCause

Tech Professional Services

Noah Hankinson

Director of Esports,
Player One Esports

“Noah Hankinson eats, sleeps, and breathes esports. I’ve never seen someone so passionate about his work. He’s well-versed in the industry, researching to stay up-to-date and always seeking the best next move for the company to stay ahead on trends. He scouts pro teams, creates partnerships with major manufacturers of title games, and networks 24/7. Even with all he does, Noah still finds time to devote to gaming, to the military, and to his church. His work ethic is so impressive, especially for his age. The guy’s a rock star!”

— Josh Headlee,
Executive VP of Operations at Player One Esports

Tech Sales and Marketing

Molly Horstmann

Marketing Communications Director,

“Molly Horstmann is gifted in her ability to effortlessly break down internal barriers to partner with others on even the most challenging projects. She leaves in her wake exceptional outcomes—transforming everything she touches into something far better than it was previously. Because Molly brings such a diverse skill set to her role as the head of marketing communications, she wears many hats that extend beyond her job description. It’s often said by others across the org: What did we ever do before Molly joined the team?”

— Kristen Hamerstadt, VP of Marketing at SmarterHQ

Tech Product/R&D

Madhavi Isanaka

IT Executive Director, Digital Accelerator and Engine Business
Cummins Inc.

“Madhavi has a tireless commitment to excellence that deserves recognition. She drives quality into her teams’ deliverables and inspires all those around her to “do better and be better.” The best way to describe Madhavi – When she talks, people listen, because she knows her stuff. Throughout Madhavi’s career she has demonstrated a passion for solving business problems. She has the unique capacity for keen understanding of all aspects of our business—processes, products, customers and a high level of technical knowledge. She has brought these strengths together to become a highly respected partner to both the business and IT colleagues.”

— Sherry Aaholm, CIO of Cummins

Tech Professional Services

Julia Kauffman

VP of Human Resources & Talent,
High Alpha

“Julia is the perfect example of a superstar in tech who works in a non-technical function. Through her excellent work at ExactTarget, Salesforce, and now High Alpha, Julia is one of the most experienced HR professionals in tech. She has proven to be an incredible business partner to executives spanning all three companies. She cares deeply about people, healthy cultures, and employee development—and knows how strategic HR practices can truly impact business results. She has made a tremendous contribution to our tech community and is worthy of this special recognition.”

— Scott Dorsey, Managing Partner of High Alpha

Tech Sales & Marketing

Carlee Montgomery

Customer Success Manager,

The greatest part about working with Carlee is that she is simply a wonderful person. Carlee has this incredible drive to not only be the best, but to make whatever she is a part of the best, too. When you combine her intelligence and genuine care/interest in others, with her desire for excellence and open honesty, you get a leader. Carlee makes those around her better by setting a high standard, but always being willing to help people achieve that standard. All ships rise with the tide, and when Carlee joined our team, we all got better.”

— Todd Pedersen,
Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Genesys

Tech Product/R&D

John Moore

Technical Director,

“John is a considerable leader! He consistently strives to make others successful. He’s not the kind of leader who expects to be recognized by his accomplishments, but relishes the part he plays in leading others to success. There have been many mentees of John’s who have grown from early career to technical leadership positions, and his guidance has clearly contributed to their successes. John is on the IUPUI Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board and supports capstone projects for students; this is just another example of how John selflessly focuses on building the next generation of technical leadership. John deserves this recognition.”

— Kate Maxwell,
Engineering Lead at Raytheon Indianapolis

Tech Product/R&D

Jon Moore

Principal Design Partner,

“There are few people in Indy who have had the impact on tech products and the design community quite as much as Jon Moore. He’s a person who leads with his work first and that allows him to elevate the companies and people around him. It’s high time that he gets recognition for the true impact of his work. That impact is felt here at Innovatemap, in Indy tech, and throughout the global design community. We’re lucky and proud to have him on the Innovatemap team.”

— Christian Beck,
Executive Design Partner at Innovatemap

Tech Product/R&D

Diana Nolting

Director of Product,

“Not only was Diana the third hire for Anvl but an absolute critical hire who would set the foundation for product quality, user acceptance and the pace at which we could run. She was and is absolutely the right fit for our team with a passion and energy that is unmatched. Every day, she fills her product leadership role and pinch hits in any other roles that need coverage. This willingness and energy are absolutely critical for a startup. She’s played a critical role in helping Anvl achieve our success to date!”

— Robin Fleming, CEO & Co-Founder of Anvl

Tech Professional Services

Kelly Ragle

Product Manager,

“Kelly has become an integral person at Pondurance in her time at the company. When Kelly took the initiative and developed a project management process at Pondurance, the expectations beyond better managing the managed detection and response (MDR) and advisory projects were not completely defined. Kelly was able to help shape the process through her expertise and leadership. She has also been able to train additional project managers and identify efficiencies in other areas of the business that have helped the Pondurance operations and client satisfaction. Kelly is now the Product Manager for the MDR product line and will be key to our success.”

