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Tech Professional Services

Meghann Arnold

Director of Team Success,
One Click

“Meghann is the type of team member every leader longs to have on their team. Beyond her natural ability to lead the team, Meghann possesses a can-do and team-oriented attitude that is difficult to teach. She has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the team and has significantly grown our culture, professional development, and talent management during her 4+ years here at One Click. Simply put, Meghann is one of the most caring, talented, and hardworking HR professionals I have worked with in my career. I’m blessed to have Meghann as a teammate at One Click.”

— Randy Stocklin, Chief Digital Officer at One Click

Tech Professional Services

Jennifer Lynn Benak

IT Project Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach,

“Jenny was a great hire for the NCAA! She hit the ground running and due to her limitless enthusiasm and utmost professionalism, we put her on one of the NCAA’s top projects, which is responsible for changing how statistics data will be collected across all college sports. In addition to her high-performance levels, she is incredibly active across the IT community in Indy. Her involvement in different groups, like Agile Indy, is commendable and pays dividends not just for her own development but for her project teams. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the Tech 25 award than Jenny!”

— Judd Williams, CIO at NCAA

Tech Professional Services

Christine DeWeese

Sr. Director, Product Management,

“Christine approaches every project with a “can do” attitude and mindset. No challenge is ever too big and she always puts all of her energy into seeing the successful implementation and execution. She has been a true asset at Salesforce and has dedicated her time and talent into mentoring the next generation of women leaders at the company through our Women in Leadership Program and our Futureforce college development program. She has been an advocate for voicing her passion for customer success, professional development of her colleagues and commitment to Indianapolis.”

— Kai Johnson, Manager, Values Based Marketing at Salesforce

Tech Professional Services

Christopher Hicks

Practice Manager,
Kronos Incorporated

“In the three years that I have gotten to know Chris, he has helped recruit and retain more than 100 of the best young minds from Indiana colleges and universities to work at the Kronos Indianapolis Technology Center. Chris was instrumental in helping launch the company’s SURGE professional services program and diversifying the company’s talent pipeline by focusing on recruiting women, minorities, and veterans, while simultaneously driving professional development. He’s been instrumental for entrenching Kronos even deeper within the Indy tech ecosystem. His love for Indy, its community, and tech ecosystem makes him a worthy Tech 25 honoree.”

— Doug Ding, Practice Director at Kronos Incorporated

Tech Professional Services

David Rainbolt

Sr. Director Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery,
OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc.

“David has a deep knowledge of the industry in financial services technology. He knows the tech environment from end to end. He has been able to innovate to create an even better tech ecosystem, and his intimate knowledge has been key. Before serving in his most recent roles, David worked as an engineer. He has built many applications, and this serves him well in his role now. This vast knowledge gives him a perspective that others do not have, and his positive energy and attitude makes him stand out even more.”

— Jose Martinez, SVP and Chief Information Officer at OneAmerica

Tech Professional Services

Geoff Zentz

Indiana Director,

“I appreciate Geoff’s even-keeled, knowledgeable, and team-oriented mindset. He is self-reflective and has a high emotional intelligence, which allows him to see problems our customers are facing and approach them head on. I never have to worry about Geoff’s professionalism or whether he’s doing his best to serve our customers. His programs have received some of the highest NPS scores and most positive feedback from any of our programs nationwide, and even though he could let that slow him down, he continuously works to improve. Geoff is a valued team member and truly deserving of recognition in the 2020 Tech 25.”

— Chelsea Linder, Managing Director at gener8tor

Tech Product/R&D

Michael Akers

Mission Assurance Engineer – Software,
Raytheon Technologies

“It is without hesitation that I support Mike Akers as a Tech 25 nominee. I recently became Mike’s supervisor when he joined the Mission Assurance Engineering organization as the Software Engineering Lead. I selected Mike for this brand new organization based upon his demonstrated ability to adapt and grow professionally. Mike brought great energy and enthusiasm to this new role and has already made a positive impact for our organization. He is also very passionate about STEM and giving back to the community by mentoring the next generation of engineers. There is no one more deserving of this award.”

— Shelley Ford, Mission Assurance Chief Engineer at Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Tech Product/R&D

Alexander J. Correa

Manager, Product and Technology,

“Alex is not only a talented programmer—who transformed our product to the simple, usable, elegantly complex system it is today—but an incredible leader who truly cares about the growth, success, and happiness of each person on his team. In just over a year, Alex expanded the functionality of our patent-pending process, built the user interface of our product, instituted systems to make product development more efficient, and added six people to his team. It’s been an absolute joy to have Alex on our team and to watch him grow. Codelicious would not be the same without Alex’s empathy, passion, and energy.”

— Christine McDonnell, Co-Founder and CEO at Codelicious

Tech Product/R&D

Casey Cumbow

Engineering Manager,

“Casey is a life-changing force for good. Since she started at Lessonly more than two years ago, she has excelled at every phase of being an ideal team player. She’s technically savvy enough to navigate the most complex technical problems, but that pales in comparison to her leadership in ensuring teams are as efficient and effective as possible. Every voice is heard and every question is answered with clarity because of Casey and her direct reports thrive under her direction. She is an exceptional mentor to coworkers and an inspiration to me and the rest of the executive team.”

