Weatherman Wright feels wronged, leaving WTHR, report says

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The writing has been on the teleprompter ever since WTHR-TV lured away WISH-TV’s prognosticator, Angela Buchman.

The move raised the question whether the popular Buchman and WTHR Channel 13’s current chief meteorologist, Chris Wright, could share the same spotlight. Now, it appears that Wright is leaving WTHR at the end of July to make room for Buchman, who will start tracking the weather again in September.
NewsBlues, an industry insider report, on Wednesday quoted Wright as saying that WTHR offered him a “huge pay cut and a reduced role.” 

chris wright mug wthr 13Chris Wright

Wright told NewsBlues that he thought it was better to leave WTHR and to go look for work elsewhere.

Wright could not be reached for comment Wednesday. WTHR officials did not return phone calls or emails.

Local TV industry sources have said for months it would be hard to envision how Wright could hang on as lead meteorologist at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. after Buchman joins WTHR.

That Wright would leave WTHR is no surprise to Bill Perkins, a media buyer and a principal of Indianapolis-based Perkins Nichols Media. “No, you’re only going to promote one star,” Perkins said Wednesday.

Angela Buchman mug shotAngela Buchman

Buchman has been off the air for the last year, as per her non-compete agreement with WISH Channel 8.

Wright likely would have the same constraint under his contract with WTHR, assuming he’d stay in the local market.

Might he return to his former employer, WISH, where he worked from 1996 to 1999? “We are fully staffed right now with Indiana’s largest team of meteorologists,” said WISH-TV’s director of creative services, Scott Hainey, on Wednesday.

Some observers said WTHR likely had to lure Buchman away from WISH with a salary rivaling that of a veteran anchor, which can be in the $300,000 to $400,000 territory.

“I think you could assume they didn’t hire Angela to do the midday show,” said Rick Gevers of Rick Gevers and Associates, which represents TV news talent at stations around the U.S.

Wright is a 10-time Emmy winner, having joined WTHR in 1999 after leaving WISH. Wright entered the Indianapolis market in 1991 at WXIN-TV Fox59.

Last year, Wright was inducted into the Silver Circle of the Lower Great Lakes Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and is the first African-American from the Indianapolis market so honored.

He also hosts WTHR’s “The Brain Game” high school quiz show.

It’s unclear whether WTHR will see a ratings backlash from Wright’s fans. That prospect is probably minimized, Gevers reckoned, because it appears WTHR did try to retain Wright—albeit at less lucrative terms.

“The fact that they offered him a job should ease that angst,” he said.

The migration of Buchman from WISH to WTHR created an upper-level disturbance in the local TV climate.

WISH-TV responded by hiring Robb Ellis, a meteorologist who cut his teeth on tornadoes and hurricanes while working TV gigs and as a research scientist for the state climate office in North and South Carolina.

CBS-affiliate WISH also has Angela’s understudy, of sorts, in the young meteorologist Pamela Gardner.

Phil Bremen, an assistant professor of telecommunications at Ball State University and a former WRTV-Channel 6 anchor, put the industry into perspective:  "Television news is a business, and it's always been a tough one."

"The public's growing variety of media choices means that, more than ever, TV bosses will be striving for every advantage they can get," Bremen said. "If they can lure a star player away from the competition, that's doubly advantageous. But, whenever that happens, whoever was already in the chair knows there's a great risk of being squeezed out of it."

Wright has served the Indianapolis market with distinction and grace, Bremen said. "I have no doubt he'll land well."


