SPECIAL REPORT: Brizzi ordered lenient deal for business partner's client

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Brizzi Brizzi denies special treatment.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi last year intervened in a major drug case to offer a reduced sentence over objections from both law enforcement officers and his own deputy prosecutors.

He insisted on a plea deal for accused drug dealer Joseph Mobareki that would be acceptable to defense attorney Paul J. Page, Brizzi’s friend and business partner, law enforcement sources said. Brizzi also directed his staff—in a highly unusual move—to return $10,000 in cash seized from Mobareki. The money was routed through Page.

Brizzi factboxA year earlier, Page had arranged for Brizzi to own 50 percent of an Elkhart office building worth $900,000 without investing any cash or co-signing a loan. Brizzi also had collected at least $5,000 in campaign contributions from Page associates at the law firm Baker Pittman & Page and Page Development, which built the Villagio at Page Pointe condos.

Brizzi had taken a mostly hands-off approach to individual cases after he became Marion County prosecutor in 2003. But in recent years, he was more active in select matters brought by certain attorneys, including Page, raising concerns among deputy prosecutors and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department detectives.

In fact, those in the law enforcement community who resisted offering Page a lenient plea deal in the Mobareki case figured Brizzi might eventually overrule them, Prosecutor’s Office sources said on condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to talk with the newspaper.

Internal Prosecutor’s Office e-mails, court files and civil forfeiture documents obtained by IBJ support the claims.

“We knew there was a quid,” said a Prosecutor’s Office source familiar with the Mobareki case. “We just weren’t sure about the pro quo.”

Brizzi, 41, did not respond to repeated requests for comment, but he said in a March letter that “proper checks and balances have been built within the prosecutor’s office to prevent favoritism influenced by either campaign contributions, friendships or outside business dealings.”

In a statement, a Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman said most of the 40,000 cases it files each year result in plea deals. She said Brizzi was on spring break the week of March 29.

“It has never been and never will be the practice of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office to give preferential treatment to defense attorneys for any reason,” wrote Susan Decker, who took over for spokesman Mario Massillamany after his March 27 DUI arrest and subsequent resignation. “If anything, the defense attorneys that Prosecutor Brizzi has a personal connection with face greater scrutiny than most others.”

Page said in March his decision to co-invest with Brizzi had nothing to do with Brizzi’s elected position. He said Brizzi earned his stake in the Elkhart building—an interest he has valued at $50,000 to $100,000—because he found the deal and asked Page to participate.

Brizzi factboxIn an e-mail statement, Page said “evidentiary issues” in the Mobareki case justified the plea deal. He declined to elaborate, citing attorney-client privilege.

“I can assure you that my co-investment with Carl Brizzi never earned me any preferential treatment from his office,” Page wrote.

A plea for justice

Since 2008, the year Brizzi and Page partnered to buy the building, Page has represented clients in 201 criminal cases in Marion County, records show. IBJ reviewed dozens of Page cases. One in particular stands out.

Mobareki, a bodybuilder and personal trainer, was caught with anabolic steroids valued at more than $100,000, five unlicensed firearms and more than $17,000 in cash, records show. He was charged with seven felony counts of possession and dealing controlled substances and marijuana, for which he could expect six to 10 years in prison based on state sentencing guidelines.

The Prosecutor’s Office narcotics unit—in exchange for a plea deal—had hoped to extract Mobareki’s cooperation in tracking down his customers and suppliers by translating a cryptic roster of partial names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

But as deputy prosecutors worked the case, Page informed them he had reached a deal with Brizzi for a single count of possession of a controlled substance, a Class D felony and the lowest of the seven charges.

Deputy Prosecutor Larry Brodeur, the narcotics chief, practically begged Brizzi in an e-mail to reconsider his decision to allow for the possibility of an eventual reduction of Mobareki’s remaining felony charge to a misdemeanor.

Brodeur took exception in particular to the way he learned of the plea deal, through Page directly after a conversation between Brizzi and Page.

For the complete e-mail exchange, click here.

“I do not take directions on my cases from defense lawyers,” Brodeur wrote to Brizzi on May 20, 2009.

Brodeur made his case for taking a tougher position on Mobareki: He’d been caught with hundreds of steroid pills and bottles of liquid steroids, 700 Xanax pills, almost four pounds of marijuana, and log books listing his customers, including a local high school coach.

“Paul Page has contended, throughout the pendency of this case, the [sic] Mobareki is nothing more than a body builder who foolishly uses steroids,” Brodeur wrote. “That is completely incorrect.”

‘Ill-gotten gains’

The investigation began in February 2008 when IMPD narcotics detectives, acting on a tip from a UPS employee, intercepted a package of steroids bound for Mobareki. They trailed Mobareki after he left the Center Grove Health Club on State Road 135 in Greenwood and later obtained search warrants for his home, car and a storage unit.

Police reports show they found steroids hidden inside an exercise ball, cereal box and jar of protein powder at his home, and seized five unlicensed guns including an SKS assault rifle. Detectives also confiscated $17,550 in cash—most of it hidden inside a bag of chicken in Mobareki’s freezer.

“It is drug money and neither Mobareki nor Paul Page should profit from it,” Brodeur wrote. “I have been working hard to convince police agencies that the [Marion County Prosecutor’s Office] has both the ability and the motivation to strip drug dealers of their ill-gotten gains. Returning the money to Mobareki would certainly undercut that effort.”

Mobareki, 35, spent two days in jail and paid $365 in fines, records show. He got $10,000 of the seized cash back, with the rest going to cover law enforcement expenses in a nod to those who had fought the release of the money. He has the right after a year on probation to request a misdemeanor sentence modification.

The handling of the Mobareki case veered from normal Prosecutor’s Office procedure in at least three ways, said Henry C. Karlson, an Indiana University emeritus professor of law.

Typically, plea deals in drug cases keep the most serious felony charge, not the least. Defense attorneys usually deal with trial attorneys and not the elected prosecutor. And most major drug cases lead to substantial forfeiture actions—including cars, homes and cash.

“That appears to be a very good plea bargain—the kind of plea bargain lawyers dream about,” Karlson said. “It appears to be a very unusual case with a very unusual plea bargain carried out in a very unusual manner.”

