Same-sex marriage amendment advances in House

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The Republican majority in the Indiana House has signed off on a maneuver advancing the proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

The House voted 67-30 along party lines Thursday on a technical vote to accept the committee's action, prefacing a floor debate expected next week. The House elections committee voted 9-3 along party lines Wednesday night in favor of the resolution.

Democratic critics objected Thursday to the House accepting the resolution, calling its move to a different committee this week a do-over.

Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma moved the measure to a more conservative committee Tuesday after GOP support faltered in the House Judiciary Committee. Democratic Rep. Matt Pierce of Bloomington dubbed Bosma's action a legislative "mulligan," akin to the resolution getting stuck in a sand trap.


  • Make Up Your Minds.
    You say we need another useless Super Bowl Boondoggle so that people perceive us to be a real city. You say we need a cricket stadium and soccer stadium - again to assuage our Indy-feriority complex. You spend millions - and lose millions - to appear like a modern progressive city where people want to live and work and do business and bring business. And then you turn around and do this stupid thing...reminding the world yet again what a backward, red-neck, state of stupidity we really are. I am so ashamed to have to say I am from Indiana. We're an embarrassment. And don't even get me started on the NRA convention we were too embarrassed to even say we contracted for. I give up..there is no hope for Indian-noplace.
  • lost
    I do not get it. If the issue is about the santity of marriage and children then why is all the effort against same sex marriage and not divorce? The only reasons I can think of are: 1. This is really about discrimination and religion but proponents have to disguise what they believe, or 2. I guess there is no #2.
  • Question
    Is this version different than the version previously passed? If so, doesn't that mean the process starts over, per Article 16 of the Indiana Constitution? Maybe these goofballs secretly realize but are afraid to admit that they are on the wrong side of history, and are kicking this can down the road?
    • childish and wrong
      I have three small daughters. When I tell one of them no, she will then go and ask her dad, in case he gives her a different answer. Mr. Bosma's tactic was, therefore, familiar to me. Oh, you're not going to get the answer you want? Well, then, just go and ask somebody else!
    • Let Bosma know what you think
      Bosma's Facebook page lacks a recent post about his stance on gay marriage, but that hasn't stopped Hoosiers from commenting. Go to https://www.facebook.com/BrianBosma2010 to add your own thoughts.
    • AMEN to Jim
      Jim, I am not a native either and also rue the day I moved into this backward state. I thought I was a conservative before I moved to Indiana. to me the word conservative stands for freedom and personal responsibility. In this state, conservative stands for depriving those who do not think the way "we" do of their rights. SHAME
    • Not a native Hoosier
      I didn't grow up here (thank goodness) and wish I had NEVER moved here. I am SHOCKED by how backward the Indiana government is. Not just on this issue either. They are a complete embarrassment and I can't wait until I'm able to leave this state.
      • Seriously, Woody Burton
        Woody Burton believes in the sanctity of marriage? I think he and his wife are both on their second marriages....
      • head out of the sand
        I thank the House GOP for having the courage to do what they (and I) believe to be the right thing - even knowing that the mainstream media will have a field day with their cynical blitherings. It would be easy to prioritize potholes, bridge repair and other material improvements over battles for things of a more spiritual and moral focus. As a taxpayer and voter, I will very much appreciate the right to have my little bit of influence towards what I believe to be right and moral, reflected in the laws of the State of Indiana. These things are much longer lasting than a pothole repair!
      • My Apologies
        My most abject apologies, Voter. I did not mean to single out Mr. Burton in my apparent diatribe, merely point out that (since he was quoted so centrally in this morning's Indianapolis Star) that his comment was that he was voting for his own personal opinions, with no references whatsoever to his constituents. Although, perhaps in his own district, it could very well be his own personal opinions that continue to get him voted in, regardless of his consistent inadequacies. And, thank Heavens for small favors, I do NOT reside in his distsomewhat rict, but substantially north of that in the rarified atmosphere of Geist, where people are valued for who they are, not what they are...
      • Response to Voter
        The outcome should not be based on voter preference. The issue involves basic rights under the constitution, which I assume Woody Burton would defend. As others have said, why would the state enshrine discrimination into its constitution? Ignorance and bias are the only reasons I can come up with. I suggest you read the two "letters to the editor" in today's Star for additional views on this topic.
      • Really?
        Preston-Do you live in Rep Burton's district? Have you polled everyone of the voters in Rep Burton's district? Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge. Also, if the majority is behind defeating this amendment, then why wouldn't you want this to go to a vote in November?
      • Friends & Colleagues
        Whether the solidly goose-stepping Republicans in the House wish to recognize it or even admit it, it's very likely that most of them, if not all of them, know at least one gay person; they may be members of their own families. They may refuse to acknowledge it, or they may not even know it, but they are our doctors, our children's teachers, our ministers, our neighbors, our bosses, our sons and daughters, etc. When someone like Woody Burton, after admitting that younger republicans don't believe the antiquated way that he does, proudly says "Well, maybe I'm just ol' fashioned ... I voted my conscience..." OK, Mr. Burton (et al), aren't you supposed to be voting on behalf of your constituency, not your own personal prejudices, biases, fears and bigotry. Oh, yes, and a burning desire to return to a softer and gentler time, where "those people" knew their place...
        • Conservatives...HA
          I always thought that conservatives were opposed to government control and in favor of individual freedoms. apparently those freedoms mean "as long as you agree with me". Indiana NEEDS to elect some Democrats (though they aren't much better than the Republicans).
        • Along Party Lines
          Its hard to believe that every Republican who voted for this in Committee thinks that enshrining discrimination through this Amendment is the right thing to do for Indiana. Don't they know wonderful gay people who are their relatives, doctors, clergy, landscapers, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, caregivers, church musicians, financial advisors, museum directors, community volunteers, friends, and neighbors. Is this Nazi Germany where one group decides another group isn't as good as them, it is the 21ist century!! Not all these legislators live in isolated rural areas where maybe its easy to pretend gay people are not equal to everyone else. Kathy Richardson represents Indianapolis suburbs containing highly educated and cultured people. Why is it that in the face of everything people now know about same-sex attraction and knowing how past laws on slavery, race and women appear outrageous today, every Republican in the Indiana Legislature wants to go on the historical record as being for this un-American Amendment to restrict the rights of some citizens? Can Republicans be proud of this?
        • They Don't Care
          Our legislators do not care about the people. They only care about winning and padding their own vitae as to such. They don't worry about how many people, including children, they trample upon in their unabashed quest to impose their own "moral" code upon everyone else. And I truly question whether any of them believe their own speeach but rather must prove that they will win over anyone else. Last time I studied, freedom from tyranny was the underpinnings of the establishment of our country. I am embarrased to say I am a Hoosier and now subject to the ridicule of the enlightened world.
        • INDEED
          This is the priority of this State? Not roads, education and jobs but whether a ban of same-sex marriage should be in the constitution??? Way to go! Is not already against the law? Why take this step? Backward morons.
          • Shocking news
            Gee, this is shocking news..along party lines. Imagine that. Guess it will be up to the voters of this state to make me a believer that Indiana is not filled with hate mongers and bible beating bigots as our legislature is. Could have knocked me over with a feather if this actally met with a hint of resistance in the House. Brian Bosma got his way. Once again, should be a shock to no one...Indiana..stuck in the dark ages

