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You-review-it Monday: 'Ice Age Giants,' a high school musical, and more

November 25, 2013

For me, the weekend included a couple of trips back in time. 

One was to see the "Ice Age Giants" exhibition at the Indiana State Museum (more on that in an upcoming column) and another to watch "The Croods," a surprisingly accomplished animated film that I overlooked when it was in theaters. (Among other distinctions, it was great to see an animated film where the lead female characters aren't unhealthily thin.)

Also on the film front, I watched the Cannes Film Fest winner "Blue is the Warmest Color" and the back-up singers documentary "20 Feet from Stardom," both of which I'm sure will be a big part of the discussion when I argue with colleagues next month as the Indiana Film Journalists Association narrows its best of the year list.

Strongest of all, though, was a visit to my kids' alma mater to see the first Indiana high school production of the musical "The Color Purple." So proud of the school for blazing a trail with something this ambitious and fresh (and potentially controversial). So impressed with how well the students pulled it off. I just should have brought more tissues. 

What about you? Did you check out the revamped design galleries at the IMA? See a Symphony concert before it kicks into Yuletide Celebration mode? 

What did you experience on the A&E front this weekend?

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