— Andrew Robinson III, Senior Director of Product and Engineering at Lessonly

Tech Product/R&D

Anita Donnelly

Director of Technical Services,

“Anita is truly one-of-a-kind. Since 2017, Anita has been a strategic leader within our organization as we’ve expanded our product and offerings. She’s spearheaded all efforts in reducing our implementation times by 50%, improving immediate customer satisfaction, and setting up the organization to grow account revenue within the first year of service. Her background in teaching and ability to make any situation fun, combined with her natural talents to investigate, problem solve, empower others, and bring different departments together, shine at SmarterHQ and beyond. Anyone that crosses paths with Anita is lucky to know her.”

— Kara Holthaus, Vice President of Client Services at SmarterHQ

Tech Product/R&D

Gwendolyn Faraday

Software Consultant,
Faraday Academy

“Since the day Gwen Faraday came on as a dedicated contractor at RocketBuild, she has been an absolute standout developer and team member. Gwen has a rare combination of motivation, raw skill, and broad experience. She can handle the technical intricacies of large-scale software products, while still being able to communicate about her work in a way that is relatable and professional. Gwen’s diverse skill set and exceptional attitude is a combination not easily found, and we are lucky to have her. Gwen’s impact has helped propel RocketBuild to new and even greater heights!”

— Jason Ward, Chief Innovation Officer at RocketBuild

Tech Product/R&D

Poppe Guthrie

Sr. Interaction Designer,

“Poppe has a passion for community that’s a drumbeat in everything she does. Since joining SEP, she’s won over the hearts of many helping peers understand how design can lead to better client outcomes. Most recently she assisted with landing a very prominent client due to her ability to empathize with customers. Additionally, she’s helped with recruiting efforts bringing in more designers from her community involvement—the Indy Chapter of the IxDA and her brainchild, the Indy Design Week Conference. This passion is the driving force behind tremendous Indy UX growth. SEP is lucky to be the company Poppe calls home.”

— Raman Ohri, CEO at SEP

Tech Product/R&D

Charlie Haddad

Sr. Advisor, Digital Health,
Eli Lilly and Company

“Charlie’s almost 30 years at Lilly‚ a journey that took him from an eager college graduate to a Senior Advisor of Digital Health, has been shaped not only by his drive to learn and improve but his significant knowledge and expertise in technology. He consistently reinforces the value of a diverse, collaborative environment at Lilly and strives to create an inclusive culture in which colleagues are motivated and confident in delivering against their priorities. His contributions to-date are immeasurable as he has been at the forefront of driving Lilly’s digital health strategy forward, both internally and externally.”

— Rich Carter, VP, Chief Digital Officer at Eli Lilly and Company

Tech Product/R&D

Mike Horrocks

Vice President, Product Management,
Baker Hill

“During his time at Baker Hill, Mike has been a leader delivering for clients with product, marketing, and professional services solutions. Mike’s background has uniquely positioned him to create strategies for new solutions which help clients grow revenue and drive down costs. Throughout his career, he has conducted thought leadership seminars as well as implemented product management methodology to deliver leading-edge products for Baker Hill. Mike takes a customer-centric approach to all the work he delivers. Those who have worked with Mike will agree that his positive attitude is contagious and is an integral part of his success.”

— John Watts, SVP Operations at Baker Hill

Tech Product/R&D

Jonathan Hubartt

VP of Design & Product,
High Alpha

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jon for close to 10 years. During that time he has played an integral role in the conception and launch of a number of Indy’s most visible tech companies. He helped pioneer a new way of integrating the design function into the venture studio model. He is passionate about the next generation of Indy design talent and has personally mentored and invested in the lives of dozens of designers at High Alpha and our portfolio companies. He possesses the coveted talent of being able to seamlessly bridge the gap between business, technology and design.”

— Kristian Andersen, Partner at High Alpha

Tech Product/R&D

Dan LaBar

Sr. Data Scientist,
KSM Consulting

“Dan is a technically experienced and resourceful data scientist. When given an open and challenging problem, he finds unique ways to architect and drive the best possible solution. Dan’s role is client-facing, and he practices empathy for clients’ challenges. He seeks to holistically understand their problems, not just on a technical level, but process-oriented level as well. He internalizes the impact of his work and is seen as a mentor to several junior data scientists just getting started in their careers. Dan is an invaluable asset to the Indianapolis data science community.”

— Sandip Biswas, Data Science Lead at KSM Consulting

Tech Product/R&D

John F Matlik

Engineering Digital Transformation Lead,
Rolls-Royce Corporation

John has had, and continues to have, a significant impact on Rolls-Royce, the State of Indiana and our industry by being a thought leader in the digital space. He is widely recognized as bearing the torch for the transition to digital across the enterprise. As Digital Capability Lead, he is enabling new programs to meet customer requirements in the digital space and new business opportunities. By passionately advocating for digital capability and bringing others along with his energy and enthusiasm, he is significantly impacting the company, state and profession for the better.”

