Sexual coercion won't be tolerated

August 20, 2011

Several weeks ago, a former Beech Grove math teacher was charged with felony stalking a student. Two months earlier, a swim coach from an Indianapolis high school pled guilty for having sexual relations with a teenage student. These are just two examples of inexcusable behavior by adults against adolescents.

The U.S. Department of Justice is holding a series of meetings to promote deliberation and dialogue focusing on any youth exposed to sexual coercion. In keeping with this initiative, the U.S. Attorney’s Office will join forces with criminal justice officials and concerned citizens throughout Indiana to raise awareness about predatory misbehavior and criminal assault.

Sexual coercion against juveniles in any form is wrong and illegal. It will not be tolerated. We must commit our resources to combat the victimization of individuals of all ages, but particularly adolescents.

Those who hold otherwise respected positions of responsibility, mentorship or authority and who think it’s acceptable to coerce young people into having intimate relationships with them are sadly mistaken. They will be dealt with severely by law enforcement. This is a personal priority.


Joe Hogsett

U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Indiana

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