Mass Ave project has character

November 15, 2012

Schmidt Associates [Nov. 12 Viewpoint] is pushing Indianapolis’ building façades into 21st century leadership.

This summer, I was walking along College Avenue in So Bro with my dad, and he said, “Look at these buildings. We could be anywhere.” He was right. Many of Indianapolis’ structures have no unique character, and place us in the category of India-no-place—a city visitors and past residents quickly forget. Even our newest marquee structure, the JW Marriott, has been deemed bland.

The interior of the Speak Easy, the exterior of the Mozzo in Fountain Square and the Mass Ave fire station concept all include design elements that are eye-catching and memorable.

Indianapolis, let’s cast our fear of being outstanding aside and step up to show our creativity.

Jamar Cobb-Dennard

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