‘A disturbing pattern’

Cases where the prosecutor’s business deals and campaign contributions could have influenced the outcome should be reviewed by an outside investigator, said former Marion Superior Court Judge Gary L. Miller.

The mere appearance of impropriety could damage the credibility of the Prosecutor’s Office, he said.

“It seems like, if you have one incident, someone could stand up and explain it away,” said Miller, now a partner in Miller Meyer LLP who teaches legal ethics at the IU School of Law at Indianapolis. “If you have two or three or more, it becomes more difficult to say this was just an error in judgment. It appears to be a pattern, and it’s a disturbing pattern.”

Another case that concerns Miller is one he presided over in 1991—that of Paula Epperly Willoughby, who got a 110-year sentence for hiring someone to kill her husband.

In 2006 and 2007, Brizzi collected $28,500 in campaign contributions from Epperly Willoughby’s father, millionaire businessman Harrison Epperly, and a company he runs called EMSP LLC. Brizzi accepted the cash at the same time attorney Jennifer Lukemeyer of locally based Voyles Zahn Paul Hogan & Merriman was seeking Epperly Willoughby’s early release from prison.

Brizzi’s office supported the sentence modification, and Paula Epperly Willoughby was freed in July 2009. The prosecutor later returned the contributions and said they were not a factor in his decision.

Lukemeyer and partner James H. Voyles Jr. also have been regular Brizzi donors, giving more than $6,000 since 2004, records show.

Case by case

IBJ found two other criminal cases where the Prosecutor’s Office supported modifications of felony charges for well-connected attorneys, including Page. But there was nothing in court files that suggests the changes were out of line from standard operating procedure.

One of the cases involves Rob Odendahl, the sales and property manager for Page Development. He was charged with rape, battery and criminal confinement for an incident involving an ex-girlfriend in June 2005. In November 2006, Odendahl pleaded guilty to criminal confinement, a Class D felony, and got 365 days of home detention and two years of probation.

The following year, Odendahl hired a new attorney, Paul Page, to pursue a sentence modification. In May 2008, the Prosecutor’s Office and a judge agreed to end Odendahl’s probation term early and change his conviction to a misdemeanor, citing good behavior, a stable job and custody of his son.

The deputy prosecuting attorney on the case, Courtney Curtis, said she didn’t find the victim’s story credible and figured a jury would have doubts as well, so she offered the initial plea deal. She did not object to the modification—and says she did not feel any pressure from her bosses.

“It was just a really crappy case,” said Curtis, who now handles intellectual property cases for Overhauser & Lindman.

In another case, Prosecutor’s Office Chief Deputy David Wyser supported modification of a 1999 felony murder conviction the Indiana Supreme Court had upheld on appeal in 2001.

Defendant Guilford Forney, then 19, had been involved in a drug deal in which his cousin wound up dead of a gunshot wound. Forney, who had not fired the gun, was sentenced initially to 55 years before winning a reduction to 45 years supported by former Prosecutor Scott Newman.

Defense attorney Bruce D. Donaldson, of locally based Barnes & Thornburg LLP, last year persuaded Wyser to support a modification of the murder conviction justified by good behavior and an impressive educational track record while in prison. Forney was released on April 4, 2009, and is slated to serve two years on work release, followed by one year on probation.

Miller, who handled the case, said he doesn’t remember enough details to know whether an early release was appropriate.

Records show Barnes & Thornburg has given Brizzi at least $12,000 since 2004, and the firm’s partners have given thousands more individually. The firm also has served as registered agent for at least two LLCs on real estate deals in which Brizzi is a partner.

Wyser said in an e-mail that an IMPD deputy chief suggested he review the Forney case, but he could not recall the details.

“I don’t show preferential treatment to any defense attorneys,” Wyser wrote. “Every case is determined on its own merits.”

Damage done?

Allegations about Brizzi’s influence peddling may already have damaged the reputation of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Brizzi tableDuring jury selection for a robbery case in February, defense attorney Patrick Stern brought up the Epperly case, telling potential jurors that those who donate to Brizzi can get a break on sentencing. He compared the donor-prosecutor relationships to that of a witness who had agreed to testify against his client in exchange for a lighter sentence.

On Stern’s next case, the Prosecutor’s Office asked Judge Bob Altice to ban Stern from discussing Brizzi’s political contributions. Altice sided with Stern.

“Their whole conduct is disrespectful to everyone who works in the court profession,” said Stern, who said no one will listen when he wants felonies dropped to misdemeanors. “A lot of people think you can hire the go-to guys and get a good result. If you came to me and said your son was in jail and had a 70-year sentence and you wanted me to get a modification, I’d charge at most $500 and after the prosecutor told me to go screw myself, I’d say there’s nothing I can do.”

Repairing the reputation of the Prosecutor’s Office first would require “absolute and complete disclosure” of outside business dealings involving the prosecutor and staff, said Miller, the former judge and prosecuting attorney.

The second step would be strict avoidance of any appearance of impropriety—recognizing that even one violation of the public trust taints both the office and the elected official.

“Prosecutors have a legitimate amount of discretion they can exercise and, if they use it improperly, it just taints everything else they do,” Miller said. “Unfortunately, you can’t read someone’s mind to tell if they were doing things for the right reasons. That’s the whole problem with one bad act.”

The FBI has been asking questions about Brizzi’s real estate and other business dealings while in office and how they might have influenced his official actions.

Areas of interest include Brizzi’s investment ventures with businessman Tim Durham, the target of a separate securities fraud investigation and a $108,000 donor to the prosecutor’s 2006 re-election campaign. Brizzi’s real estate investments, including stakes in the site of a Broad Ripple bank branch and the restaurant Harry & Izzy’s—a portfolio he has built without much in the way of cash or obvious assets—also have raised questions.

Many of the real estate deals were in partnership with John M. Bales, a principal in locally based Venture Real Estate who gave more than $10,000 for Brizzi’s 2006 campaign and represented the Prosecutor’s Office in its lease deal at 251 E. Ohio St.

Not stepping down

Brizzi has resisted calls from former supporters to resign, and he has a personal interest in sticking around: Brizzi will be eligible for a public pension if he finishes his second term, which ends in December. With eight years of service, he will be entitled to earn 24 percent of his highest annual salary of $125,000, or about $30,000 per year once he reaches retirement age, by IBJ’s calculation.

