Panel OKs pulling Indiana Planned Parenthood money

Associated Press
February 17, 2011
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An Indiana legislative committee has approved a proposal that would prohibit any state contracts or grants with Planned Parenthood or other organizations that provide abortions.

The House Public Policy Committee voted 7-3 Thursday to send the bill to the full House.

Republican Rep. Matt Ubelhor of Bloomfield says he sponsored the bill because he wants to cut off about $1.6 million that Planned Parenthood of Indiana receives from the state for medical services. Planned Parenthood, the state's largest abortion provider, says that money is used for non-abortion services.

Republican Rep. Sean Eberhart of Shelbyville said he opposed abortion, but voted against the bill because it would withdraw money from an organization that provides many health services to the disadvantaged.

Planned Parenthood officials say it provides thousands of women with pelvic exams and education about preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.


  • Not Just state dollars
    Where this will really hurt is that PP's often recieves matching federal funds for any state monies. The impact of this legislation will be felt doubly.
  • Eh?
    @Bruce Michael Anderson - Eh?
  • @BMA
    Pardon me for saying so, but for someone who signs his posts with a reference to a writing web site, you really aren't very good at it.
  • Good Job Good News on Shabbat
    An Indiana legislative committee has approved a proposal that would prohibit any state contracts or grants with Planned Parenthood or other organizations that provide abortions.

    The House Public Policy Committee voted 7-3 Thursday to send the bill to the full House.

    End Abortion So Mote it, May it be So, Man is the Key to Heaven and to be its defender Woman is the lock and the gate we All Must Pass through H.R.881, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, right to life at Conception Act.

    If we have to Suit Obama Out an Senators the congressmen an Judges an doctors that back his Actions to support abortion, It is dereliction of duty to the Oath of office as the leadership of common defense, Use Direct criminal constitutional Contempt, Sanctum Mcgallium use the International Maritime Jurisdiction clauses.

    The actions of leadership insights Murder ââ?¬Å?Abortionââ?¬Â? and causes death. These Laws and Views that was used to bring down the Judges and Abortion Supporting doctors with the Hitler movement at the end of World war two read the History of the Trails at Nuremberg Germany. File the pre tort Claim then Flood the Small Claims courts. Any money used to pay for a abortion is backed by the federal government they control the worth of money and printing, the oath of office is to protect life as country, the Doctors oath is 1st do no harm.

    Note this Quote is not mine it belongs to a American Indian and I have forgot his name or where I found it ââ?¬Å?Great Men and Women like Great Nations are only as great as the Words they keepââ?¬Â?,
    For this view I sight The Story of the White Buffalo Caf�© Woman and the respect Woman and Life. Thought in honor of Little fox & Little Two crows

    Bruce Michael Anderson
    on writing Dot Com
    • Response to G from DC
      So you basically think that every child that gets aborted deserves it? After all they are going to be nothing but a burden on society. I hope you will take the time to read the following:


      When rape results in pregnancy, or when giving birth might cost the mother's life, few women would fail to consider as an alternative:


      But let's say you're a doctor--a physician not morally adverse to terminating a patient's pregnancy--and the circumstances are neither frivolous nor dire.

      Let's say that on a given day you are consulted by two young women, both pregnant, both doubtful as to whether they should be.

      Now, remember: such a choice is ultimately the mother's, but because you are a physician, and because your judgment is respected, and because your patient is seeking guidance, everything you say, regardless of how clinically objective--yes, even the tone of your voice--may sway her decision.

      Yours is a position of enormous responsibility. Like it or not, the very expression on your face could save or extinguish a life.

      Your first expectant mother is Caterina.

      Caterina is unmarried, obviously in her teens, obviously poor.

      You ask her age, and she tells you, and at once you realize she has overstated her years by one or two or three.

      Caterina is in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

      You ask if she has been pregnant before.

      Caterina shakes her head.

      Studying her, you wonder.

      You inquire of her general health; no problems, she says.

      And the health of the father?

      Caterina shrugs; her eyes fall.

      She has lost contact with the father of her unborn child. All she knows is he was twenty-three, a lawyer or a notary or something like that. He lives nearby, she thinks; she is not sure. The affair was over quickly, little more than a one-night stand. No child was expected--nor now is wanted.

      What Doctor, is your advice?

      Later the same day, you are consulted by a second expectant mother.

      Her name is Klara.

      Klara is twenty-eight, married three years, the wife of a government worker; she has the look of a woman accustomed to anguish.

      Concerned for the ultimate health of her unborn, Klara explains that for each year of her marriage she has had a child--and each has died; the first within thirty-one months, the second within sixteen months, the third within several days.

      Disease? You ask.

      Klara nods. She suspects that any future child would be equally susceptible. For you see, her husband is also her second cousin. Both Catholic, they received papal dispensation to marry--though now Klara questions their wisdom in asking permission.

      And there's something else...

      One of Klara's sisters is a hunchback; another sister, the mother of a hunchback.

      Klara is in the first trimester of her fourth pregnancy. The odds are against the health of her child. Time is running out.

      And it is only later that you learn--Klara's husband is not, as she has said, her second cousin. He is her uncle.

      So what, Doctor, is your advice?

      In addition to all immediate considerations--physical, moral, religious--the dilemma of whether to terminate a pregnancy is a philosophical question:

      Might this life, if left to live, affect the consciousness or even the destiny of mankind?

