August 15, 2012
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Aug. 17-26

Various locations

This year’s fest has 68 shows to choose from ranging from family-friendly magic shows to recommended-for-adult-audiences burlesque. In between, there’s drama, comedy and a sequel to last year’s hit, “Schoolhouse Wrong.” Indy Fringe, now in its eighth year, is wisely structured so that all six participating theater spaces have shows running at the same time. Each of these shows runs about an hour, taking most patrons off the street during show times. But then there’s that half-hour gap between them to schmooze, compare notes, grab a frozen yogurt, and hustle to the next show.

The system makes it possible to see as many as seven shows in a day—not that I’d recommend that kind of overload. Rather, try a trio of shows in a day with some time off for lunch or dinner. Each show will set you back $10. (Full disclosure: I co-created one of the 68 shows.) Full schedule and details here.


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  1. How is the private developer going to repay the bonds. Is this going to be a toll road?

  2. As well as a Portillio'S!!!!!!

  3. A Lou Malnati's would be awesome!!!!!!!!

  4. We aren't broke. We just aren't willing to raise revenues for this that we should be raising them.

  5. OK. now that the state is taking illegal immigrants, willing or not. There is a major concern that needs to be addressed. First: School starts here in 3 weeks in most parts of the country and probably in Indiana. So is the state going to vaccinate these kids before they intermingle with our kids in school? The problem we are going to have here in the US and possibly in Indiana is that some of these kids could be carrying health issues or diseases that are pretty much eradicated in the US. This could cause a major health issue in the US. Second: Who is going to pay for this building disaster? We are flat out broke….. Down here in Texas, we have 14 counties that have been so swamped with kids, (numerous thousands of them), they are on the verge of financial collapse. Now this is happening in counties in New Mexico, Arizona and California. The system is massively overloaded. Swine flu has started back up in San Antonio since they have nearly 2500 kids that have been placed there and lice is rampant. Not to be insensitive, but we need to stop this madness. I find it amazing that we cannot take care of our veterans and yet give carte blanche to illegals entering the country. Recently an article mentioned that these kids and teenagers can get on planes without TSA screening? What? What the Hell???? Keep in mind this about protecting our national sovereignty as a nation and also living under the rule of law. Not only the terrorist threat that can come over the border. This is a deliberate and irresponsible and illegal act from administration ignoring the constitutional duty of protecting the borders and also upholding the supreme law of the land. This is a classic Cloward and Piven strategy to overload the system until it collapses.