  • too true
    I agree with you 100%!
  • Bad move, WTHR
    I too miss Wright. he added something MORE than just a pretty face on a Barbie doll clone. I wish him much success wherever he goes.
    • Wrong move
      Angela Buchman is a big FAIL on WTHR. We are now subjected to her histronics about the possibility of a little rain or snow. Chris Wright was the consumate professional and a genuinely nice guy. WTHR news has lost me as a listener.
    • Big error on WTHR
      I have changed all my weather to Fox 59. Hated the way they treated Chris Wright. Angela, hardly works at all and is a terrible weather person. Not more wthr for me.
    • EdBroadcast
      While I really did like Chris as the WTHR Director of Weather Operations, lets face it Angela did have higher ratings on WISH-TV and now has even higher ratings on Channel 13 along with the rest of the new/weather/sports staff. Their rating have gone beyond what they thought they would be and indeed the other Indianapolis TV stations have gone down. And that is called being a success with your news department like it or not. And with the ratings also goes up the station revenue. It is not science it is just business reality.
    • the game
      If the company felt they weren't going to get a return, they wouldn't have hired her. So far they ARE seeing a return in the form of a ratings increase. Even though no company will admit it, age also plays into these decisions.
      • the game
        Wright made similar money. If the company
      • Angela
        How right you are - she's as phony as phony gets - other than her "pretty," I'm completely unimpressed - WTHR has plenty of attractive women to fulfill the 'pretty' slot - if she's getting $300-$400,000, it's hard to believe they're getting a return on that investment
        • Obvious
          WISH tv's manager was just fired, partially because he let Angela Buchman get away & go to WTHR. Nobody has been fired at WTHR for letting Chris Wright leave.
        • Chris Wright
          Moved to Cleveland 3 years ago, and lo and behold, turned on Channel 3 Cleveland. Chris Wright is doing the weather. It is refreshing to see an old face up here. He is Cleveland's gain and Indy's loss. Good luck up here Chris. Signed, a former Channel 13 Indy viewer.
        • Do we need a meteorologist?
          I can look at the radar using my phone, the internet, etc. and tell you the weather. With technology today, we no longer need meteorologists ... I cannot believe anyone would pay 300k-400k to do this job ... wow!
        • chris wright
          angela is way out of her league, she is entirely over paid....... bring chris back I changed to fox 59
          • It's a lose, lose
            I was thrilled to see Chris Wright leave. The guy would forecast rain in South America's Atacama Desert just to keep viewers tuned in. As for Angela Buchman, she's lovely but has to be the biggest phony of all time. Her fake smile, fake laugh and head bob wouldn't convince a 2 month old child
            • Whatever happened to seniority in the workplace?!?!
              It's a bummer to hear that Chris Wright was squeezed out for Angela. I used to watch WISH for years until everything went to digital channels and we rarely get enough to watch an entire show now. So I started watching WTHR. Chris was waaaaaay better than Ms. Buchman personality-wise and The Brain Game is not quite the same w/o him. Don't get me wrong, we love Chuck and prefer his style of forecasting to Angela's. Such a pity...apparently seniority doesn't count for as much as it used to! Saddened to see him go :-(
            • Bummed
              I have always liked WTHR... until now. Chris Wright is awesome, and I like the morning crew w/ Chuck! I'm not going to watch anymore based on this. I've never seen the draw to Angela even when she was on the other channel--fakey. Good luck Chris Wright!
            • Wronged
              Cannot stand this gal and loved Chris. Her and her cocked head.
            • Beauty Contest?
              I believe it's more of a beauty/"sexy" battle of the ratings ratings issue. Just check out the other station with a no doubt beautiful female saying nothing but strolling up with a seductive look. It sure won't make the snow go away. I think she is a some what distraction.
            • Was it racism when he got hired?
              Was it racism when he got hired I wonder?
            • Glamor Shots
              I have ALWAYS been a viewer of WTHR, but my loyalty is growing thin. Angela Buchman wants the weather segment to be about HER. The weather is, hopefully, the focus. After most of her sentences, she appears to "pose", and flash her best "Glamor Shot" smile. It is wearing very think on me and many other viewers I know.
            • The Problem Is
              Chris Wright was such a PROFESSIONAL, Always looking neat and pristine, always speaking clearly and precise…..just don't get it….even if they wanted Angela on board, Chris should have remained the LEAD meteorologist…what a step down for WTHR, for a beautiful girl…who won't always be young.
            • Tough Market
              As the father of the N.B.C. anchor in Miami i know how hard and ruthless the t.v. business can be.He was lucky to land a position across town after being canned by the C.B.S. Station.
              • Crazy!
                A $300,000 to $400,000 salary for a woman who is merely attractive and able to state a weather forecast? It would be comical if it weren't so pathetic. I don't care for Angela Buchman, and I won't watch WISH-TV. Can't imagine the station will even come close to getting's it's money's worth. Heavens -- a weather forecast is free online (and likely more accurate)!
              • They know the game
                TV weather is not as much about the forecast as it is the personality. All the forecasts are similar, and they all got it wrong this past weekend. Chris Wright would also have had it wrong because he would be using the same info as all the rest. TV people know they are likely to be fired some day and accept that as part of the deal that pays them $300k, $400k or more per year.
              • wrong
                Have you notices that all of the women on wthr weather team has the same hair style. Is this a fashion trend or what. I miss Chris Wrights forecast and his snow prediton. I do not know how they could let him go. Even though they did offer him a job, it is a slap in the face. He was the best meteorologist I have ever seen. Wthr done wrong in my opinion, pick a young women over a season veteran. They should be a shame of themselves
              • weather.com
                All this kerfuffle over information that one can more easily obtain at any location from a smart phone, tablet, or computer.
              • Real forecaster
                You want the Most accurate forecasting, go to Indianaweatheronline.com. I don't even bother watching news anymore. Can get my news online quicker anyway.
              • Buchman cant't get it Wright
                Angela Buchman hasn't predicted the forecast right since starting the job, I sure miss Chris Wright at least he would have these snow predictions right, and I would know how to plan my day, bring back Chris..........
              • Paid to guess
                Hire me to forcast the weather. I will do it for $60,000 a year, and be more accurate using my magic 8 ball!
              • Not worth the money
                Sorry Angela, you are not worth the money they pay you. You qualify for Vanna White's job turning letters. Boring! I changed to fox 59.
              • Snow totals
                How many snow fall predictions would Chris Wright have figured out??. Surely miss him and his yearly Predictions...
              • Get over it?
                I am over it BUT I don't have to watch it. Thanks
              • Chief Meteorologist
                Chuck Lofton Should have been Chief Meteorologist years ago. Now he is the best man in town. But the Powers that be had to have someone sexy to report the weather. I wouldn't say that Chris Wright is sexy, but he is the best dressed man in town, and did a great job. Maybe this will just backfire on them. Maybe they could get Letterman back!!!
              • Chris Wright
                Doesn't feel right going through winter storms without Wright! They wanted a blond, so they hired one. I guess they figured that was more more advantageous than a guy with ONLY 26 years experience and ten Emmys.
              • don't like wright OR buchman.
                I don't see what the big deal is about Angela Buchman. I've heard her praised to the skies, but I haven't seen her do anything that other weather people haven't done. She seems to be boring and not a lot of fun. I wasn't a fan of Chris Wright either; it was like watching paint dry. Dull dull dull. Now, Chuck Lofton is fun and entertaining to watch while at the same time delivering the weather professionally. If they get rid of him I will be heartbroken!
                • Who was the blond guy in very early yrs TWC
                  Who was the young blond guy weather announcer in the early days before 1987? Doesn't appear in any of historical records, he got a lot of the horrible hours of airtimes. Many questioned if a gay guy was on the air even if the time slots sucked. Anybody remember? I still watch the weather channel because local TV in So. Cal. doesn't have original content except for 3 times a day, twice on weekends.
                • shocked
                  Chris is the only reason that I watch 13 news weather!!! I guess if he leaves Indiana weather, then I will be forced to switch back to channels 8 or 11!!! What a slap in the face to a knowledgeable and great man who has come so far in his career!!! I also disagree with management, It will definitely show in your ratings and even if it doesn't, I will not be watching 13 after Chris isgon!!!
                • It's the trend.
                  Take from the song lyrics of Don Henley's Dirty Laundry and the famous line from the movie The Sixth Sense and mix them together. What do you get? "I see bubble-headed bleach-blondes". No offense intended, but besides Ashley Brown of RTV6, I see a trend towards this type of female meteorologist. Definitely enjoy the eye candy.
                • its still jus news
                  Does it really matter what they look like ,i can broadcast as good of weather forcast as all of them.Dan Rather broadcasted 8in of snow for central Indana,when the blizzard of 78 hit us ,so there u go....
                • Angela is great.
                  Angela is like a breath of fresh air compared to the other stations meteorologists. I liked Chris Wright too but if he made a choice to leave then she is a great replacement. There are way to many adds on this station, and their volume is too loud. I am tired of seeing all the obnoxious car adds!
                • It's a great life
                  Mr. Chris Wright is totally PRO! Seasoned, savy, and politically correct! Hey everybody watch some other weather stations and you will see the bar has been raised, and all these TVtypes are good! You will find other styles to admire; Wright had 12 great years & now is movin' on!
                • asif
                  It's business. Get over it. The race whiners will say it's because he's black, the ugly women will say it's Angela's looks alone. The reality is, WTHR's ratings will go up as a result. And that's all that matters in the business. Take it or leave it.
                  • So disappointed in Channel 13
