Five former Daniels officials land Ivy Tech jobs

March 15, 2013

Several people who worked in former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' administration have landed jobs with Indianapolis-based Ivy Tech Community College, but a school spokesman says there's no mystery about the hires.

Ivy Tech spokesman Jeff Fanter said the former Daniels administration officials were tapped to fill open positions and the school is never shy "about hiring the best people."

Five former Daniels officials have been hired by Ivy Tech in recent months, The Herald-Times of Bloomington reported. Those include William Bogard, former assistant director of the state budget agency , who's now Ivy Tech's executive director of budget management. Also hired was former Indiana Office of Budget Management director Chris Ruhl. He's now the school's general counsel.

Fanter said the five hires might seem like a lot, but Ivy Tech has 10,000 employees.


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