Top local Republicans discouraged Brizzi from seeking re-election to a third term—a decision Brizzi announced in January—and later stepped in to push aside his chief of staff, Helen Marchal, after she announced plans to run. Marchal cited family reasons when she said she would not seek the office.

Instead, the party recruited Mark Massa, the former general counsel to Gov. Mitch Daniels. Wyser, Brizzi’s chief deputy, is running for Hamilton County prosecutor.

A high-ranking Republican official said some have argued Brizzi should resign before his term ends so the governor can appoint Massa. But others felt Massa would be too busy addressing ethical concerns to run a campaign.

“At some point, you tend to assume when you see icebergs you don’t see all of them,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It’s the part you don’t see that gets you.”

Top deputies in the Prosecutor’s Office are sharpening resumes, expecting a Democrat could take the office for the first time in 16 years. Candidates include former deputy prosecutor Terry Curry and Marion County Assessor Greg Bowes.

Expect all the candidates—including Massa—to present themselves as a more ethical alternative to Brizzi.

“If necessary,” the Republican official noted, “Mark will be the first to call Brizzi’s record into question.”•


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  • Defense of Brizzi by VISITOR
    For some reason you object strongly in several of your posted comments to criticism of Brizzi for acts he has been involved in while serving as Marion County Prosecutor. In fact, though, it is Brizzi's own actions that have caused the suspicion of his acts to be improper. It is imperitive that prosecutors act above the law and also the appearance of wrong doing. So, Brizzi himself is the cause of the concern of many of us. In view of what appears, at a minimum, to be conflicts of interest, but with considerable suggestion of a quid pro quo; It makes one wonder why you so strongly support someone whose own acts have caused people to feel the way they do. And, while you also criticize some who post here, it seems like your defense of Brizzi is deserving of some criticism too, at least in my opinion.
  • raymond.woo@energizer.com
    raymond.woo@energizer.com;raymond.woo@energizer.com,default.html,index.html,so good, I love
  • Do your job!
    I wish someone would straighten out the prosecutors office and IMPD in general. My cousiin was killed over a year ago, shot twice in the head while standing in his own hoouse and a large quantity of guns were stolen along with a heavy gun safe, indicating that at least 2-3 individuals were involved. So far, nothing. If the local law enforcement establishment can't do their job because they are too busy taking care of their own interests, maybe it's time for the US Justice Department to come in and take over. I cannot understand why the ATF or FBI hasn't been brought in on my cousin's case any way since the only supposed suspect has supposedly left Indiana. Gun Running? Interstate flight to avoid prosecution?
  • Where is the US Attorney
    Can the US Attorney read or what? I can't believe what I'm reading. This prima facia needs an immediate investigation by the US Attorney's office. What's going on over there
    since Susan left.
    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and has yellow webbed feet like a duck........is it a duck?
    And then there's Tim Durham.
  • How Many?
    How many news articles do we need to read before we get rid of him?
  • Nancy Broyles
    Indianapolis has an interesting way of getting criminals off the street. We elect some to public office, and allow them to appoint others.

    A few years ago, Marion County Master Commissioner Nancy Broyles was removed from the bench by the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission, after allowing a man to serve an additional two years in the Marion County Jail, after he had been exonerated for a rape charge by DNA evidence. In my opinion, this was not mere stupidity on her part. I think she was looking for a payoff.

    Why was she not prosecuted? Look who we have in the Prosecutor's office. Indianapolis is governed by crooks who look out for each other.

    The FBI needs to take them all out. Just prosecuting one of them isn't going to solve the problem, though Carl Brizzi is a good place to start.
  • OMG
    So, M Brizzi works for or with FSSA. Is this why a child was not in foster care, but a check for foster care was being sent out for over a year, until we found out? Or why DCS is allowed to commit crimes that cause an increase of unexplainable or no one prosecuted for children's deaths? How many of our political figures are so deep in corruption that is causing innocent families to suffer, children to be abused and killed, and those who commit crimes against children are never reported to the police or prosecuted. But many in IMPD and some ISP know about child abuse already, but do nothing in orde to protect Brizzi. Indiana the land of corrupt selfish criminals in tax paid offices.
  • re
    Melanie Brizzi is Administrator of the Bureau of Child Care (link below.)

    Now then, can anyone explain why on November 23rd, less than 24 hours before the November 24th FBI raid of Tim Durham, someone went up to Goshen and filed a purported mortgage for BAB Equity (Carl, mortgagee, with L &BAB (Carl's partnership)as the mortgager?

    The year before an amendment had already been filed to the mortgage. I find this timing most interesting, especially given that it was Thanksgiving week and Goshen is not an easy drive.

    I did hear the FBI has already gone up and gotten the records, so I cannot wait to see what happens soon. Hopefully Jim Cochran and Tim Durham will be charged and along with him all the other people who illegally mooched off the life savings of Ohio retirees like my Dad.

  • Scum Bag
    So Brizzi is a brilliant scum bag. So what?
    He's still a proud member of the bar. And get a load of his associates running for office. His damage is unmeasurable. Kudos to IBJ for staying on top of this clown.
    • You're Wrong
      Melanie Brizzi works for a division of FSSA. The building in question is rented by DCS a separate State agency. Get your facts straight before you post.
    • Grow Up
      Will you please grow up and live in the real world and not the disney world you insist on being part of.
      Now, one thing Brizzi is not is stupid. He could have backdoored all this speculation and assumptions and nobody would have been the wiser. Brizzi disclosed all this info it
      was not a "gotya" moment by the media. Is Brizzi an opportunist??? YES and so is every
      other person who has more than empty space
      between their ears. Did he intentionally
      compromise his office in any deal..NO. In a
      perfect world, there would be a one on one
      debate to the accusations that is so desperately trying to destroy a person. In
      the workplace you meet friends, business associates and enemies. You respect and utilize the talents of each without breaking
      any laws. That's the real world from the
      President to the Marsh grocery bagger who dreams of having a better life. They are all
      opportunist and the John Q public especially
      the media has no right to play judge and jury
      to condemn a person on speculation, appearance and assumptions. The media counts
      on the ignorance of people to push their agenda and it's worked. I have two questions
      Why is Brizzi relentlessly being attacked and
      discredited. The guy is leaving and in spite
      of all the hype he has been a great Prosecutor. Could it be he has dirt on people
      that we may be holding in esteem. Could it be
      that if we discredit Brizzi enough, then no
      one would believe a thing he says. Interesting as to their agenda. As one blogger said, the accuser usually has more to
      hide than the accused. My second question is
      to those that believe the media is really
      trying to inform the people. We just passed
      a 2700 page Health Care Bill that nobody read. Regardless of your political party, do
      you think that they could have taken 27 people to read 100 pages and highlight briefly the contents. Health Care may be the
      main issue but what's in the 2700 pages that
      is not being said. All I'm saying is WHAT APPEARS TO BE MAY NOT NECESSARILY BE. A good
      lesson to learn in life.

