Brizzi filed for OmniSource forfeiture

Former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi blasted metal-recycling giant OmniSource in a court filing in his last week in office, asking a judge to force the company to forfeit all five of its Indianapolis scrap yards and a foundry facility in Hendricks County.

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Brizzi controversy colors prosecutor’s race

Two-term Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi drew attention for a series of questionable business deals with a local defense attorney and for his friendship and business ties to financier Tim Durham, who is under federal criminal investigation.

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Grand jury indicts OmniSource for racketeering

A Marion County grand jury has returned an eight-count indictment against OmniSource Corp., accusing the metal recycling powerhouse of racketeering and receiving stolen property. Company president Mark Millett called the allegations "unfounded."

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