The 2018 Innovation Issue

You can be forgiven if you’ve opted until now to ignore blockchain, the complex technology that is the backbone of cryptocurrencies. But experts say blockchain will be increasingly important for the supply chain, the legal industry and banking and finance. So it’s time to pay attention, and we have a primer to get you started. Plus, just two years ago, virtual reality looked ready to change the way we shopped, communicated and played games. Today, no one is talking about it. But behind the scenes, companies are finding ways to incorporate this immersive technology.

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Virtual reality

Seeking innovation

  • The Grand Challenges program has set aside $300 million for projects designed to solve “major and large-scale problems facing humanity” that can be addressed only by multidisciplinary research teams.

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  • Participants in a unique Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra program use music to better understand management styles.

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  • Building an innovation team from the ground up

    Human resources and benefits company FirstPerson regularly sends workers to Chicago; Silicon Valley; Austin, Texas; and other far-flung tech hubs to pick up new skills and broaden their thinking.

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  • Appirio’s Jimerson says tech can influence diversity, inclusion

    As a company that leverages the cloud to create better worker and customer experiences, Appirio offers a unique opportunity to elevate the way technology is used to mitigate diversity and inclusion challenges.

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Visual outlines become more popular note-taking tool

Visual note-taking—which involves distilling in real time the points of a meeting, conference or speech with a combination of sketched images and words—has just started catching on. Read more

Sam Julka offers six ways workplaces can spur creativity

Employees have to be comfortable believing they can be and are creative. Read more