    • Attorney Misconduct
      The condominiums north of Broad Ripple, a Page Development, are a disaster. Shameless, he lives in a gated residence adjacent to the property.

      The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission is supposed to address attorney misconduct. Who is going to investigate the Commission itself?
    • Indiana False Claims Act??
      Carl Fan Club read this. This Ohio Judge is going to Federal Prison for 27 months. Click on the link to see the US Department of Justice V. Maureen Cronin actual case filing.


      Except they should add Conspiracy to Defraud the Citizens of Indiana as you CONSPIRED and steered a lucarative State Contract thru your friend, campaign contributor,and business partner to a practicing Defense Attorney in front of your office (Paul Page) who later cut you in as an owner on a STATE LEASE. Sounds like all the steps were lined up on the table starting with The Indiana Department of Administrations State Tenant Representative John Bales (who representated your interest before the states) locating the site selection and hand delivering a NO BID Contract to your other friend (who says he barely knows you - PAUL PAGE).


      Take a look at these develoments and talk to the investors who have lost all their money... Wow did Paul use any investor money which will never be returned for the downpayment in L&BABS which now benefits Carl? Carl you know those condos you would stay at in Florida...

      Smells like a mini Fair Financial Deal...


      • BS/Garbage
        My earlier blog was quite long and contained
        facts that was not printed. So much for fairness by the media. To answer your questions
        now, it is my opinion that no matter what the
        Prosecutor tries to say it will be overpowered
        by the slanted press. Indianapolis Star Our
        Opinion is a great example of their relentless attacks. Regarding Miller and his
        remarks, is that I find him speaking with a
        fork tongue. As a former Judge and a teacher
        on ethics I would think that along with his
        opinion, he would caution people that we judge on evidence not speculation. Broeder
        may be upset not getting his way but let's
        review what has been reported by the IBJ.
        l. Prosecutor signed off on the PLEA that
        was WORKED OUT and AGREED to by his DEPUTY
        3. Prosecutor returned $10,000 based on
        rent receipts presented. The remaining $7,000
        was given to the police dept. In closing I
        am very disappointed that IBJ did not print
        my full comments earlier. Maybe it was too
        much fact and thought provoking info. Ah the
        media....ya gotta love them.
      • re
        TJ, that may be true in Indiana but that is not true in all states.

        As for Brizzi and his issues, stay tuned. The fat lady ain't sung yet.
      • Garbage
        Larry Broeder knew the truth. Larry Broeder has been in charge of MCPO narcotics prosecution for quite a while. Larry Broeder fought like hell to prevent Brizzi from over-riding him and giving Mobarecki and Paul Page the wimp plea deal they got. Larry Broeder listed an array of evidence and argument showing Mobarecki was a drug dealer deserving of significant punishment.

        Paul Page has said the plea was simply due to "evidence problems" that he doesn't detail in the slightest, invoking lawyer/ client privilege.

        Brizzi doesn't have that same limitation. He may speak freely on exactly why this case deserved the personal and minimizing attention that he gave it, exactly what the evidence problems were, and prove us all wrong.

        Instead we get apologists like you who give no specifics about just how Brizzi-critics are "worse" than he is, just a blow-hard diatribe with no back-up.

        How was Broeder wrong? How was Judge Gary Miller wrong about his critique of the Willoughby/ Epperly sentence reduction? Why isn't Carl telling us this himself, in front of the cameras he used to love, instead of you? If it's the truth we all lack, please God, give it to us?
        • Disgrace
          The ignorance displayed by the majority of these bloggers is unbelievable. Remember, I said the majority not all. You buy whatever is in print and shown on the news..what a grand
          display of empty space between your ears. Innocent until proven guilty. If you hate the
          guy that's one thing but to try and destroy
          a person based on assumptions without all the facts is more brutal and morally wrong than anything Brizzi is being accused of.

          You are all screaming you want justice, you
          want your elected politicians to be moral, ethical and fairminded. After all, you don't want a kangaroo court do you. You praise the
          media for keeping you informed and seem satisfied to have so little of the truth and
          facts. You read with diligence the editorial
          opinions as though it was presented by GOD
          himself and would never think that their writings were slanted at the very least. When
          you lack what you are demanding from others
          and refuse to hold the media to be fair and
          balanced, the again I repeat, you are far worse that the accused. Ponder the thought, it might serve you well in life.
        • TJ
          TJ, Because you seem to know so much about this-Does this also apply to Florida real-estate as well as residences that are all over the internet with Odendahl listed as the agent. We all can feel safe in assumming that if the Page clan owns all of these properties that they are listed under seperate LLCs. Please educate me on this because truthfully I do not know the answer.
          • RE License
            Just FYI for all the uninformed. You can work for a real estate company, who has to have 1 (ONE) broker's license to operate. Sales and marketing employees can operate under this WITHOUT a license as long as they are employed by the company with the Broker's license and are selling/leasing the companies properties, but no one else's. Do research before you drop fraud charges. You devalue the purpose of these boards.
            • monty
              i believe i saw monty hall in the building a few weeks ago......
            • Rob O.
              Rob is one of the Page organization lower level thugs; first, the "bouncer" type at Spirt Lake condos n. of Broad Ripple for the Pages to use and hide behind from angry and disgruntled residents and currently at the Villagio downtown Indy - another Page Development LLC, where Odendhal is "project manager."
            • Odendahl Florida info
              Not listed in anof the Odendahl's names...give me the address or an about address and I'll dig it up.