— Landon Lewis, CEO of Pondurance

Tech Product/R&D

Ryne Rayburn

Engineering Manager – Firmware,

“Ryne is what I would consider a servant leader. He upholds Allegion’s corporate values in all that he does and puts the needs of others before himself. He is constantly looking for ways to make an impact to the organization, from innovating new engineering solutions to developing new employee resource groups focused on health and wellness. Through his mentorship and ability to lead by example, Ryne has impacted the lives of those around him – both near and far.”

— Vince Wenos, Engineering President at Allegion

Tech Sales & Marketing

Meg Richmond

Technical Writer,
Sharpen Technologies

“Meg is the epitome of an empowered employee. She was able to come in and hit the ground running from day one. This is largely a testament to how incredibly efficient she is in her day-to-day role without sacrificing quality. Meg is also a beacon of cross-functional work due to her positivity, passion and guidance. I never have to worry about the end result of a project when Meg is involved. She has a knack for elevating those around her to focus on what is best, not just what is easiest. I’m incredibly proud of the impact that Meg has had at Sharpen and can’t wait to see how she continues to flourish.”

— Adam Settle, VP of Product at Sharpen Technologies

Tech Product/R&D

Mark A. Schroering

Software Architect,

“Mark starts his day off earlier than most with a hard workout. Then Mark comes to work every morning and works on some of our hardest problems here at LifeOmic in the precision medicine space. His ability to get-stuff-done collaboratively is recognized by others and inspires the team. This includes folks who are considered peers, who feel their own personal pressure because of how prolific Mark is. Mark is mindfully considerate of the team and their time. This means he has a good pulse on how the product is doing and how the lives of others are around him in the company.”

— Chris Hemp, Director of Development at LifeOmic

Tech Sales & Marketing

Chad Siovaila

Director of Performance Marketing,
One Click

“Chad is the type of team member every leader longs to have on their team. Beyond his natural ability to grow marketing programs, Chad possesses a can-do and team-oriented attitude that is difficult to teach. He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the team and has significantly grown our brands to unparalleled new heights over the last 4+ years. Simply put, Chad is one of the most caring, talented, and hardworking professionals I have worked with in my career. I’m blessed to have Chad as a teammate at One Click.”

— Eric Smith, COO of One Click

Tech Sales & Marketing

Patrick Spencer

Area Vice President, East Region & Public Sector,

“Pat’s approach to business is differentiated and creates a competitive advantage for our company. Not only does Pat have a positive outlook, but he also exudes contagious confidence that builds trust with coworkers, business partners and clients. Pat is affable, cool under pressure and a steady-hand for those around him. On many an occasion, it’s been Pat’s demeanor, easy manner and ability to build trust that has helped us to break through on tough issues, new opportunities or to enter into new relationships.”

— Bob Hollander, Senior Vice President at InterVision

Tech Product/R&D

Peh Keong Teh

Vice President,
Product Management,

“In his position as Vice President Product Management, Peh Teh provides leadership, direction and guidance to his team and the organization. Throughout his time with Salesforce, he has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of his competitors, his product/architecture and his customers. Peh has a unique ability to quickly get clarity on issues and work with others to create a plan to solve these issues. Whether product, customer or process issues, Peh can drive to solutions that meet business criteria of time-to-market, software quality and product performance/scale.”

— Mary Kay Huse,
EVP of Product Management at Salesforce

Tech Professional Services

Emily Trimble Williams

Senior Director of Operations,

“Emily Williams is fearless: exactly what a CEO needs when building a technology company. Her demonstrated ability to seize an operational need, investigate solutions and chart a course that delivers both cultural values and scalable processes has accelerated Codelicious’ growth. Emily never loses sight of the company core values or the fact that individuals have to be able to repeatedly implement the process in order for it to scale. It is exciting to also watch Emily’s impact in the community. Her volunteer work with Women & Hi Tech, Indiana Women in Technology, and the Indiana 4-H Foundation board shows her passion for making connections.”

— Christine McDonnell, CEO of Codelicious

Tech Product/R&D

Luke Lujia Zhang

Data Scientist,

“Luke is the total package and has already demonstrated, in less than two years out of college, that he is a brilliant engineer, data scientist, and mathematician with a bright future. He stands alone as having the highest degree in every quality that matters to me: raw intelligence, compassion, generosity, drive, curiosity and humility. Luke’s recommendation engine beat the incumbent recommendation engine by over 600% and his Dynamic Journey Targeting has consistently generated triple-digit lift in display performance. I’m thankful and humbled to work with Luke.”

— Christopher Day, CEO of DemandJump