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You-review-it Monday: Super Bowl ads, Vonnegut on stage, and more

February 3, 2014

Fans of football and fans of advertising had a lot to be disappointed in with this year's Super Bowl. Those who followed my tweets #ibjarts may have sensed my frustration with both a lopsided game and ads that seemed to be more about garnering media attention than delivering any info about a product.

Do you think the average viewer could remember the difference between the overproduced car spots?

Does anyone think Coke's moving "America the Beautiful" wasn't at least partially intended to get Twittering gasbags upset? 

And did anyone not think that the times certainly have a' changed for shilling Bob Dylan?

Given what was happening, Bruno Mars should share the MVP award.

But the weekend wasn't all Super Bowl sadness. It was also opening weekend for the IRT's "Who Am I This Time?," which I look forward to writing about this week.

And you?

What did you think of the Super Bowl spots and halftime show? And did you catch any other A&E over the weekend?

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