              Also, no hints on Bales, just put on here what he is doing so we can dig up the rest. MUCHO GRACIAS

              • Odendahl
                Odendahl reports that he makes 38,000 a year. His personal home is mortgaged at 250,000 and he owns a condo downtown that is mortgaged at 100,000. He also has a condo in Florida that is in his father's name. How is that possible with 38,000 dollars? He will do anything to try to be like the Pages. He worships them. Keep looking and you will find things hidden in his closet for the Pages. Is he even a licensed real estate agent? Because he sells condos for them and I have never seen a license.
                • Bales' new business
                  I heard infamous Bales is out of real estate and into another venture. Should look into that.
                • Juice
                  Is there any chance Brizzi let Mobareki off because he was his dealer. There have been rumors Brizzi was into some bad stuff. I hope our Prosecutor is not into this stuff. Scarey to think about an angry, corrupt, steroid using, law enforement officail. Brizzi needs to come clean on this stuff.
                  • Keep looking
                    Odendahl is dirty. The press needs to keep following him. He's just one of many doing the dirty work.
                    • i agree
                      when a person or institution goes on relentless attack on action by aperson that is public record and some instances years old; it usally mean the the attacker has more to hide than the attacked... i really have no use for the institution or the person.
                    • Something to hide?????
                      All of them probably have something to hide from the top to the bottom and he's got the goods on them all so they are not doing anything about him. If it were ANYONE else and the normal person, they would be behind bars by now.
                    • Clarification
                      wanted to clarify I mean B &T represents Durham, Lundberg is not Durham's attorney but in my opinion the firm is conflicted out with him employed there.
                      • re
                        that's because Don Lundberg is now at B &T.

                        Isn't it nice to know that he was personally handling calls and complaints about Brizzi and Tim Durham (who is still a lawyer) but now he is over at the firm...gasp...representing Durham (and probably Brizzi.)

                        • Great reporting
                          Thanks IBJ.
                        • Reply to Linda Lou
                          I filed a complaint with the Disciplinary Committee regarding another attorney - not Brizzi - at B & T (Barnes & Thornburg). The Disciplinary committee appears to be part of the culture of corruption in this city, Linda Lou. Brizzi has competition at B & T
                          for questionable ethics.
                          • Consumer Fraud/Attorney General
                            I completed a consumer fraud complaint with Greg Zoeller's office against Page Development over Spirit Lake construction issues. I was informed a deputy attorney would investigate, and that did not come to fruition. I have normally found the Attorney General's office to be quite responsive, and the lack of interest in this complaint was atypical.
                          • Odendahl conviction & Page
                            Not surprising. Odendahl has been project manager for both Spirit Lake and the Villagio Condominiums for Page Development - an LLC protecting Page from use of some shady, or out-of-business, contracters and new constrution flaws in his local projects.
                          • Page LLC
                            Spirit Lake contributed $1,000 to Brizzi? Interesting, as Spirit Lake is a Page development that has numerous and huge new construction problems protected by the LLC status of Page, the attorney. Page's political connections have been most beneficial to his LLC escapades in this city.
                          • Look at the cover of the Indy Star
                            never thought i would be breathing and see this but Tom John just called on Brizzi to step down.

                            PS, Brizzi is in California right now. Who wants to bet he is talking to Durham in person! Cuz you know those pesky Feds could be tapping the phones!!!

                            CARL! QUIT! GO AWAY! STAY IN CALIFORNIA!
                          • What about the Brizzi money
                            I was told yesterday by a Marion County Republican party insider that Brizzis war chest is being given to Dennis Fisnburn for his Sheriffs race.That would be just about the stupidist move in history

                            I keep seeing all of this Brizzi, stuff, but nothing ever happens. We will be talking about this a year from now. Brizzi and Tom John must be laughing at all of us fools right now. They know that there is nothing that any of us can do about this.

                            Thi is just more proof that the Republican Party (which is Tom John) in this county is run by evil people who really could care less about us. It's all about the law firm contracts.
                          • re
                            Do you mean acting US Attorney Tim Morrison? Yeah, he's acting very strange himself, letting Durham go...not doing anything about these bizarre cases, many of which would make his name nationally known as enforcing crime...so it begs the obvious question, Mr. Morrison, why do you do nothing? Does someone have dirt on you? The purpose of a shower is to cleanse your body...so if you are dirty, get clean now...and start acting like a man and put these criminals away...

                            As for Russ's report tonight, did anyone notice where Paul Page's Florida condo is? Yeah, right there in La Scala. Oh, Carl, do you allgedly have another little time bomb ticking, don't you? Isn't it allegedly a $10M default on a project called....LA SCALA? Right there where Paul Page has that nice million dollar condo....well, it was a million or so until the recent correction...but exclusive parts Naples is kind of like Williams Creek, isn't it? Only so much supply, but lots of demand....unlike an inner city part of Elkhart, Indiana where there is a ton of supply and no demand...know what I mean?

                          • PRODUCE THE LIST
                            Who is on the list? A highschool coach and some prominent people? IS THE LIST a public record or are there privacy rights involved?

                            Were any of these illegal drugs being trafficked across State Lines? Wouldn't the Customer List suggest that thus the case would belong to the US Attorney's Office and the FBI jurisdictionally? Were the FEDS ever consulted?

                            Brizzi has a strange approach to Justice.

                            Do you think any new clients will go to Paul Page... Seems as though he will not be able to leverage much help for his clients.
                            • Hang them Both
                              McQuaid's story just aired. Brizzi and Wyser should be fired immediately.

                              The chief narcotics deputy refused to accept the plea, unless ORDERED to by Brizzi and Wyser.

                              THEY ORDERED IT. Somebody is right, and somebody is wrong here. It is obvious who is being honest, versus who is running scared and trying to hide from the spotlight.

                              Brizzi obviously did it for the money. Wyser is either willingly complicit, or a spineless slug who did nothing to back up his narcotics chief.

                              If watching Fox 59 were mandatory for all GOP voters in Hamilton County, Wyser would get exactly two votes for his bid for the Prosecutor's Office, his own, and the murderer's dad that Wyser cut loose for campaign cash, Epperly. And that's only if he could ooze his way past the angry mob at the polls.

