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Time for IndyCar Series to prove it can market drivers

April 25, 2013
Conor Daly and Takuma Sato provide the struggling IndyCar Series with prime opportunities to improve its brand awareness and TV ratings. But driver promotion has never been the series' strong suit. It's time to turn that around.

Manti Te'o could find perfect home with Colts

April 24, 2013
All the noise about his fake girlfriend and slow 40-yard dash time have made football fans forget how good Manti Te'o was over an extended period in South Bend.

IndyCar getting one thing it needs even more than American stars

April 22, 2013
He’s not as American as apple pie, but Takuma Sato adds something to the IndyCar Series it has been sorely lacking in recent years.

Lack of prime-time home games stuns Colts sponsor

April 19, 2013
Lucas Oil CEO Forrest Lucas can't understand how the Andrew Luck-led Indianapolis Colts got only one prime-time home game on the team's 2013 schedule. All the early games, he said, kills West Coast exposure.

Audi's entrance into IndyCar could cut both ways

April 17, 2013
While the addition of a new engine maker could significantly muscle-up the IndyCar Series’ global marketing, it also has some series insiders worried the move could trigger an engine arms race and price some suppliers, teams and drivers right out of the paddock.

Indians' Schumacher, former IU football coach join elite group

April 11, 2013
Indians Chairman Max Schumacher is the first baseball representative and Bill Mallory becomes the second IU football coach to win the Thomas A. Brady Lifetime Achievement Award. Colts Coach Chuck Pagano is headlining the ceremony.

The sooner Oladipo bolts Bloomington, the better for IU

April 10, 2013
Victor Oladipo, more than any player over the last decade and certainly during Crean’s tenure in Bloomington, is the guy who could return IU to national prominence—more than he already has—and make Crean a rock star with recruits—more than he already is.

Head-turning Hot Wheels cars hit streets to promote Indy 500

April 8, 2013
For the first time, Indianapolis residents could see street-legal, full-size Hot Wheels cars zipping around their neighborhood. And if consumers like the cars, they can fulfill a childhood fantasy and buy their own.

Alford's journey back to IU may wind through Westwood

April 3, 2013
I couldn't help but wonder if part of the reason Alford left his comfortable job at New Mexico for the troubled waters of UCLA didn't have more to do with his desire to get back to his roots in Bloomington than his ambition to become the next Wizard of Westwood.

Local ad execs helped launch Florida Gulf Coast odyssey

March 29, 2013
Before anyone in Florida, much less across the United States, knew who this year's NCAA Cinderella story was, Borshoff's Jeff Morris and Mark LeClerc crafted an ad campaign touting the small Fort Myers Beach college and its basketball program.

Can Indy's big-league efforts outrun small-town image?

March 27, 2013
It seems no matter how much Indianapolis postures itself as a major-league city, there are those who will never consider it anything more than a few high-rises amid a sea of cornfields tended to by a bunch of hayseeds.

Hinchcliffe victory good for GoDaddy, IndyCar and fans

March 26, 2013
Hip, young racer James Hinchcliffe is off to a good start this year. With a good finish at Indy this May, he will become more than Danica Patrick's replacement driving the GoDaddy car. The series must promote his success to maximize the benefit.

IU rips page from Butler playbook, uses hoops to raise brand

March 22, 2013
From IBJ's The Score: IU is launching an aggressive marketing campaign in places like Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.  While the players and coaches aren't talking about the Final Four, IU's marketers have plans in place.

Butler's 'high aspirations' carry big-time risks

March 20, 2013
The move to the newly formed Big East athletic conference will cost Butler a lot more than its $2 million exit fee from the Atlantic 10.

Cummins, MainSource throwing weight behind new running event

March 19, 2013
With new running races crowding the landscape, some fear the market has become saturated. This fall, a new marathon in Columbus will do battle with two established events in Indianapolis.