— Dan Jensen, Head of Engineering for Services at Rolls-Royce Corporation

Tech Product/R&D

Ninad Thanawala


“Ninad is an entrepreneur who brings innovation in technology and design to Roche ways of working. His unique blend of storytelling and analytical skills enable him to uncover powerful insights in the data and also act as an influential consultant for his People & Culture (HR) partners. Ninad multiplies his impact and reach by working as a catalyst and connector within the growing global people analytics community in Roche. I am in awe of his ability to act as a valued ambassador and strategist for analytics within my organization while also extending his capabilities and passion to Roche Diversity and Inclusion initiatives championing diversity at Roche.”

— Kim Klein, Director, Customer Experience & Initiatives at Roche

Tech Product/R&D

Gary Todd

IT Senior Developer,
Republic Airways

“Gary is our go-to developer in IT for the toughest technical problems. His co-workers know he completes his work with speed and accuracy, and he does so with an easy-going spirit, cheerful demeanor and relentless problem-solving ability. Gary has faced some of Republic’s most difficult IT challenges in recent past and relishes in the opportunity to not only find a solution but the best solution. We are extremely fortunate to have Gary as a member of our team.”

— Nirav Shah, Vice President, Information Technology at Republic Airways

Sales & Marketing

Eva Jackson

Director, Demand Generation Marketing,

“When I joined PFL as CMO last fall, I was instantly impressed by Eva Jackson. Eva leads her team exceptionally well, has clear vision, and can communicate this vision effectively to the rest of the organization. My 100-day plan for PFL was aggressive as an incoming executive. We have aligned sales and marketing around a revised ABM strategy and dramatically adjusted our ideal customer profile. Eva immediately shifted her organization to support the plan and the result has been incredible. PFL is winning because of Eva and her leadership.”

— Nick Runyon, CMO at PFL

Sales & Marketing

Andy Kennedy

Principal Brand Strategist,

“When I built Innovatemap in 2014, brand design was not on our services list. The market told us what we needed to do, and we found the best talent to create that discipline for us and lead it with expertise. Since then, Andy has shaped the brand voice for some of the city’s fastest growing tech companies—several of which went on to be acquired. Andy is a big thinker who likes to push the limits. He’s the type of person I want on my team, the type of person I want helping Indiana’s tech companies elevate their national presence.”

— Mike Reynolds, CEO at Innovatemap

Sales & Marketing

Lukau Matuka

Director, Global Sales Development Training & Enablement,

“Lukau is enthusiastic and dedicated to her work. She always makes me feel supported yet pushed out of my comfort zone. When she sees a gap in a process or thinks something can be done better, she finds a solution and executes. Her dedication to her team’s success led her to her global enablement and training position. She has not wasted a minute since she started in her new role and has spearheaded multiple projects that have led to more efficient processes. Lukau is a great leader, contributor, and employee. She’s fun and intelligent—her overall presence has a lasting impact on anyone she meets.”

— Todd Pedersen, Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Genesys

Sales & Marketing

Matt Renie

Solution Consultant,

“From a manager’s perspective, once you’ve had Matt as a member of your team, the bar is forever raised moving forward. Matt brings a level of energy and an analytical mindset that allow him to dig deep into his work both inside and outside of the office, and to deliver value-based results that drive true action and impact around him. He is a compassionate team member who cares about and supports those around him, a detail-oriented contributor who consistently delivers exceptional results, and a committed team player that holds himself to commendable high standards as a loyal, motivated, and results-oriented individual.”

— Cory Wheeler, VP, Customer Success and Sales at Zylo

Sales & Marketing

Brennan Walker

Director of Digital Strategy & Solutions Consulting,

“Brennan and I share a passion for sports and actually play basketball nearly every Sunday. I remember the first time I played with him it reminded me of the way he goes about his daily job at DemandJump. He is a passionate leader that wants to get other people involved and knows how to put people in the right place for them to succeed and grow. In just five short years, Brennan has gone from Intern to Digital Analyst to Strategic Advisor to Director of Digital Strategy and Solutions Consulting. He now runs every demo to Fortune 250 companies.”

— Christopher Day, CEO & Co-Founder at DemandJump

Sales & Marketing

Rachel Yockey

Vice President of Experience,

“When we hired Rachel at Realync, she had nearly 15 years of client services and account management experience. We knew that she would bring incredible expertise that would help build the foundation for Realync’s client success efforts. Little did we know just how impactful Rachel would be with treating our clients well, helping them find incredible ROI with our platform, introducing new revenue streams that turned Client Success into a revenue-generating machine, and so much more. All topped off with helping form the company culture that permeates all that we as a company do today.”

— Matt Weirich, CEO at Realync