                              HC, vote for somebody with a hint, a scintilla, a speck of integrity and honesty. Wyser has none.
                              • re
                                Watch Fox 59 tonight at 10, more bad news for Carl.

                                Karma's not fun, is it?
                              • Paul and Rob
                                Just to clear this up Paul Page was always representing Rob Odendahl. Paul was at every court date from the very begining. He "officially" started signing the court documents only when there was a modification but, Paul was up to his ears from the begining. Paul was present with Radar and Brizzi when the first plea was given and then there was also the last one that I am not quite sure where it was discussed. I am glad that the average person does not matter in Indiana it makes me feel really safe in my own home.
                              • Victims side
                                There were times that I was never told of court dates or depositions. I also was never contacted when Mr. Odendahl had his sentence reduced. Courtney Curtis is not being honest, believe me when I say that I empathize with her situation (I am well aware of what their power is capable of). I also am angry that there is no voice for victims if their attacker is wealthy or knows Carl or Paul. I was told that Carl and Paul worked it out without Courtney, Courtney herself told me that. I hope they all get the karma they deserve and I hope that it is served in years! They are digusting individuals.
                              • question
                                sudden resignations or forced. well.
                              • WRTV--Channel 6 pitches in--cover story on Brizzi's bad behavior
                              • And, no, my name is not Jennifer...
                                my throat is not that deep....but it is deep....and I think....think...think...news is imminent...and not the kind Durhamizzi want to hear.....
                              • I mean, Brizzi's DISHONOR
                                Carl, would you please resign. You are a disgrace.
                              • WHY does Brizzi get to have special benefits?
                                cuz he's Mitch's good buddy

                              • Check Terminations
                                in the last year since he has been busted. why should he get benefits when folks are out here with kids, homes, bills, medical issues and he recklessly booted or used his peons he needs to be gone. power trip is over.
                                • Re
                                  Yep, nothin gonna happen to Carlito
                                • The whole corrupt outfit
                                  No doubt about it, Brizzi and his cohorts are about as corrupt as they come. Almost as corrupt as what's in the White House. The whole mess of them will probably get away with it all. However, it would be a hoot if he wound up in prison. Wonder how long he would last. Don't think he'll be very well received there. It'll never happen though. He has nothing to worry about. Like someone said, he knows too much.
                                  • Philadelphia machine shuts down yet another Ponzi
                                    Darn it, the Phily machine is also handling the Durham case, isn't it?

                                    Poor Carl--if only he hadn't thought he could get away with trading in Red Rock Pictures and Cellstar/CLST Holdings....or did he get away with it? Time will tell.

                                  • IG, not AG
                                    What about the state Inspector General? That was the new office pushed by Gov. Daniels and GOP majority back in 2005 to investigate corruption that others couldn't reach.
                                  • Advice needed from Carl
                                    Dear Carl:

                                    You are such an incredibly stellar investor I wanted to ask your advice. I suspect you or someone on your behalf are reading these boards on an hourly basis, so here goes.

                                    You claim to have bought Cellstar/CLST on advice of your "financial consultant." Today the stock is trading at 3.5 cents on the bid and 5 cents on the ask, in other words you'll probably get the stock somewhere between 3 and 5 cents right if you place an order. Isn't there like $5M in cash on the balance sheet and about 20 million shares outstanding? And now that Fair is in bankruptcy unwinding transactions won't that mean all that money sent to Fair as directed by your good buddy Timmy Durham will go back to Cellstar/CLST if the trustee does his job correctly?

                                    Well, in my calculations that would leave a distribution of about30- 40 cents a share and the stock is at 3.5 cents to 5 cents a share.

                                    Tell me, Carl--what would you do if you were me? Would you buy the stock? Is this why you are still "holding" the stock?
                                  • re
                                    Well, Wilson, there seems to be a lot of dismissals of asset forfeitures lately when Brizzi and/or his bud Durham are involved, now aren't there?

                                    HOW DO YOU ARREST AN ENTIRE BUSINESS COMMUNITY?
                                  • Wilson
                                    Your tipster is absolutely correct. That policy is very well known. In 30 years in the criminal justice system, I have never seen assets returned. To me, that was the most shocking part of the story
                                  • Tip from Anonymous Source In Civil Forfeiture
                                    I received an anonymous tip today from a deputy prosecutor who used to be in civil forfeiture. He told me that the Prosecutor's Office will usually not dismiss civil forfeiture proceedings even when the underlying criminal case has been dismissed by the Prosecutor's Office outright.
                                    • Why isn't the Indianapolis Star running this story? That's the 64k question! But I have the answer!
                                      I noticed that the IBJ's website was changed this morning. I checked all of the news station websites and nobody is running this story. The Star is protecting Carl because Carl knows EVERYTHING, WHO DID WHAT OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS, to take down Carl would cause a POLITICAL SUPERNOVA and ole Denny Ryerson knows it. Democracy and Journalism is on its deathbed in Indianapolis. The IBJ's newsteam is the faint heartbeat of what's left of the Journalistic heart in Indianapolis-hell Indiana!
                                    • CUDOS IBJ
                                      This series is what journalism is about. Just like deepthroat's advise in the watergate probe, IBJ is following the money. Too bad the Indy Star reaches more people, frankly, and has not one peep!
                                    • Pat Bauer Please PLease Step In!!!
                                      Perhaps Pat Bauer (this is his district ) will request the Indiana AG and the Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill (after all the inappropriately delvered State Lease involves real estate in Elkhart County...) begin to immedeately investigate this State corruption involving Bales (the States Tenant Representative), Brizzi and Page. Everyone understands the death of TaJanay Bailey and how upset Gov Daniels was and that I beleive he may have provided an Executive Order allowing for no bid contracts in order for the State to get Office Space, hire staff to fulfill the committment of Mr. Daniels to improve DCS services to benefit children in a most expendient way... I will venture to say in no way did Mr. Daniels intend for these gentleman to take advantage of the death of this little girl Tajana Bailey. What a hell of a way to honor her in death by profitting. Did Bales and company inappropriately take advantage of an Executive Order for the benefit of the Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and Paul Page further in what way to Bales and Company benefit?

                                      Its really a SIMPLE question.

