Arizona-style provision removed from immigration bill

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Indiana's proposed immigration bill no longer includes an Arizona-style provision that would have allowed police to ask people for proof of immigration status if they suspected they were in the country illegally.

The House Public Policy Committee on Thursday removed several sections of the bill proposed by Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel. The committee plans to take a vote Friday on the bill, which would still revoke certain tax credits for businesses that hire illegal immigrants, check the immigration status of criminal offenders, require Indiana to seek reimbursement from Congress for the costs of illegal immigration and implement other changes.

"There are a lot of good things remaining in the bill," Delph said.

The changes made Thursday are in line with what Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels wants. Earlier in the year, Daniels declined to take a public stance on the bill, which had been opposed by the conservative Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Indiana's Republican attorney general and others.

Delph, who has proposed bills to crack down on illegal immigration for years, said he was glad to hear Daniels take a stand.

"The governor's been missing in action for four years," Delph said. "I'm glad that he finally got out of his ivory tower and weighed in on this issue."

Last week, House Speaker Brian Bosma, a Republican, also said he had concerns about parts of the bill.

If the revised bill eventually clears the GOP-led House, it would go back to the Republican-ruled Senate for consideration of the changes.

Senate President Pro Tem David Long, R-Fort Wayne, said Thursday that many senators agree with the new changes, and suggested the Senate could simply agree to the House version instead of trying to hammer out a compromise. Delph said he would talk to his fellow Senate Republicans about whether to concur with the House version once the House finishes its work on the proposal.

Opponents of Delph's original bill told lawmakers Thursday that removing the Arizona-style provision was an improvement. Critics had worried that that part of the bill would have led to racial profiling and would have sent a message that Indiana is not a welcoming place — a message they argued would hurt tourism and companies looking to recruit an international workforce.

Agriculture officials said they still oppose the bill and noted that Indiana farmers rely on migrant workers to pick crops like tomatoes and melons. Several opponents argued that Congress should be responsible for immigration, which they said was a federal issue that shouldn't be tackled in 50 different ways at the state level.

"It has to be a national solution," said John Livengood, a lobbyist who represents restaurant and hospitality groups and who is co-chair of the Alliance for Immigration Reform in Indiana.

Supporters of Delph's bill included some who argued that illegal immigrants were taking jobs away from American citizens and others who came to the country legally. Marty Upton, who came to America from Germany years ago and now lives in Carmel, said immigrants should follow legal paths to come to the U.S.

"I am proud to be an American," she said. "We are a nation of laws."


  • Legal rights
    I do not understand reasoning and expectations that illegal immigrants believe they have any legal rights in the USA. They are not citizens. Period.
    Any funding from local or national govt. is not acceptable.
    We have laws and processes that immigrants can apply for citizenship. It does not matter that they provide a measurable amount of labor in the US. They are ILLEGAL.
    I believe that putting unemployed CITIZENS to work and controlling welfare benefits is ONLY for US CITIZENS. Illegals working any paying jobs in the US is ILLEGAL. Paying ILLEGALS in any shape or form is ILLEGAL.
    Provide all US citizens with proof of nationality and send the non-citizens back to where they came from.
    Profiling is not the issue with citizens rather lack of proof is the issue with illegals.
    This is our country with our laws to follow. Not to be liberal in interpretation.
  • Illegal is the key word here
    Some people are failing to understand the word "illegal" here...This isn't about "immigrants", it is about "illegal" immigrants. Not about your ancestors, who founded this country, nor the later immigrants who became legal citizens. It is about ILLEGAL immigrants! Not difficult to understand! They need a green card or a citizenship, each and every one of them, or they need to leave. Period.
  • It is Already Illegal
    It is already a violation of federal law to hire a person not authorized to work in the U.S.

    Also, most employers who hire illegal workers pay them under the table--meaning they are committing tax evasion under both federal and Indiana law, and tax evasion is a very serious felony that carries stiff criminal and civil penalties.

    So, we know that employers who hire illegal immigrants don't care what the law says. They are already willing to break it, even under the threat of going to prison, so they certainly aren't going to care about being threatened with losing their business license. The state would never allocate the hundreds of millions of dollars necessary to ensure adequate enforcement, so this proposed law would never be more than a symbolic measure.

    Immigrations is a federal matter, and federal elected representatives (i.e. the people you vote into Congress) should continue to be pressured to implement a national effective solution to fix our broken immigration system.