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            1. So much for Eric Holder's conversation about race. If white people have got something to say, they get sued over it. Bottom line: white people have un-freer speech than others as a consequence of the misnamed "Civil rights laws."

            2. I agree, having seen three shows, that I was less than wowed. Disappointing!!

            3. Start drilling, start fracking, and start using our own energy. Other states have enriched their citizens and nearly elminated unemployment by using these resources that are on private land. If you are against the 'low prices' of discount stores, the best way to allow shoppers more choice is to empower them with better earnings. NOT through manipulated gov mandated min wage hikes, but better jobs and higher competitive pay. This would be direct result of using our own energy resources, yet Obama knows that Americans who arent dependent of gov welfare are much less likely to vote Dem, so he looks for ways to ensure America's decline and keep its citizens dependent of gov.

            4. Say It Loud, I'm Black and Ashamed: It's too bad that with certain "black" entertainment events, it seems violence and thuggery follows and the collateral damage that it leaves behinds continues to be a strain on the city in terms of people getting hurt, killed or becoming victims of crimes and/or stretching city resources. I remember shopping in the Meadows area years ago until violence and crime ended make most of the business pack you and leave as did with Lafayette Square and Washington Square. Over the past 10 to 12 years, I remember going to the Indiana Black Expo Soul Picnic in Washington Park. Violence, gang fights and homicides ended that. My great grandmother still bears the scares on her leg from when she was trampled by a group of thugs running from gun fire from a rival gang. With hundreds of police offices downtown still multiple shootings, people getting shot downtown during Black Expo. A number of people getting shots or murdered at black clubs around the city like Club Six on the west side, The Industry downtown, Jamal Tinsley's shot out in front of the Conrad, multiple fights and shootings at the skating rinks, shootings at Circle Center Mall and shooting and robberies and car jackings at Lafayette Mall. Shootings and gang violence and the State Fair. I can go on and on and on. Now Broad Ripple. (Shaking head side to side) Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Ashamed.

            5. Ballard Administration. Too funny. This is the least fiscally responsive administration I have ever seen. One thing this article failed to mention, is that the Hoosier State line delivers rail cars to the Amtrak Beech Grove maintenance facility for refurbishment. That's an economic development issue. And the jobs there are high-paying. That alone is worth the City's investment.