                    I endured through the standoff with Dish and really missed Chris giving the weather. He is pleasant, professional and always had a smile that could brighten up the darkest days. But most of all I trusted his forecasts. I wanted him to verify everyone else's forecast to help me determine how warm or cold to dress. Chris and AM were the only reason I watched channel 13 and I don't see much of her lately. If I don't see AM then I turn to Channel 6 for the news and I'm not interested in what your new weather person has to say.
                  • Chris Wright
                    I think its totally unfair what they did to Chris...I cannot stand Angela, she bugged me the first time I saw her and listened to her..She seems like a phoney person to me and if she could do that to someone like Chris that just shows the kind of person she is...I feel bad for Chris and hope he gets something so much better, he deserves it...
                    • Orlando Security Detail
                      Wright likely would have the same constraint under his contract with
                      • Bye Chirs, you will be missed
                        Angela Buchmann is so over rated ! Just another female weathergirl with a big white smile.
                      • Don't...
                        Who wants to see another blond talking head, not me
                      • Wright
                        I don't watch WHTR anymore.
                      • And HOW
                        I couldn't agree more, that's Shocking to me that there's that kind of money for GUESSING @ what Mother Nature will throw at us....Disgusting!!!
                      • Chris Wright
                        Seriously you want to play the color card well WTHR have both and Angela is more of what a weather forecaster should be like Chuck, enjoyable to watch and WTHR made A Great Choice in Angela if you don't like it change the station and stop complaining he has been gone a long time and not missed at all by most.
                      • Chris Wright
                        I love channel 13 news and weather and we don't miss Chris at all he was extremely boring to say the least. Angela gives spark to the weather. So I hope all of you find a station you like better for us we are thrilled Angela joined the news team!
                        • looks great
                          see the nasty winter weather coming , its nice to see such a hot babe!!!!!
                        • angry
                          I appreciate the fact that sex sells but this lady has no sex appeal other than being a woman with no creditials like chris so I think there were other factors in play like the oldest weatherman chuck had issues with chris..won't be watching 13 any longer..where is the black backlash no continuity with our community..
                          • I am surprised
                            It is surprising to hear you say that the ratings for channel 13 have soared since Chris Wright left. Was that the only change made? `I have always liked Angela Buchman, but now that she has been doing channel 13's weather I have really missed Chris Wright and his pleasant personality!
                          • I Agree
                            You are so right about the Brain Game! Chris Wright had such a good personality and rapport with the students, but now the show is very boring. I miss Chris Wright doing the weather, also!
                          • All about what sells
                            It's all about what sells on TV and it is called "sexy". Heaven forbid anyone should have a brain! Sorry you are gone Chris. I will be watching my weather via the weather channel.
                          • Loss of Chris Wright
                            I watch Brain Game all the time and I was very upset to learn there was to be a new MC the Fall. I have nothing against the man that is MC ing the Brain Game now, but in my opinion he is just not as good as Chris Wright was and would always be.
                            • what
                              angela speaks perfectly,and she is better looking than anyone in indiana broadcasting.
                              • It happens
                                Don't feel sorry for a person who's been making around $400,000 to do forecasts that are only partially correct. Firing comes with the job. Meanwhile WTHR's ratings have soared with Mr. Wright out of the picture.
                                • ?
                                  Title reads' "Wright feels wronged". Article makes no such reference.
                                • Try This At Home
                                  Turn to PBS: better for your brain. Then, get the NY Times app for free top news (good content, like IBJ!),and the Weather Channel app or a radar app for weather on your smart device during commercials. Break the habit! Exercise your mind and let it travel!
                                • Chris/Angela/Execs
                                  I'm very shocked by the shallowness of these comments. Do you REALLY believe that Angela or Chris had anything to do with the switch? They are both wonderful meteorologists. This isn't a divorce, where friends must choose between the husband or wife. This is television...........unless you're a close personal friend, no one really knows either one of them. They both read their lines.
                                • A Black Chief Meterologist
                                  Now all of us know Indiana is a Blue State and White TV Executive are not going to allow that to happen for too long. Too bad for them and shows just how prejudice this action was.
                                  • A crying shame
                                    I like Mr. Wright way more than Mrs. Buchman. As the saying goes, "Sex sells". A thought came to me, why don't these exited weather personalities start up a local, independent weather channel like the Weather Channel on cable and/or satellite? Something to think about.
                                  • Sorry to see Chris leave
                                    A many of you noted before I was surprised to see Chris leave. I have been a fan since he took over for Bob Gregory. I am unfamiliar with Angela's reporting seeing as though I have been a Channel 13 viewer. After the first few weeks I concur with wanting Chris back not because Angela is necessarily a bad broadcaster but I feel as though Chris fit the team well. The comradely is just not there. I love Andrea Morehead and she is the only reason why I remain at 13. Her approach is smart and classy. She understands her viewers are not dumb and presents the issues in a manner that I appreciate.
                                  • dissapointed
                                    I was out west for over a month, when I came back I noticed that Chris had been replaced by Angela. I was hoping that Chris was just on vacation and would return, but that isn't happening. What about Sean Ash,I saw him and now I don't. Now who is going to tell us hopw many snow's we will have. I will miss Chris.
                                  • Zebra hair and she can't even pronounce the word "degrees"
                                    I am amazed at Channel 13. They constructively fire Chris Wright to hire Buchman--why? Her zebra hair is distracting and she has a speech impediment--she can't correctly pronounce the word "degrees". Is it all really about looks after all? If so, she better get as much as she can right away, because she's 40-ish.
                                    • All The Best To Chris
                                      Wishing you the best in your furture endeavors Chris and know you will land on top! Poor decision WTHR, you are off of our news list.
                                    • Brain Game
                                      The Brain Game episodes you saw were actually repeats from last season. From my recollection there have only now been 3 hosts of the Brain Game. Weatherman Bob Gregory hosted for close to 30 yrs. Chris Wright was the 2nd host until his departure and now Chuck Lofton is hosting the 2013 edition. Chuck is easing his way into the role of host but you can tell he is not very interactive with the students yet like Bob & Chris were. Chuck deserves this grace period because I am sure he was just as shocked at being thrown into the job as Chris was about leaving it, considering that Chris was shown the door during the first month of this school year and the taping of the show starts shortly after the students return. I've always wondered how far in advance the show is taped before the actual air date, but noticed a few questions that were asked actually concerned events that happened within the week (from Sat. to Sat.) that the show aired.
                                    • Bring Back Chris
                                      My wife and I have started watching other stations since Chris Wright left. When we do watch channel 13 it is only because my wife and I are both big fans of Angela Morehead. I see no gain with Buchman as weather person although we do get a giggle out of her Halloween hair.
                                    • $300-$400K
                                      I can't believe there aren't more comments on the salary range for a meteorologist. Granted they have a science degree - but really folks? That's more than many physicians I know who have doctorate degrees. It shows that the TV news business is much more about entertainment than actual news and true scientific weather. I would bet that the true weather scientists are not clearing nearly that kind of salary. I just don't see the ROI in advertising dollars during the news hours from those prices in the long term. I'll catch my news on XM radio in the car.
                                      • Chris Wright
                                        The classic car circuit will miss Chris. I always trusted his forcast before bringing the classic cars out for events. No faith in Angela, will have to go to another station for accurate weather forcast.
                                      • Angela
                                        I love Angela...she's bright, young and exciting. Give her a break, she's doing great!
                                      • That much money??
                                        Amazing that local weathercasters make 300-400 grand per year!! The world has gone mad. Just go to the weather channel.
                                      • Chris Wright
                                        I find it repulsive that Chris did his part on your tv stations ratings and on the awards you recieved, and your response to his followers and the effects it may/may not have because of your decision to put him in a position to HAVE to leave is down right comical and very poor leadership on your behalf WTHR... Heed this employees you are not exempt from such poor treatment and then get a spin on it at the end. Angela Buchmann has never been a great weather person. If we loved her well guess what!! She would have been a decorated weather lady, with your station. Good luck Chris you needed this change b/c it doesn't appear your co workers play well in the sand box. I wish you much success. I guess I'll be my own Angela Buchmann and start guessing my weather. This was a very poor move.. I hope you love her cause I'm thinking none of your viewers will.
                                      • Chris Wright
                                        I wish you the best. We are going to miss you and your wonderful laugh !
                                      • Chris Wright
