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Bored of your board games? Try these.

December 25, 2013

Between Christmas and New Year's Day is when many families raid the game closet. But if all you've got are Monopoly and Scrabble, your supply may need some sprucing up. And if you are only playing games that require everyone to look a screen, well, here's hoping some of these help shake you from the video-only world.

Here are some of the best table games I found at recent GenCon conventions. And, no, they don't involve dungeons, dragons, pathfinders or Magic gatherings. For the most part, they are ones that could engage those who haven't gone much deeper into gaming than a round of Apples to Apples.

A favorite of 2013 was the word game Tapple, for instance. Very quick to learn and easily adaptable to bigger groups. Find more about Tapple (plus Word Winder, Cinque Terre, Spin Monkeys and more) here.

A year earlier, my cool games list included Timeline, where players compete to put inventions and discoveries in their proper historical order. No, it doesn't feel like homework. Find more about it (plus Dixit , Dominion and more) here.

2011's list included the addictive spelling game Dabble, where a set of letters must be arranged to form words of different lengths. Learn more it (plus Artus, Faux-cabulary) here.

I'll be chatting about some of these early Dec. 26th on Fox59 News. And playing many of them over the next week and beyond.

If you have a favorite recent board or card game, feel free to clue us in below.

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