Indianapolis firm launching dream-sharing app

June 16, 2012

This app is a real dream. More specifically, it helps record and share your dreams.

Dreamt It, an app created by principals of Indianapolis-based memory repository Remember.com, launched this month in Apple’s App Store.

Dreamt It consists of a reminder tone that one can set for wake-up time. Then, assuming the dream is still intact, users can voice-record their recollection. The app also has a keyboard, in case one prefers to write it out.

It’s free of charge, although a paid model for this app with additional features is under way.

otr-screen-shot-061812.jpg Dreamt It’s recorded dreams can be posted on a public wall for others to read, although the poster’s name will be anonymous. (Photo courtesy of Remember.com)

“Remembering and capturing your dreams is sort of a weird thing,” concedes Jason Becker, co-founder of Remember.com and the scion of First Internet Bank founder David Becker.

But, said Alex Billingsley, co-creator of Dreamt It: “Who knows? Your dream tonight could be the next big idea of tomorrow.”

So why would you want to document your dreams? Becker pointed out that Larry Page got the idea for Google in a dream, for example.

There apparently are lots of people who feel it worthwhile to document their brain’s nocturnal processing. More than 500 people have downloaded the app so far.

The dreams can be posted on a public wall for others to read, although the poster’s name will be anonymous.

Phase II of Becker’s and Billingsley’s plan calls for a paid application in which one’s dreams can be interpreted by others for a small fee. Look for that this summer.

Meanwhile, Becker’s first company, Remember.com, is still in beta testing.

Although it’s been tested to capture the memories of alumni about their colleges, so far the site has proven most promising as a way for people to write testimonies about loved ones who are aging or who recently passed.

“We’re learning a ton about how people are using the site,” said Becker, who founded the company with fellow former DePauw student Brandon Sokol.


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