                                        God Bless Chris in Texas. They are getting the best from Indy. Not watching WTHR news any longer.
                                      • SAD SAD SAD
                                        I am an eldery lady and and can relate to what Mr. Wright must be face with. It most certainly is degrading when (so called business) forces one to leave. They walked HIM in gracefuly. They could have walked HIM out gracefuly. SAD SAD SAD
                                      • weatherwoman
                                        My family and I are busting a gut laughing at my nephew visiting from Seattle. He said that weatherwoman is wearing a mop on her head..LMAO. He's right! Angela needs to redo her hairdo.. I rather watch Chris Wright.
                                      • Angela Buchman
                                        Angela put me to sleep on Wish so why should I watch her on 13pe
                                      • Where is Nicole??
                                        OOPS! I meant WTHR!! Sorry RTV6!!
                                      • Where is Nicole???
                                        For the past few weeks, since Angela started, I haven't seen Nicole on the air. Except for one commercial where she was placed in the middle, behind Angela and she didn't look very happy. I'm wondering if she is a casualty, along with Chris Wright, of Angela being hired. What happened to Chris is awful and I am disgusted with the way he was treated. After receiving the award last year everybody seemed sincere congratulating him on air, saying he was not only talented but a really great person. All this was happening while knowing Angela was to be hired this September! I'm sure Nicole has been pushed out too but nobody at RTV6 is saying anything about her not being on air. The weather isn't the same without Chris and Nicole!! Shame on you RTV6!! Seeing Angela on air reminds me to change the channel and that is what I do!
                                        • Bad move!
                                          Chris not only gave us very good weather reports. He took part in the Indianapolis community. Your choice of Buchman is not a good move. I also think your other weather people would be offended at all the constant coverage this person is getting. You really made a huge mistake. Hope the golden girl meets your every desire and expectation.
                                        • You have to be kidding
                                          Buchmann in I am out. This woman is a robot, with that fake blond wig that doesn't even move. As far as being prettu no, fashionable clothes looks like she shops at resale shops for the old fashioned Butte knits. As far as the weather delivery go I think I ould do just as well if not better Loved Chris and he was a true professional. Will miss you Chris. How long does Angela have at 13?
                                        • Just Saying...
                                          Don't hate the players,hate the game.-Welcome Angela!
                                        • Chris
                                          As for my family and me, we will look at that Channel again when Chris comes back.
                                        • LOOKALIKES
                                          How come almost all the women on WTHR look alike? Blondes with long stringy dead-dog-looking hair (except for the brunettes with long stringy dead dog hair) and they all squeal and giggle and mispronounce the same words. Thank goodness for Andrea and Carrie, who are thoroughly professional and give real class to the crowd of blonde fluff-heads (Anne Marie is great, too, even though she is blonde, and she even knows how to style her hair properly). As for Buchman, ho-hum, one more blonde with a motormouth, a dead dog hairdo, and false teeth. Chris Wright has been a fixture on WTHR and The Brain Game. Three cheers for Chris Wright, a true star in Indianapolis.
                                          • Wrong
                                            I will never ever watch WTHR news again what they did to Chris was wrong to say the lease. Buckman is good but Chris is way better.
                                          • Chris Wright
                                            We also like chuck, but I agree we think it is so rude and unethical, plus hurtful the way Chris was treated, we will no longer watch wthr news, because of how he was treated! We pray the best for Chris in whatever he chooses to do!
                                          • Gam Sho
                                            I still see Chris on the Brain Game telecast. Is it a package deal for the Chief Meteorologist to do the show? Do you watch the game show? Really ???
                                            • Awesome!
                                              Enjoying having Buckman on WTHR, it resembles a "dream team" of sorts for the entire WTHR news team in my opinion.
                                            • Sad
                                              I will not watch your news again unless you bring Chris Wright back.
                                            • Mr. Wright was wronged
                                              I am sorry that Chris was "forced out". And the fact that Buchman is going to make 3 to 400,000 dollars??? That is awful. Weather folks are wrong 65-70 percent of the time and they get paid that much? I picked the wrong major in college. Will not watch 13 any longer.
                                            • Wright great professional
                                              Chris Wright continued to be professional despite the unfortunate circumstances. Shame on WTHR. I will no longer watch.
                                            • Dirty Deal!
                                              I have followed Chris Wgight since he was with Fox news and always liked his personality. I missed him when he went off to California and was glad when he returned to Indiana. I think this move was just because Angelia is easier on the eye than Chris, not that she's any better at doing the weather. I'm sorry for Chris, he did a great job. I won't watch ch13 weather anymore.
                                            • Where is Nicole
                                              I really feel Nicole is getting the raw end of the deal. We enjoyed watching her move her way up in the weather team and thought she did a great job.
                                              • Goodbye WTHR
                                                It may be "just a business" deal to some viewers but imagine how you would feel if you were Chris. I'm sure the WTHR broadcasters could not have prevented his leaving however I have the choice to continue to watch or not. I choose not to support a business treating another person in this way. In the end WTHR has to feel Angela was worth losing viewers over, including me! I love Chuck in the mornings, but will no longer watch WTHR.
                                                • Bad choice
                                                  I agree, makes no sense. Wish we knew what the "real" issue was. Bye WTHR
                                                • annecast
                                                  Well, I know my opinion won't really matter, but neither does anyone else opinion really. Angela Buchman and Chris Wright are both great!! I watch all of the channels, which ever I want to at the moment. I've never been steered wrong with the forecast. Angela is pretty and very professional. Chris Wright is handsome and very professional. Equally. Non of us viewers know the circumstances behind any changes the stations make, except "IT IS BUSINESS!" Get over yourselves, Geesh!! I will watch all of you, Randy, Chris, Nicole, Sean, and the other Sean. Chuck, Angela anyone I missed.
                                                • Sorry
                                                  I wish to say I'm sorry to see Chris is leaving. I think it is a mistake on Channel 13's part.
                                                • Purely Disgusting Move by Channel 13
                                                  Our TV Channel Choices will no longer include Channel 13. SHAME ON YOU for using such pitiful judgment. Our family will no longer be a WTHR fan. This will not be forgotten!!
                                                  • Randy All the Way
                                                    My favorite weather person out of Indianapolis is Randy Ollis, by far! He lives out his Christian life. I hope he's on for 100 more years!
                                                  • Chris Wright
                                                    So very sorry to hear that Chris has been replaced by Angela Buchman. She is why we replaced Channel 8 News with Channel 13's. Chris always remembered their were viewers in Eastern Indiana instead of trying to impress male viewers as Angela seems to be interested in. Maybe we will have t check out Dayton channels now.
                                                    • Boycott
                                                      Amen to that!
                                                    • Chris
                                                      Annoying! That's the word I was looking for!
                                                    • Brain Game?!
                                                      Not with HER brain!
                                                    • CUTTHROAT
                                                      As much as I like Chris I know he'll be OK however you know he did the same thing as Angela is getting ready to do. He left Wish TV to move to WTHR so as someone else mentioned they all do it.
                                                    • wright brain game
                                                      Do u think ANgela will b better on Brain Game?
                                                      • I loved Chris
                                                        I'll miss Chris a lot .he was great.can't say enough good about him . Keep all your office politics , he was tv family to me.... When you go messing up with people who really deliver and Chris did ....well what can I say . I've never been anything but a CH 13. Fan But I'll have to look and see what's out there now
                                                      • The biz
                                                        They may are bare phony smiles, but TV "news" is a cutthroat business. I'm fond of that bosomy young weather girl who was some sort of beauty queen. Could care less about weather forcasts.
                                                      • Chris
                                                        Chris will be missed and I couldn't stand Angela on Ch 8 so I wont be watching her on Ch 13. Why go from a professional to one who is annoying?
                                                        • Cut throat?
                                                          For those of you saying you won't watch channel 13 because they are so cut throat, you do realize every station in Indy has done the same thing...correct? At one time or another every station has lured away other local talent. Get over yourselves. Can't believe anyone actually watches the local news anyway. With Internet and phone apps I haven't watched a local newscast in several years. As far as weather, I follow bamchase.net. They are far more accurate than any tv weather person anyway.
                                                          • wrhr here's hat see you later
