Carmel police shoot armed man

March 18, 2013
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Carmel police shot a 25-year-old man early Monday morning after he allegedly made threats to his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. Aaron David, 25, was shot about 3:15 a.m. in a neighborhood near 96th Street and Ditch Road. He was taken to the hospital for surgery and is expected to live, officials said. Police said they opened fire on David after he ignored their commands and displayed a handgun.


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  1. If you have never seen a house moved it is something you will remember your entire life. Indiana History is so important to future generation. Glad no one bulldozed our former President homes, i.e Ben Harrison's or Abe Lincoln, home for progress as an example. We must have stewardship of our past to educate the future generations of what our ancestors’ lived in and how they survived. Some may think it is a waste of money that progress should be the priority but many of us don’t!!! My family came to Indiana before it was a state. I want my son and daughter to know thier history. So to our nay sayer, I say save the home and move it.

  2. GIPC is one of the worst groups out there when it comes to Indy's pay-to-play political system. The group been used to shield the disclosure of things that might otherwise have to be disclosed if done by government.

  3. Seriously!?! Taking $70,000 from the tourism budget to save an old house? What a gigantic waste. It's not like the house has any historic significance. It's just a pile of bricks assembled into walls. Just think of all the programs, marketing, and other benefits that $70,000 could provide. Instead, HCT wants to help save a pile of bricks so it can become...what exactly? It's not like it's even being moved to a significant location. It's not a park. It's not a destination. Bulldoze the thing and move on with progress.

  4. Indiana does not like a big Federal Government. This denial is perfect because it keeps big government money and interests out of Indiana and allows private enterprise to step in and fix the bridge. This is the Tea Party philosophy perfectly at work. Oh wait, their selling bonds? Private enterprise does not want to step in a fix the bridge? Huh, I thought that was the fix to everything...

  5. Why didn't you mention that IRT opened Two Gentlemen of Verona?! [I don't really care, but I do like to jump on a band wagon of unfounded criticism].