McIntosh best to cut waste

May 5, 2012

As a Boone County commissioner, we have worked hard to be good fiscal stewards. The frustration is that we have little control over reckless federal spending. Whether it’s the billions of dollars in Medicare mispayments or $800,000 parties in Las Vegas, Washington’s handling of the nation’s finances is out of control.

I am also a small-business owner. The increased burden of government regulation has stymied growth and kept us from hiring new employees. Worse, the Obama administration has created uncertainty by promising more restrictive regulations.

As a voter in the 5th Congressional district, I’ve thrown my support behind David McIntosh. McIntosh is the only leading candidate to oppose the Washington bailouts and the lone candidate the NRA is endorsing. He’s also the only candidate endorsed by the national free market groups, FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth, as well as National Right to Life.

Marc Applegate
Boone County commissioner, District 1

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