Indy pet store raid finds hundreds of dead animals

March 15, 2013

Animal control officials who raided an Indianapolis pet store that failed an annual inspection say they found hundreds of dead small animals as well as other creatures living in filthy tanks and cages.

Animal Care and Control administrator Dan Shackle told The Indianapolis Star that the Fish Bowl Pet Center, 2101 E. Michigan St., was given until Friday to address violations after it failed an inspection last week. When it failed to do so, officials began removing animals from the store Thursday.

Crews found hundreds of dead fish, lizards and other reptiles inside cramped, feces-filled cages or floating in tanks. Two live puppies and dozens of birds were confiscated.

Shackle says officials found 581 safety violations at the store, which opened 45 years ago. Each carries a maximum $2,500 fine. That means owner Bill Houston could have to pay more than $1.4 million. His license to operate the business has been suspended.


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