      Yet if the profundity of this question is diminished by the balance which governs all life, there is evidence in the two true stories you have just heard: the unwed mother with unwanted child; the married mother with the graves of three infants behind her.

      For if you, as the hypothetical physician, have opted in both cases for abortion--then you have respectively denied the world the multifaceted genius of Leonardo da Vinci--and spared humanity the terror of Adolf Hitler.

      They are THE REST OF THE STORY.
    • Weird
      I'm simply amazed by the number of people that read the IBJ that obviously hate individual freedom and private business.
    • I couldn't have said it better!
      congratulation Hoosiers
      Kevin FFebruary 17, 2011 5:02 PM
      you wanted republicans in control.....you got em!
    • PP's Other Services
      Peace, other associations can provide those services. It does not have be Planned Parenthood. PP is screaming not because of women's health, because they want to keep the profitable contracts. More power to dumping PP>
      The Assembly is discussing taxpayer funded abortions THATS IT !
    • God save the poor
      The article states that Planned Parenthood uses these funds for non-abortion services. Rep. Ubelhor's personal feelings on abortions should not jeopardize health services that are available to low income women.
    • Tough on Crime Republicans can't connect the dots, or are self-serving Political Geniuses
      So when crime goes up in exactly 18 years and 9 months, we should all run and cling to the republican party because they are 'tough on crime' right?
    • Hey "Glad"
      I hope your house is full of adopted children and that you regularly donate money to anti-war organizations. But somehow I'm betting that your contribution to society ends with misinformation on a poster board and anger. Try being a benefit occasionally.

    • huh?
      So.......less access to birth control and education, resulting in more unwanted pregnancies is going to stop/reduce abortions?
    • Proposal I support
      I for one am glad to see this proposal. Abortion is murder plain and simple- and as much as you think your dollars should support it, I think mine should not. If PP was willing to get out of the baby killing business then maybe this proposal would never have seen the light of day. But, wait it's killing innocents where they make all their money. Don't for a minute think that is not the case. I've stood on the sidewalks outside the murder mills. Until you have done so I don't think you have a comment.
      • congratulation Hoosiers
        you wanted republicans in control.....you got em!
      • IU Health next?
        So, if the legislature goes after these organizations? Does that IU Health and Indiana University become a target?

        This legislative session has quickly become a nightmare.
      • Bedroom politics
        Imposing individual values on others never works - only causes hardship, grief, and resentment. This is a slap at women whether they are rich or poor, have health insurance or not, whatever their religious belief or moral behavior.
      • Disgusting, but time
        Maybe it's time for us to stop taking our rights for granted and see that our votes do have consequences. Workers in Wisconsin, here and soon Ohio are finding that out first hand. Don't stay home in 2012.
      • Welcome to Indiana
        No gays or lesbians
        No immigrants
        No gun restrictions
        No public education
        Poor people required to have babies (healthy or not)

      • Disgusting
        Thank you, Indiana General Assembly, for ignonring the fact that pap tests, breast exams, and access to birth control are BASIC health care needs for women. Have fun emptying our coffers while Medicaid roles explode from this ill-conceived assault on women's health.
      • Stop the madness
        Will somebody please start raising a stink about the direction this legislature is trying to take this state? It is just outrageous the number of things they have jammed through in the last week or so. State is seriously going down the wrong path.

      • Incredible
        I agree completely with smm06. If it weren't for Planned Parenthood, my daughter would have been unable to afford birth control pills nor would she have received any gyn checkups because I lost our insurance when I became unemployed. Note to legislators: Start figuring out how to create jobs and keep your narrow, bigoted views to yourselves. We don't need gay marriage bills, gun-slinging legislation that isn't in the best interest of the majority and we certainly don't need to cut funding for vital services given through Planned Parenthood.
      • Foolish
        Indiana is going down a wrong path on a number of fronts - removing state funding from Planned Parenthood is just one of the really, really bad policies the current session of the legislature is considering and likely will pass. Let's see what it really means: don't be poor (heaven forbid! why can't you fix your life NOT to be poor!), and if you are, don't require services to keep you healthy and OUT of the healthcare system; don't procreate - and if you do because you don't have access to affordable healthcare services, don't ask us to help you avoid unwanted pregnancies in the future; in fact, if you just didn't exist at all, that would probably be best for all of us.

        Sadly, Indiana has lost its way and, along with wreaking havoc on public education, same-sex marriage and potentially discriminatory immigration laws, we're poised to set ourselves back in ways we can't begin to imagine.
      • Not Unexpected!
        Another fine example of the provincial and sexist attitudes of the Republican majority in the General Assembly! Well done, gentlemen. I certainly hope that no state funds are being used to provide your Viagra prescriptions. Oh, I forgot, that's a different story, isn't it.
      • jobs?
        I'm so glad to see the Republicans focusing on creating jobs in our State with this bill.

        Oh wait...
      • Stop the madness
        This is disgusting! Planned Parenthood is the only affordable health care some women in Indiana have access to. Just when I thought the Indiana Legislature couldn't get more stupid and reactionary, they hit an even lower low.
        • really?
          Okay, take even more resources away from young, broke women who use Planned Parenthood for basic women's health care. Preventative Care from cancer? When I had no health insurance I was lucky enough to be able to go to Planned Parenthood and receive services that had nothing to do with abortion and everything to do with women's reproductive health issues. Thanks Indiana.
        • Of course they did
          Was there any question that a bunch of white men would strip funding for women's health care? I didn't have even a moment of suspense.

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