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  1. Downtown is nice and all for work, but don't kid yourself that it is some end all be all place to be. Is it nice to be downtown when there are colts/pacers rallies, events on the circle, etc... Yes, if you have the time to get out and enjoy them. That is key, because if an employee is working away and doesn't get to enjoy where their job is located, locating in downtown doesn't make sense. Might as well be in an office park. I've worked downtown for a long time, and while it is nice to be down there for those events, it's also annoying. Roads are closed, noise from outside comes into the workspace, etc... Having worked downtown for such a long time, the best thing about it is that Circle Center is there so i can shop when i get time for lunch (that isn't rushed and eaten at my desk). The worst part is the perception of others who hear we are located downtown and think that is just awesome. I'm like not really. One other thing. If you are a business that actually has to interact w/the public locating in the 'burbs where there is free parking is important. We always have clients coming into the office complaining about finding parking and having to pay for it. Staff get a parking stipend so they are fine, but we don't start off our interaction w/clients on a good foot by the first thing we require them to do to come to our office is to pay to see us.

  2. Glad to see the Indy Eleven take off like that.

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