                                                            My grandma said you are known to all by your actions. The channel changer HAS been turned. Good by WTHR!!!
                                                          • Sad News
                                                            So sad to learn that Chris Wright has left WTHR. He was a great addition to the evening news team. A real professional weather forecaster. He will be missed.
                                                            • Chris Wright
                                                              Maybe now he knows how Cliff Nicholson (miss him) must have felt when he took over Cliff's job.
                                                            • TV vs. Internet
                                                              I couldn't tell you the last time I watched the news to hear the weather, and all the blah, blah, blah that goes along with it.... Not to mention the wait for the forecast to come on. I want to know the weather, when I want to know it...immediately, I choose the Internet.
                                                            • Ignorance
                                                              You're right. It isn't rocket science. It is atmospheric science.
                                                            • Glad to have Angie back
                                                              Chris was fine. He is professional and polite- but his presentation -especially during dangerous weather-was nothing special while Angie's broadcasts were engaging and very helpful. The best weather person in Indy is Chuck Loftus -love idea of flat Chuck! Welcome Angie to a great team. Thank you Chris time for something new also.
                                                            • Chris Wrong
                                                              Couldn't stand the guy...his forecasts were always inaccurate, hence "Chris Wrong"...my opinion.
                                                            • Chris Wright
                                                              I have watched WTHR ever since Chris came on. I have put up with Anne Marie, now I don't have to. I will not watch a station who has treated someone so shabbily. Chris was great and a real gentleman. He will do much better without these nasty people. And BTW, look out Angela, they will do the same to you.
                                                            • Sad but happy
                                                              I am sad to see Chris Wright leave, he did much for WTHR. But, his forecasts are what caused the problem. Let's all hope that Ms. Buchman does at least as well if not better. I beleve that WTHR needs four or five forecasters, not just three and a spare. JS
                                                            • Wasnt that great
                                                              Honestly, when he was with Ch 59 he was a rising star. When he was with Ch 8 he was one of the best, and teamed up with Mark Patrick Id tape newscasts because they were so funny together. That was a great duo. At Ch 13 though I couldnt hardly watch him. He was boring, his weather forecasts were short and during severe weather coverage he just wasnt good at all. He was just downright boring, and broad in his weather forecasts.
                                                            • Chris Wright
                                                              Chuck Lofton and Nicol M are the best in Indy. We had some really good ones the last few years, but they all left for greener pastures. I always wondered if Chris was a party to them leaving. He's okay, but not all that great. I hope he finds a good place to go. I could care less about Angela.
                                                            • Real weather or a pin up girl
                                                              I didn't watch Buchman before and I won't be watching her now. She steam-rolls everyone around her and she isn't that good. Her head is swelled up that it may explode. I will really miss Chris with his easy humor and down to earth delivery. He will be missed.
                                                            • good move
                                                              chris wright may have been ok and won some awards,but his lack of personality on camera leaves alot to be desired.Angela will be a good addition to the team and draw her fans to a better station!
                                                            • Bod Decision WTHR
                                                              Very unfortunate. WTHR you just lost a household viewer. If anything you need to focus on the inadequate field reporters and especially the sport coverage. Check out sports media coverage in Houston, Seattle or some other mid-sized market sometime and compare to WTHR. WTHR serious lacks! By the way WTHR needs to add more Sandra Chapmans and Bob Seagulls.
                                                            • Bad Move
                                                              What a nasty way to treat Chris! Didn't care for Buchman before and won't watch her now!
                                                            • Chris Wright Wronged!
                                                              What a slap in the face! I realize that t.v. is a cut-throat business but I thought that a local t.v. station would value a person a little bit more. He did more than just deliver the weather forecast. He was an asset to the community and its citizens. I would have thought that the powers that be would have fought to keep Chris Wright at WTHR. Obviously, I was wrong. I hope that at his next job he is appreciated a lot more than he was at WTHR.
                                                            • Sad
                                                              That previous reply was intended for Mal Burgess' comment. :) We love CW and are very sad to hear about his departure. It sounds like he got the short end of the deal and that is unfortunate. His talent will make him successful, however, wherever he goes! Thanks for great reporting, Chris! :)
                                                            • yes!
                                                              Great comment! ;)
                                                            • I agree
                                                              I agree with your comment. I was wondering why Chris was leaving, and the last thing I would think of is that he's leaving to make way for a female, blonde, easy on the eyes type weather person. But, Chris did a great job with the weather and has numerous emmys are proof of that. Does WTHR really think bringing Angela in with a hefty salary is going to boost ratings? What does that make Nicole Misencik, chopped liver? I won't be watching them either.
                                                              • Hey
                                                                I'm not surprised that she went WTHR. They probably made her an offer she couldn't refuse.I'm sure Wright and Chikalge (??) saw the writing on the wall. It always seemed to me that 13 always wanted someone like Angela to do the weather. Especially when the Chikalge started appearing more and more on the evening newscasts to do weather instead of Wright.
                                                              • WTHR BOYCOTT
                                                                A lot of us are boycotting....not just African-Americans!!!!!!
                                                                • W H Y
                                                                  Chris IS an asset to Indiana!! I'm sure Angela Buchman is good at her job also but come on WTHR!!!!! This is not fair to Chris or Indianapolis....guess I'll start watching Kevin Gregory!! By the way, tell Highland graduate in Anderson, when she advertises HIGHLAND she needs to show she is walking thru Anderson Highland which is NOT the same school she attended. WTHR....I got upset when you play the SAME news Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday noon , Saturday evening and Sunday morning....too expensive to edit more than one take on the news to mix it up????? Goodbye WTHR
                                                                • Switching to WISH
                                                                  Stupid. The Today Show is going down hill and with this stupid move WTHR News will not be far behind. Bye Bye WTHR.
                                                                • I agree
                                                                  Good point but Chris hasd a great face too! I won't watch a second whoic due to their bad decision.
                                                                • Bad Move WTHR
                                                                  I loved Chris and doubt he made the decision on whether to interrupt whows for weather - no doubt a decision someone "higher up" made. I will miss Chris and just as I have boycotted the Tonight Show since they started the mess between Jay Leno and Conan, I will boycott WTHR weather for this mean way of ding business and taking such a wondergul weatherman from us all. Ithink the only deal they offered him was a raw deal. He didn't deserve a cut or demotion. GOoD LUCk AND GOD BLESS, CHRIS. We'll miss you.
                                                                • by
                                                                  i did not care or wright he was well dressed tho!! but gave to many brake inn on shows an made the weather like it was the big gam in town, so by an good luck
                                                                • Chris Wright
                                                                  I will miss Chris. He was a great weather man. A very classy man. Good luck to you and your family. God bless,keep smiling.
                                                                  • Don't need weather reporters anymore
                                                                    Just get the weather off your computer, as well as the news. I expect cable companies will go out of business. We will just be depending on weather reports from weather.com. We can start using robots in congress too. We need to save money!
                                                                  • Come Home
                                                                    Has Christ Wright considered coming back to Cincinnati, OH where he was on I believe WLWT 5?
                                                                  • Indy Girl
                                                                    What a bad decision on the part of WTHR management to replace Chris Wright. Doesn't WTHR know about the success of Allstate advertisements ... with a dignified, authoritative black male as the spokesperson? My business is weather dependent. I need competency, not a pretty face. WTHR lost another viewer.
                                                                    • positive attitude?
                                                                      I hope that with this change WTHR will also change their gloom of doom attitude. The weather staff seems to thrive on sensationalizing every detail. Predicting snow and other bad weather just to keep you watching. When they cut to the chase it normally doesn't amount to squat and the forecast is mostly wrong.