                                      One would expect a business person in Elkhart to financially benefit to meet the needs locally in their community.
                                    • free press
                                      the ibj is not free press.
                                    • Whatevah
                                      Yeah 'cause that Monroe Gray sure is a swell, ethical chap.
                                      Corruption happens in both parties.
                                    • Look at this
                                      wow, the building cost $825k and was purchased just in time to secure the Child Services lease for a reported $280k a year....that is a 3 year recoupmant of his cost, there is no way Brizzi would be sophisticated enough to do a deal like this....and did everyone forget what job Melanie Brizzi (the woman he divorced last year) had just been appointed to? Administrator, Indiana Child
                                      Care Services!

                                      Oh, and it's reportedly a triple net lease. That means the tenant--Child Services--pays all the costs of maintenance, repairs, you name it. So, it's pure profit for Brizzi. Ain't that grand.

                                      Will SOMEONE please put together a petition to recall this blight on our good, honest public servants--there really are some in Indiana!

                                      • Read the RED IBJ Extra TAB which contains the actual emails
                                        Brizzi defied his own Chief Narcotics Prosecutor...WHY? FOR WHO? FOR WHAT? Anyone ever heard of the Whistle Blower Statute... Sounds like people who are in the Brizzi's Tent are beginning to P!ss outside the tent. Why is Paul Page emailing the Prosecutors Office from paul.page@page-development.com and not the Baker Pittman and Page Law Firm? Was there not a clear conflict of interest if Rob Odendahl works for Page Development Companies? Wonder what the alleged woman's side fo the case is? Was she ignored not notified timely of hearings, etc....
                                        • What is there to say?
                                          Exactly what else can we say? The Republican party here is thoroughly corrupt. Brizzi is a and has been a joke as a prosecutor to the extent that he hardly knows who works for him. Page has been pushing his relationship as a selling point for years and has made wild claims about what he can do. In some cases, the prosecutor's office has recommended his office.

                                          All we can do is watch, wait, listen, and smile.
                                          • Bla bla bla
                                            This has been going on for along time and nothing ever happens.I have to believe that nothing ever will.Brizzi and Weiser have had enough time to cover their tracks.

                                            Brizzi,Weiser,Tom John,Dave Brook,Dennis Fishburn,Durham,Bales,Plowman,Houchens,Mario,Cochran...it keeps on going and nothing happens.

                                            At least the IBJ is trying,but unless law Enforcement grows some nads nothing will happen.

                                            Evidance keeps popping up,but these people are still running around town laughing at all of us.Brizzi must look in the Mirror every morning and say to himself. "I got away with it.The FBI could not even get me. Tom John and I are about the law."
                                          • media?
                                            I have contacted media and some authorities. I still have much to do. I am finding that my story is not uncommon and it is drawing attention. FOX NEWS local is good and I have a contact at FOX NEWS... "Fair & Balanced!" Recently, an attorney told me that "Contempt and perjury against" his client "did not matter." I believe the "Court Of Public Opinion" will beg to differ! Thanks for the referrals!
                                          • Email chain is link at bottom of article
                                            By the way this is what Brizzi buddy Durham gets to look forward to.

                                            Who wants to bet Brizzi didn't tell the truth on his taxes????

                                          • Fred?
                                            I am not seeing an e-mail? Please explain..
                                            • READ THE ATTACHED EMAIL FROM THE PROSECUTOR
                                              Why are the attached emails from Paul Page to the Chief Narcotics Deputy Prosecutor coming from: paul.page@page-development.com?

                                              He cannot practice law to the general public from that company? Is that ETHICS VIOLATION?

                                              There are no judges at Baker, Pittman and Page Law Firm....
                                              • Corruption?!
                                                Thank you for the advice. I will tell you this, I LITERALLY begged the prosecutor to protect my 4 kids. I kept all e-mails to the prosecutor(s) for anyone to review. In addition, I had a Judgment against the ex for nearly $750,000. The judge in my case has been VERY suspicious. I cannot go into details on here and I imagine you understand. Let's say that the SAME judge overturned THEIR OWN ruling 2 years AFTER the Statute Of Limitations. Files and evidence have come up "MISSING" from the court vaults. It is my understanding the judge worked for my ex's attorney and that the judge has relatives still working for this law firm. My ex is only paying $50/week in Child Support for ALL 4 CHILDREN when she owes $80,000 in back Child Support. The courts had a hearing on SUPPORT in 2007/2008 without my knowledge or even being notified. Pam Elliott did an investigative report titled, DEAD BEAT MOMS. She was investigating how single fathers are treated unfairly. PLEASE LOOK UP THE ARTICLE! My kids have lived in HELL for 8 years. I have cried so many times. My children have slept in my bedroom until 1 year ago because they were so afraid. I have spent nearly $40,000 since July 2007, trying to protect my children! I have felt tired and hopeless... sometimes lifeless! I hope someone looks into the INJUSTICE of our (supposed) JUSTICE SYSTEM. Anyone can contact me if they have more information or advice. I intend on contacting the media and authorities with my case. Thank you so much for the help and please keep us in prayer.
                                                • re
                                                  call Dennis Halliden at the Indy FBI office, he will take your call seriously.
                                                  • Corruption
                                                    I am a single father of 4 amazing kids. My ex-wife abandoned the kids and stole everything we had. After attacking my children an officer investigated my ex and charged her with 11 count of INVASION OF PRIVACY and 1 count of STALKING. My ex was and still is represented by Attorney PAGE. The prosecutor on the case would not review my evidence and he said I was "too protective" of my children. The prosecutor did not notify me of the hearings, either. He charged her with 1 count of INAVASION OF PRIVACY and gave her 1 year probation! Remember, 4 amazing children were attacked! Someone please help!
                                                    • Any Democrats in Indiana?
                                                      The silence from the Democrats is remarkable. Truly stunning. Even the Republicans should be ashamed of the Democrats.
                                                    • IBJ is awesome
                                                      IBJ is a must read. I'm subscribing today. I love this. TV, radio, Indystar, has nothing like this. Indy, get behind the IBJ and support free press.
                                                      • Wyser's role
                                                        Wyser's role needs to continue to be highlighted as well. Of the 2, he's the only one seeking to be in office next year, and is therefore the greater future threat to integrity and justice.