Century 21 deal could boost Fisher's team to new level

March 15, 2013
If things go well at Indy, sports marketers think Century 21 could become a much bigger sponsor for Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. Clearly, the company has the resources to pour a seven-figure sum into the team.

Colts season-ticket renewals soar to near record high

March 13, 2013
After a surprising season behind a team built by new General Manager Ryan Grigson and led by rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Colts have seen their season-ticket renewal rate jump 8 percentage points, to near 95 percent, this off-season.

IU's Crean classless, misguided in postgame confrontation

March 11, 2013
IU basketball coach Tom Crean has become beloved by Hoosiers supporters for winning with class. After Sunday's victory he departed that path, let his emotion get the best of him and did a disservice to his current players.

Indy's new soccer team blowing sales expectations 'out of the water'

March 7, 2013
Still 13 months from kickoff, sales are so brisk that team officials think they may sell out of season tickets for their inaugural season.

Information leaks threaten to sink IndyCar, Speedway

March 6, 2013
The scariest thing for the Speedway and IndyCar Series is that the breaches could indicate there are forces within the organization’s leadership pushing in different directions.

Indy gets its first FM sports/talk station

March 1, 2013
Emmis Communications has begun simulcasting The Fan on its newly acquired FM frequency, but with a couple interesting twists. A wider coverage area in a growing format could mean big bucks for Emmis.

IU's Assembly Hall could get new name if price is right

February 27, 2013
Naming rights deal for 42-year-old IU basketball venue could score the school $2 million a year, sports marketers said. IU Athletics Director Fred Glass says re-naming the facility is not out of the question.

Danica's Daytona sends TV ratings, IMS hopes soaring

February 25, 2013
The most popular racer, man or woman, on four wheels is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's best, and perhaps only, chance at reversing an ugly and costly attendance slide at the Brickyard 400 in July.

Fans beating down doors to get into NFL Combine

February 20, 2013
The NFL Scouting Combine used to be a little-known, behind-the-scenes event used by NFL coaches, scouts and team executives to evaluate players before the April draft. Now, 800 media members cover the event in Indy, and ticket demand far outweighs supply.

Danica could bring IMS $1.5 million plus pay day

February 18, 2013
It's a long way between Daytona and Indianapolis. But if Danica Patrick can continue to gain momentum between there and here, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway could score an additional $1.5 million or more in July.

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  1. If what you stated is true, then this article is entirely inaccurate. "State sells bonds" is same as "State borrows money". Supposedly the company will "pay for them". But since we are paying the company, we are still paying for this road with borrowed money, even though the state has $2 billion in the bank.

  2. Andrew hit the nail on the head. AMTRAK provides terrible service and that is why the state has found a contractor to improve the service. More trips, on-time performance, better times, cleanliness and adequate or better restrooms. WI-FI and food service will also be provided. Transit from outlying areas will also be provided. I wouldn't take it the way it is but with the above services and marketing of the service,ridership will improve and more folks will explore Indy and may even want to move here.

  3. They could take the property using eminent domain and save money by not paying the church or building a soccer field and a new driveway. Ctrwd has monthly meetings open to all customers of the district. The meetings are listed and if the customers really cared that much they would show. Ctrwd works hard in every way they can to make sure the customer is put first. Overflows damage the surrounding environment and cost a lot of money every year. There have been many upgrades done through the years to help not send flow to Carmel. Even with the upgrades ctrwd cannot always keep up. I understand how a storage tank could be an eye sore, but has anyone thought to look at other lift stations or storage tanks. Most lift stations are right in the middle of neighborhoods. Some close to schools and soccer fields, and some right in back yards, or at least next to a back yard. We all have to work together to come up with a proper solution. The proposed solution by ctrwd is the best one offered so far.

  4. Fox has comments from several people that seem to have some inside information. I would refer to their website. Changed my whole opionion of this story.

  5. This place is great! I'm piggy backing and saying the Cobb salad is great. But the ribs are awesome. $6.49 for ribs and 2 sides?! They're delicious. If you work downtown, head over there.