                                                                    • Jet Stream
                                                                      I miss having a beer with Cliff Nicholson on Saturdays in Cicero. He was a great guy, always friendly. Angela could tell me hell will freeze over, and I'll believe her. She is a class act, Mother, Wife, and not arrogant.
                                                                    • Down with WTHR
                                                                      They lost me as a viewer. You don't treat good employees this way. Good luck Chris. WTHR can just shut down.
                                                                    • DANG, yaw!!
                                                                      If the 73 comments on this string so far represent any kind of accurate focus group, I'd have to say WTHR blew it. Does the new Station Director read IBJ?
                                                                    • Chris Wright
                                                                      I will no longer watch this channels news and I hope other African-Americans do the same. It is said that in 2013 we still have to fight for fair treatment.
                                                                      • Chris Wright
                                                                        I'm glad to see Chris go. I like Angela Buchman and will be happy to see her at WTHR. I also liked and miss Chikage Windler. I miss her, but feel she's better off in Texas because it's nicer than Indiana. I also like Nicole M. They will have the perfect team when Chris Wright leaves!
                                                                      • Overlooking the best weather guy
                                                                        Kevin Gregory has been the best weather person in this market for years. He is especially informative during severe weather and conveys the critical information the best. Q numbers or not, Chris and Angela are fighting to be number 2 or 3 behind Kevin. They might be good talking heads but not much else.
                                                                      • Nicole Misincik should be chief
                                                                        No comments on Chris Wright's departure. Nothing about him either appealed or bothered me, but I really like the way Nicole M. delivers the weather. SO glad that Chikage left... she was the drama queen and too hooked on her own looks. I could never sit through one of her forcasts. Give Nicole more power. Don't like it that you are bringing in someone else.
                                                                        • Sexual Discrimination
                                                                          WTHR is engaging in a form of sexual discrimination by replacing an award winning Black male with an attractive White female at a higher salary. Chris should pursue all legal channels to recover damages. WTHR, you're off my remote favorites!
                                                                        • Goodbye Mr Wright
                                                                          Chris Wright is by far my favorite true weather person - after that probably Randy Ollis. Angela is such a drama queen - I'll watch her just for the entertainment value. She can turn a 25 mph wind into a category 5 hurricane. They start closing schools now at just the threat of snow - even though the predictions often turn out to be not so accurate. If you want the weather - you just go to the internet where you don't have to wait on all of the TV stunts (coming up next.... after these 30 commercials about our TV station and our network.... no really.... more weather to come...)
                                                                        • Miss you
                                                                          I among others will miss Chris Wright on WTHR. His prpfessionalism and accuracy will sorely be missed! I hope he stays in the local market! I'm sorry to hear this news..,
                                                                        • Unhappy
                                                                          If Chris Wright has to go, then why not put Nicole Misencik in that spot? She always comes across as personable and professional. She does a great job presenting the weather.
                                                                        • Movin around
                                                                          Chris Wright also left WISH for WTHR. He's worked for 3 out of the 4 tv news operations in Indy now.
                                                                        • Assumptions
                                                                          Rather than WTHR simply poaching Angela for sake of the bottom line, is it possible that WISH made mistakes in their retention plan for Angela and this opportunity (good and bad) "fell into WTHR's lap"?
                                                                        • Chris Wright
                                                                          I am not that emotionally invested in tv weather since I typically rely on the internet for the weather. I only watch tv weather when there is a present danger such as snow storm, tornado, etc and when my wife watches which is everyday LOL. However, I have been asking my wife for sometime now if she has noticed the influx of blondes on WTHR news. Lets face it, in this market faces like Ms. Buchman's sell. All one has to do is look at the rest of the weather and traffic reporting staff.
                                                                        • I'll be watching...
                                                                          forecasting the weather isn't rocket science. its the only job in America where you can be wrong 90% of the time and still keep your job. Ill be watching, she's very easy on the eyes.
                                                                          • Happens to the best of them
                                                                            Bob McClain was the most popular tv weathercaster for years, until wrtv decided he was too un-hip and fired him. He then took a job with the post office as a mail carrier and may still be delivering daily. Maybe Chris Wright could do the same.
                                                                          • Choices
                                                                            I met Angela and found her to be a very nice, genuine person. Her over-caffeinated delivery on-air is hard to take though. Chris Wright may be a nice guy too, but his presentation never worked for me. Randy Ollis, Brian Wilkes and Kevin Gregory all do a better job.
                                                                          • wascally wabbit ...
                                                                            I can't stand to listen to Angela's delivery, especially her Elmer Fudd like delivery of her R's. Can you say "wascally wabbit"?
                                                                          • What a shame
                                                                            Unfair business practices...is it a skilled based decision, or a beauty pagent? Shame on Channel 13..
                                                                            • Mistake
                                                                              Chris Wright is one of the reasons I watch channel 13. I've never liked Angela Buchman and will probably stop watching channel 13 once Chris is gone. What a horrible way to force out a veteran like Chris Wright by hiring in Angela Buchman right over top of him. I will probably switch to channel 6 or maybe even Fox 59. Bad move WTHR, you should try to find a way to keep Chris now before your ratings go way down. Once Chris is gone, I'll be gone too.
                                                                            • I seldom watch the News other than CNN
                                                                              Weather? I can get the up to the minute data on my computer----just do not have the patience to sit and watch the News on TV.
                                                                            • Angela is HORRIBLE
                                                                              I was very excited to meet Angela at the State Fair several years ago. She turned out to be rude, snobbish and quite irritated with having to meet & greet fans. SHAME on WTHR for such nasty tactics. We will miss Chris Wright tremendously!
                                                                              • Looks make a difference
                                                                                Listen, I get more accurate forecasts on my phone with radar. These weather people should be paid on commission, and they would starve they are wrong so much ! One tip for Chris, he is a nice guy, but he wears the same tie 3 days a week.....he was making the bucks, he needed to look the part....you keep going to Mens Warehouse for clothes, you will lose your job I Guarantee it !
                                                                              • Angela
                                                                                Angela is a total smoke show, can't wait until she returns. Still, Chris W. getting the shaft. Pretty awkward situation. Kevin Gregory is by far the best. I always feel that Kevin doesn't overreact to weather situations the way Chris does. And Kevin is a great guy.
                                                                              • Ohh well
                                                                                The 11:00 local news success is largely determined by the shows that are on at 10:00. The national network has a lot to do with how well the late news will do. I'm sure Ms. Buchman is not enjoying the controversy that has been created, but if the salary numbers are correct I'm sure she's figuring a way to get over it. I doubt the 50 and under crowd really care all that much. I might watch the local news 1 time a week. The news and weather is available in many other ways. I'm more likely to be on channel 4 at 11:00.
                                                                              • Brian W is the best
                                                                                Yes, I found Brian at 10 when I had no more tolerance for Angela.
                                                                              • Saw it coming
                                                                                I was afraid this would happen. I'll watch Chris Wright over Angela Buchman any day. Honestly I only watch the weather when there is something threatening like severe weather or a snowstorm. Daily weather I get from the internet. I'll be tuning into another station once Mr. Wright leaves, not sure which one now as he was my favorite weather person.
                                                                              • You Got It Right, Joyce
                                                                                Chris seems like a nice man, but his hosting of the Brain Game is pathetic. I swear that sometimes the kids look like they just feel sorry for him.
