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In viral video, Indy's coolness is celebrated...without many specifics

March 7, 2014

A slick, empowering video produced by Dusty Frey over a year ago that touts Indianapolis as an amazing city where creative artists can thrive has gotten a rebirth through social media.

Its headline: "You Probably Never Thought You'd Be Jealous of Indianapolis. But You Are After Watching This."

The talking heads in the video say a lot of important things about how our success should not be based on trying to be New York or Chicago. And how we live in a city where relatively small efforts add to the fabric of our cultural life.

What the video doesn't do is offer many specifics. (And it doesn't help that one that it does feature, Earth House, is already gone.) We see "Ann Dancing," First Friday, a musician in a club, an art fair, Fountain Square signage, and lots of speeded up movement to create the illusion of activity. But we don't see many things that make Indianapolis distinct from Detroit, St. Louis, Columbus, or Louisville.

So I put it to you to help fill in the blanks in this video.

What are uniquely Indianapolis events that truly make this city a more interesting place to live?

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