Yogurt bares all, but container is recyclable

December 8, 2012

Muncie-based Verallia North America is launching a more environmentally friendly line of yogurt containers.

Made of recyclable glass rather than the plastic variety commonly found on store shelves, the containers will come in four- and six-ounce versions.

The first to use the containers is Zionsville-based Traders Point Creamery.

Verallia cites industry estimates that the $7.2 billion U.S. “spoonable yogurt market” will grow 15 percent by 2016, to $8.3 billion.

Verallia, which includes former parts of Ball Corp.’s glass operations, said glass containers should appeal to producers that want to differentiate their premium products.

In what should remove any likeness to glass baby food jars with metal lids, Verallia will use a proprietary primer on the rim so manufacturers can heat-seal foil lids.

Most of the yogurt containers now on supermarket shelves are made of wax-coated paper or thin plastic.

Verallia has about 300 employees in Indiana.


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