                                                                                • Chris Wright
                                                                                  I stopped watching NBC and moved to Fox where they actually report the news a few weeks ago. Every morning WTHR has to have a stupid breaking news when its just another lightning hit. What should I change about my day to make sure I hear that? Whatever. Chris Wright will be missed, but I doubt he'll miss them.
                                                                                • Injustice
                                                                                  We will not watch WTHR once Chris Wright is gone. Total disgrace to offer Chris a reduced salary so you can hire That woman. The general public will not tolerate this injustice! Your ratings will go way down
                                                                                • Break it down and track it
                                                                                  Actually the tv people DO do their own forecasts and they don't always agree with the weather bureau or whatever else you find online. They do break it down in more depth. A few years ago a tv consultant said the word "track" tested well so they use it even when it makes no sense, as in we're tracking sunshine near the Illinois border".
                                                                                • Whatever
                                                                                  She just reads the weather forecast as do all of the other talking weatherheads. There is no forecasting done by these people anymore. You can get all the information you need online. It's a sad commentary on Indianapolis if there are people that really want to sit and watch Angela talk, and that actually supposedly means something to them. Besides the "tracking" thing is ridiculous and obnoxious.
                                                                                • Who Cares?
                                                                                  I can't fathom why anyone wastes their time with local news anymore. My time is too valuable for a flat weather man, inane chit chat and bogus "breaking news." EVERYTHING one would need can be found very quickly on the web....and I don't mean the local news websites, either.
                                                                                • brian w is the best.
                                                                                  That's true. Brian w is the best.
                                                                                  • unhappy endings
                                                                                    TV stations aren't paying $400,000 for a weather forecast. The National Weather Service already provides that. They pay the big money for people who attract viewers. Angela Buchman apparently does that more than Chris Wright does. Very few people in tv or radio leave their jobs in a positive way now days.
                                                                                  • Follow
                                                                                    I used to watch WISH. Then CBS screwed up the U.S. Open coverage on the men's final two years ago and I vowed never to watch CBS again and moved to watching WTTR. I preferred AB over CW for weather. Glad to see her back. I like CW too; I hope he does well elsewhere and I'm sure he will. And yes, sometimes I have to watch CBS to find what I want but they shouldn't say this station and move to that station and then switch back when someone's trying to record an event. I missed the men's finals. I think it was Djokovic and Nadal; an epic match. CBS or WISH did this the previous year too and it p'o'd me then too. Weather is, well, hit or miss (hmmm?) in the grand scope of things. It really only matters when it matters when Tornados are lurking. But, then, farmers probably disagree with me.
                                                                                  • Chris Wight
                                                                                    Remember we have the voting power with a click of the remote....and change the station or turn it off. Maybe, we should all stop watching so much TV and do more reading, volunteering and working in our communities.
                                                                                    • Who is Angela
                                                                                      When Angela left WISH, they hired Pamela Gardner. Pamela is just as pretty as Angela, so far as I can tell, just at good at doing the weather, and she can say her R'r. I am not sure why WISH felt that they had to hire a guy to be the 11:00 whether person. On a related topic, Debbie Knox is the best News Anchor in this market. Most on air talent it seems is hired for their on air presence, Debbie has that, and she has the experience to do her job right.
                                                                                    • Mother Earth
                                                                                      Is it me or are all of the prime-time weather people now mostly women? And why does the Weather Channel always seem to have pregnant women? Is it the weather or something?
                                                                                    • Well said, Joe!
                                                                                      Your comments were spot on, Joe. Even funnier when you consider WTHR13 just hired a new News Director, Keith Connors previously from Houston, in March, 2012. Which means he has less than 90 days in the Indy market to decide who needs to go so the station can pay for Angela. So, not having any loyalties or station knowledge yet, he cuts Chris Wright via low-ball $$ offer. Talk about incoming clue-less.
                                                                                    • Better Bottom ... uh ... line
                                                                                      He also hosts WTHR’s “The Brain Game” high school quiz show. "It’s unclear whether WTHR will see a ratings backlash from Wright’s fans. That prospect is probably minimized, Gevers reckoned, because it appears WTHR did try to retain Wright—albeit at less lucrative terms." You don't retain people by hiring someone over them and reducing their salary. That's a fool's offer and Wright is much smarter than that. It's all about the money and they could of had both and give Chris a raise and still maintain or increase ratings. So, really, we all know it's about the bottom line, the profit and ... to be sexist ... we all know who has the better bottom ... line.
                                                                                    • Amen.
                                                                                      Your comment speaks, I'm sure, for many of us. The 'cutie patootie on duty' may woo advertisers but I'll take Chris' delivery any day over Angela's. Cute is good in beauty pageants. If I want to look at a beautiful woman, I'll look at my wife. If I want weather info, I'll look to Chris.
                                                                                      • Brian Wilkes
                                                                                        Brian Wilkes Fox 59 is the most knowledgable, professional and likeable weather person in our market. Angela never came across as truly understanding the profession she chose. Brian Wilkes-THE BEST in our market!
                                                                                        • The Wrong Forecast for WTHR
                                                                                          When WTHR announced about a year ago that it hired Buchman, I wondered what would happen at the end of her non-compete. Now we know. Chris Wright is one of the most respected weather forecasters in Indianpolis. In my opinion, he is the best. By choosing Buchman over Wright as the lead weather forecaster, WTHR has chose form over substance. I won't watch Buchman.
                                                                                          • Same for me
                                                                                            I will leave with Chris.
                                                                                          • Other sources for weather
                                                                                            To me her voice is like fingernails on a chalk board. No more channel 13 once she is there. TV stations have to stop acting like we are clueless about weather until the news comes on.
                                                                                          • Great Loss For Channel 13
                                                                                            When Chris Wright is gone from Channel 13, so am I.
                                                                                            • Dirty Little Secret
                                                                                              I worked in the TV biz for many years and for the most part station news directors and GM's are clueless. They know nothing about the market they serve except what a focus group or consultant tells them. They're like a bunch of infants enamoured by bright, shiny objects. It didn't matter what Chris accomplished while at WTHR. Management saw Buchman with a higher Q score and bubbly personality and threw the bank at her in an attempt to draw an extra rating point. And at the same time, stick it to the competition and show them who's boss. No loyalty, no brains and most of all, no leadership.
                                                                                              • tv weather & news
                                                                                                Chris Wright hasn't looked too happy for months. He's a little too flashy for me. Angela Buchman looks nice and seems to be a nice person, but Kevin Gregory and wrtv have the best looking weather delivery and graphics. RTV doesn't have a deep bench though like WISH has. WTHR's news operation seemed to peak about 10 years ago and has been slowly sliding since, although they do have a few good veteran reporters who know the city well, unlike some of the other stations.
                                                                                              • remembering
                                                                                                I seem to remember when Chris went to channel 8 and booted Cliff Nicholson out of a job then went to 13 and booted Chuck Lofton out of the evening news slot. However I would take Chris ten times over Angela.
                                                                                              • Community
                                                                                                Chris is not only a wonderful news personality, but also has a great family, member of a community and very involved in his kids' school. I truly hope he does not leave the Indianapolis market, as many of us that have had the privilege to interact with him, his beautiful wife and family will miss them dearly. MKNA, SJA and Central Indiana are fortunate to have him here.