  • Top Of My Reading Class
    Fedup, why didn't you mention what a good job your parents did with you in your original statement against immigrants, and people that speak Spanish. I read your statement before replying to you, and I still think you need to stop the hate. All immigrants are not from Spanish speaking countries.
  • illegalaliens
    what is wrong with the police helping keep our state safe? does mitch need their vote, if he decides to make a run for president. let the voters decide, we are still a democracy aren"t we. i know it doesn"t seem like it, bar owners are not allowed to have smoking, in their own establishment. voters lets get these puppets out of power
  • Good Change
    Most people who live in this country have a relative who just kindof showed up. There were waves from, britain, germany, france, ireland, and china... Now it is Mexico's turn. This is something that has been going on since our founding and is what makes America what it is. What makes us feel it should be so exclusive now?
  • chill out
    Take a chill pill, all you rule of law people. The objection to the legislation was that it was so broadly written many legal people could get caught in it's trap, NOT that we shouldn't have legislation at all. I think most reasonable people would agree that those who are truly here illegally should be dealt with in a manner that respects human dignity (but dealt with, nonetheless).

  • Read and Learn
    Hey DJ, did you not thoroughly read and/or comprehend my statement? My parents raised me to love all of God's children and that has not changed. My parents also raised me to abide by the laws of the land and that has not changed either. Do you not realize that if you went to Mexico illegally, they would not hesitate in killing you and no charges would be filed. In no way do I feel that illegals should be treated in that manner, but they are just that "illegals". Should you, as a citizen, commit a crime, you would have to pay by spending time in jail or paying a hefty fine. Being in a country illegally is a crime that should have consequences. Reading is a wonderful thing and I suggest you do more of it, you may be surprised at how much you learn.
    • Jeffpublic
      Dear DJ: Yes this planet is form all of us.....but without laws this planet will be like a 3rd world country run by dictators like Chavez, Kadhafi, etc. who seek to persecute innocent people. The Rule of Law must be in place or our democracy will not mean a thing and America will become extinct as a free country.
      FedUp how do you someone is an immigrant that needs to go back home,your anger and bigotry won't help anyone. I wonder myself how businesses can get away with hiring people that don't pay taxes on their income, but this planet is for all people. Your anger will come back to harm you.
      • Send Them Back
        As someone who is subjected to the illegals and their "attitudes" almost daily, I say that if the federal government refuses to do their job, then the states should step up. I was born in this country and cannot get assistance because I make $200 over the required minimum limit. I cannot afford a new car, I cannot afford new clothes, I cannot afford health insurance yet I see illegals with Medicaid cards, EBT cards, new cars, new clothes, and every benefit that should be afforded to the citizens of this country that have worked and paid taxes. I am treated as a lower class person because I do not speak Spanish. If I wanted to speak Spanish, I would move to a country where that is the spoken language. We as the people of Indiana need to inform those that we voted into office that we are fed up. Check the identification of every hispanic person that you see. If they are legal, apologize and thank them for their cooperation. If they are illegal; SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM!
        • Papers
          Showing a Green Card is not any different than having to show your drivers license. What part of the word "Illegal" do you liberals not understand? Here is the definition from the Encarta Dictionary. "contravening a specific law, especially a criminal law". Seems like a pretty clear definition to me. It's not discrimination, it is upholding the law! Just say No to ILLEGAL activity!
        • come on
          We need to rid this country of "illegals". Our law makers are a bunch of wimps. Make law enforcement uphold our laws. Deport "illegals" stop giving them a free ride in the welfare system. They are breaking the law by being here illegally and they are bringing down our economy. They drive without license they drive with no insurance. They milk the welfare and the free housing that could be used for Americans or legal immigrants. Mitch stop being a liberal wimp, your supposed to be a conservative. NOW ACT LIKE ONE!!!!
          • Wanted vs unwanted...
            I'm glad these restrictive covenants are being removed, as they should be. As was noted already, this is not Nazi Germany. However, this clearly indicates that the state is willing to provide a home for immigrants but not gays...
          • They have got to be kidding
            So basically the only thing in this bill is a slap on the wrist, a few tax dollars thats it. These companies are still going to hire them because it is still way cheaper to take a small hit on their taxes than to pay a Hoosier a decent wage.

            If that is all that this does the only people that are winning here is the illegal, the companies that hire them. The state will never see a dime from congress on this and what about all the other people that are losing money on this are they going to be able to receive any compensation?

            This part of the bill lacks TEETH. We need major fines and a loss of a business license if they continue to hire PERIOD.
            • No open Doors to Descrimination
              I won't support any bill that opens the door for klan-like operations of the past where people can be harassed simply because of the color of their skin or the accent by which they speak. The next thing you know the GOP will require everyone to carry "papers" much like the Nazis did of the Jews.

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