                                                        Wyser engineered the Epperly/ Willougby sentence reduction for a convicted murderer. At the time, not a peep from him that he did the same thing for this Forney guy.

                                                        Now it comes it, he's a serial sentence-reducer for convicted murderers. Sounds like just the kind of guy who should be in charge at Hamilton County. Did Forney's family or defense attorney contribute to Wyser or Brizzi, like Epperly did? Even if not, should a guy w/ this kind of judgment and lack of candor be in charge of public safety?

                                                        Which IMPD officer recommended to Wyser that he review Forney's case? Maybe that officer will have a different memory. Wyser's honesty is an established liability at this point.

                                                        And why is Wyser the one doing all this prosecutorial un-doing, instead of Brizzi? Who made him king? Sounds like a Hatch Act problem being confirmed, yet again.
                                                      • Don't forget possibility of insider trading charges against Brizziw
                                                        who has yet to disclose his brokerage trading records for all purchases and sales of Cellstar and its followup shell, CLST Holdings....

                                                        stay tuned....
                                                      • The web of corruption
                                                        "Verrry interesting." This is better than any spy novel I have read in the last few years. IBJ, please don't stop investigating.
                                                        • what is the Case in Front of The Disciplinary Commission Against Brizzi as we speak?
                                                          You know the Issues? Also What was Paul Pages outcome on his Disciplinary Matter....

                                                          Thanks for the insight so the Indiana AG has know oversight on contractual matters pertaining to STATE LEASES inappropriately handed out to a Marion County Criminal Defense Attorney "who just so happened to be in the know" to go "contract to buy a piece of REAL ESTATE in Elkhart County with so called due diligence language in the Purchase Agreement to give him enought time to make sure Bales and Company deliver the goods.... State Lease... then L&BABS closes....

                                                          SMACKS OF SOPHISTRY!!
                                                        • AG Can't Remove Brizzi
                                                          Judge Judy, the AG has absolutely no power to remove an elected prosecutor. Only the voters or the Disciplinary Commission can do that.
                                                        • Really?
                                                          You have confidence the Attorney General will act? You're talking about an AG's office that has a history of looking the other way on everything under Steve Carter. Zoeller was his top deputy. The AG's office under Carter and Zoeller has been a do nothing office even as to matters clearly within the purview of the AG.
                                                        • re
                                                          Because you guys all just post and rant on the internet instead of filing formal complaints with the Supreme Court ethics head.
                                                        • Why is he still in office?
                                                          This is the latest in a string of events that should have this man resigning. Why on earth is he still in office? What is wrong with this town?
                                                          • re
                                                            what do you think the chances are of Carl Brizzi knowing to buy hundreds of thousands of shares of Cellstar, an obscure Dallas penny stock, just before Brightpoint bought them?

                                                            C'mon, this is a guy who was being sued by Carmel Gymnastics in 2004 for not paying a bill that was under $200.

                                                          • FACT v. FICTION
                                                            I do not ordinarilly speak on rumors...so I have no idea about who is trading in CLST/CELL only those in the know would likely jump in to a pink sheet stock. I seriously doubt the "Average Joe" would ever consider investing as in most cases one would be better off at the Casinos...

                                                            I have read the list of people lent money by Durham Companies. One last name of a borrower listed has coincidently the same name as a local banker in Indy. Why is his loan not paid off/back or perhaps it was.... did it influence his decision in lending to anyone for any real estate deal or otherwise...just wondering...

                                                            Well the Indiana Disciplinary Commission will be involved soon and that will force everyone to take notice...
                                                            • State of Indiana Lease
                                                              Indiana Attorney General - Greg Zoeller (Republican Party)will step in despite Page family members contributing to his election and significantly contributing to Gov. Mitch Daniels reelection in particular in 2007 by Page Real Estate Development, Inc. (address is 333 East Ohio Street according to the Indiana Campaign Finance records on the States website - same address for the Baker, Pittman and Page Law firm). Indiana Attorney General Zoeller has to begin his investigation immedeately and ask Brizzi to step aside (with pay) pending a co-investigation by the IAG office and Indiana Disciplinary Commission (Indiana Supreme Court) otherwise all these public officials begin to have a tarnished appearance...remember there is a State Lease involved here. I am confident Mitch, the IAG's Office in conjunction with the Disciplinary Commission will not let Federal Investigators render them meaningless like was done in the State of Ohio by the IBJ and FBI with Fair Finance/Durham of which Brizzi's name appears in SEC filings). Suspend Brizzi place Massa in charge and lets getty up and go and restore confidence and integrity for the citizenry of Marion County and all those other hard working attorneys like Stern...
                                                              • Make sure to call in to Crime Beat today
                                                              • REAd THE ATTACHED EMAIL FROM Larry Brodeur Deputy Prosecutor
                                                                The email says it all. Paul Page asserts in previous statements he barely knew Carlito. If this was an IPD OFFICER i.e. Lincoln Plowman , that officer would be suspended with pay pending investigation. The State Attorney General should remove Brizzi immedeately. Period end of this saga. i agree with the other poster in that same scrutiny should prevail in all cases. Every case that has plead by Brizzi's Office is likely unconstitutional as there is different standards... 40,000 a year in cases not tried and plead at what cost to the taxpayers to have them brought up against on constitutional grounds... Throw the BUM out Indiana AG!

                                                                Temporarily install Larry B as Interim Prosecutor... He can likely find all the dead bones instead of Reporters doing the work.

                                                                Carl you interested in talking to FOX 59?
                                                              • Question
                                                                Can we impeach a prosecutor?
                                                                • Nice comment Susan Decker
                                                                  â??If anything, the defense attorneys that Prosecutor Brizzi has a personal connection with face greater scrutiny than most others."

                                                                  That should tell you all you need to know. It's the classic overcorrection. PR 101 folks. I guess when your chief flak finds himself in the clink you just roll anyone out there. She gave away the farm there. She basically contradicted the position that all cases are treated equally, by saying some with relationships to Brizzi probably get more scrutiny.
                                                                  Nobody should get more or less scrutiny. Don't try to cover your tracks with this kind of statement.
                                                                • How ''clean'' is Brizzi?
                                                                  The more I learn about this man, the more I wonder how honest he is. It is not just this article, but many other things, too.

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