                                                                                              • Looks make the man!
                                                                                                I agree with BLAH BLAH BLAH no one really cares about the news and weather on TV, i see it online all day. They watch her because she's attractive. When she starts to show some signs of age they'll kick her to the curb too. Chris was getting a little belly and see what happened to him.
                                                                                              • It is just business
                                                                                                As I look at the IBJ.com homepage statistics I see that an article about Angela Buchman is the 2nd most read article - that article is a year old - and still the second most read article on this website. That is what the stations are looking for someone who has a following and they don’t care if it’s good or bad. Angela is a nice person, a good meteorologist, and has a great fan base. Any station would do very well to have her and I am sorry the Chris is leaving but he can set up in a market that is void of weather talent, not here.
                                                                                              • Buchman
                                                                                                I've always been a BuchMAN anyway.
                                                                                              • Known
                                                                                                The writing has been on the wall for Wright, and he's known his decision long before they tried to keep him. His house has been on the market for close to 8-12 months in the North Meridian street area. So either he's looking to get out of this market all-together, or just moving houses.
                                                                                              • Chris Wrong
                                                                                                He probably gave himself an 80% chance of staying at WTHR. Oops..... Wrong again.
                                                                                                • Blah, Blah, Blah
                                                                                                  Chris Wright is great but so are Angela and Kevin Gregory and others. Chris has known what was going on since the announcement last September. He will land just fine. As far as switching channels and if you really believe one is better than the other, you are nuts. Watching the news is a random act for most and most of what is on there is old. You should be watching it for the human interest stories and investigative reports. Get the news and weather when you want it on-line. All the networks are tweaking their offering to squeeze out whatever viewership is left. Don't blame WTHR for trying to better themselves based on the data. Guys control the remote and the guys still watching the weather want to see Angela.
                                                                                                • Wright is best meteorologist
                                                                                                  I purposefully did not watch Channel 8 news because of Buchman's Shirley Temple inspired delivery of the weather. Credibility trumps cuteness and WTHR should be ashamed.
                                                                                                • No surprised
                                                                                                  We all know why this has happened. The male viewers drool all over Angela. It has nothing to do with her knowledge or talent in reporting the weather. I find her attitude irritating with "look how cute I am". How long can she keep crowding out everyone like this?
                                                                                                • Angela
                                                                                                  One thing Angela can do at least as well as any of the other meteorologists in town is speak professionally. I've never heard her fumble a sentence. Maybe she will take over the Brain Game, too. It would be a pleasant change to have a moderator who doesn't trip over half the questions. Chris Wright is a nice fellow. I'm sure he will find work soon.
                                                                                                  • And then those of us under 40 said...
                                                                                                    ...people still watch the evening news? Who cares?
                                                                                                  • Wrong to get rid of Wright
                                                                                                    TV news is an evil and cold-hearted game. WTHR is betting that Angela's bright blue eyes, perky personality and cute figure will soon make viewers forget Chris Wright was there for years. Sorry to see Chris leave but totally understand his reasons to do so. Hope Chris finds a position with a station that will appreciate and reward his award-winning experience. Meanwhile, Angela better be looking very good when she comes back this Fall. Me, I personally prefer Chuck Lofton.
                                                                                                  • Bad move
                                                                                                    WTHR should have seen this storm front developing from the start. Obviously, they didn't care. Time to tune in elsewhere.
                                                                                                  • Poor Decision
                                                                                                    Channel 13 has made a terrible decision. My wife and I watch channel 13 for two good reasons--Angela Moorhead and Chris Wright. We are highly irritated and will likely start watching another channel. Do these stations always have to favor a pretty face over competence?
                                                                                                  • WISH Here I come
                                                                                                    Have never understood the fuss over Angela Buchman, whom I found mediocre at best. I've always enjoyed Chris Wright's easygoing presence, and he's one of the main reasons I watch WTHR. WTHR may not experience a ratings backlash, but I won't be watching their news any more.
                                                                                                  • Great News
                                                                                                    I for one cannot wait until September when a refreshing personality hits the air on WTHR. Angela Buchman is a huge upgrade from the same tired old weather on channel 13.
                                                                                                  • Bad Call
                                                                                                    “The fact that they offered him a job should ease that angst,” he said. WELL HE'S WRONG! There is no reason to remove a very good weather anchor just because you wanted to hire someone whom you felt would be a "bigger draw". Personally, I don't know what all the fuss about about Buchman is ... she is mediocre at best. Chris will most definitely be missed ... and I will be moving to FOX news!
                                                                                                  • Very disappointed
                                                                                                    Chris Wright is the reason I watch Channel 13 evening news. I am disappointed in the management team. If Angel B cost that much get rid of one of the younger members on the team. Not your season professionals. I will go where Chris goes in the evening.
                                                                                                  • Wright weather man
                                                                                                    Chris was "wrong" more than "wright" on weather forecast. Chuck's the best and Angela Buchman will certainly brighten up the studio.
                                                                                                    • Chris will sorely be missed.
                                                                                                      I also lived in 2 major TV markets, Chgo and Philly and I can tell you no one can match Chris Wright as far as clarity, responsiveness, intelligence and even when he laughs shows he is having fun when he works. This is what people want and need to see. I am not so sure this is not a race thing with the Indy area viewers. I look forward to seeing his telecasts every night.
                                                                                                    • Arlene Krebs
                                                                                                      I agree.
                                                                                                    • Chris/Angela
                                                                                                      Why did Ch 13 feel the need to poach Angela Buchman in the first place? If the numbers were down, how did they show it was Chris Wright's fault?
                                                                                                      • Outta Here
                                                                                                        Chris Wright's northeast side home is on the market. Appears he will be looking to move to a station outside the DMA.
                                                                                                      • Disappointed
                                                                                                        I have watched WTHR ever since I moved to Indy in 1999. I really like Chris Wright and will be disappointed to see him leave, it will be a huge loss for our commmunity. I don't mean any disrespect, but I find Buchman's style and voice annoying so I guess I will be changing the channel.
                                                                                                      • So long, WTHR
                                                                                                        If Wright is indeed leaving, I'll stop watching Channel 13. No offense to Buchman, but that's crappy of 13 to cut Wright's pay and diminish his role after his many years of service...just to lure the flavor of the month.
                                                                                                        • chris wright
                                                                                                          how wrong of you to let the best go in favor of a has been from ch 8. chris and chuck are the best there is and you need to realize it. wont be watching l3 weather if she is on.

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