Deal with the scofflaws

June 23, 2012

After reading Greg Morris’ [June 18] commentary “Cyclists, do your part to share the road,” I had an epiphany—a way for the city to make money and a way to save money.

Dispatch police officers on bicycles or motorcycles to patrol the mile square to issue tickets to bicyclists disobeying traffic signals, riding the wrong way on one-way streets, weaving in and out of traffic, etc. The proceeds would far exceed the expense of having a few officers on the street.

To save taxpayer money, remove all pedestrian traffic “walk, don’t walk” signals outside of a four- or five-block radius of the circle. Since so few people obey these signals, I can only imagine the money that could be saved in maintenance, repairs and electricity. Going one step further, perhaps once the signals were removed they could be sold to another city that has yet to grasp the realization that they are useless and ignored.

Duane Henry

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