Simpson out as WIBC morning host, conservative Katz in wings

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Friday was the last day on the air at WIBC-FM 93.1 for longtime radio news personality Steve Simpson.

Simpson was informed Friday that his contract would not be renewed by Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications Corp., which owns WIBC.

“We now have more empathy than ever for what the [Indianapolis] Colts went through with Peyton Manning,” said Emmis market manager Charlie Morgan. “This certainly has nothing to do with Steve’s performance. … This should not be taken in any way as our lack of appreciation for Steve’s 22 years of service at WIBC.

“He’s just not the right guy for what the role of host now requires,” Morgan added. “What we’re asking our hosts to do is offer opinion and perspective, and [Simpson] was not comfortable with that. He was more comfortable in a more traditional news role.”

By early afternoon Friday, all mention of Simpson had been removed from WIBC’s web site.

Simpson’s slot, weekdays from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m., will be filled by conservative news talk show host Tony Katz, Morgan said.

Katz, who is based out of Los Angeles, had been doing a show on WIBC from 9 p.m. to midnight. Katz is in the process of selling his L.A. home and moving to Carmel, Morgan said.

“Tony’s is a local show,” Morgan emphasized, “not a syndicated show.”

Katz will take his new post as morning news host June 30. Until that time, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz will fill in during the morning drive-time slot.

With Katz in the driver’s seat, there will be no less emphasis on news, traffic and weather, Morgan added.

“It’s just that the role we’re asking our host to take has shifted,” he said.

The shakeout, Simpson said, didn’t catch him completely by surprise Friday. When reached late Friday afternoon, Simpson remained pragmatic about his departure.

“Times change, and the direction they were headed is a place I couldn’t take them,” he said. “I had a nice, long run at WIBC and certainly still have some friends there and wish them the best of luck.”

Simpson, 50, said he’d like to stay in Indianapolis and is considering a number of future career options. “I have some ideas on what I’d like to do … anything from public relations to being a spokesperson to writing are some of the things I’d consider.”

Simpson said he’d also consider another radio gig if one came available.

“I’m not shutting any doors,” he added. “I’m a free agent, so we’ll see what happens.”

Simpson, who also was senior producer at WIBC, is a veteran who was featured on all-night coverage of the 2000, 2004 and 2008 presidential elections and also anchored much of the 9/11 coverage on WIBC, which was simulcast on all four of Emmis’ Indianapolis stations. He provided updates to news/talk sister station KTAR in Phoenix and also provided news for Emmis’ New York and Los Angeles stations following the attacks.

“He was a consummate news man,” Morgan said of Simpson. “He was the voice of calm in the eye of the storm.”

Simpson, a Syracuse University graduate, started his career in Syracuse, New York at WHEN and WKFM. He moved to Indiana in 1987 to work at WKLR-FM, and in 1992 made the move to WIBC.


  • Why does Tony flirt?
    Why does Tony flirt on air with Amber Stearns? It made uncomfortable last week when he asked her what kind of photo that she'd like of him. Amber handled her comments well, and that went a long way to ease my troubled feelings. But just now I flipped on the radio and Bam! In my face, it seems, Tony was flirting again and I turned the radio (weather radio) off and the last thing I heard on air was a woman' s nervous laughter. Sorry, Tony. I don't like for you to flirt with the ladies at your work. I don't listen to Greg when the Chicks are in studio because he flirts and gushes on air with them. Whatever you guys may think is a compliment is really more of a side comment that is distractingly rude.
  • Katz is Terrible
    I moved to Indy 15 years ago and have been a dedicated WIBC listener every day on my drive to and from work. Loved Steve Simpson. Can't stand Tony Katz. The WIBC brass and Programming Director are idiots. I now listen to other stations.
  • Former Listener
    I listened to the morning show for more than 25 years, but no more. I can't stand listening to the visceral hatred coming out of TK's screaming mouth, and I am a conservative! His comments on any topic are designed to do nothing more than create an argument over which he can then begin screaming his opinion. I do not want to listen to this junk first thing in the morning. Adios WIBC!
    I agree I no longer listen to WIBC and I have listened since High School over 50 years ago
  • No! we want Steve and Stacey
    First thing in the morning, I do not want turmoil and passion. I want to greet the morning with a smile and peaceful and pleasant conversation about the news. I will not remain a listener with this change.
  • Steve/Terri
    WIBC made a move by removing Steve and Terri and I have made a move to any station but this one...Tony Katz, really??
    • I agree
      I do not want to be bombarded with political talk first thing in the morning and while I am getting ready for work. Give me weather, humor, traffic reports, and the fact about major news. I miss Steve Simpson.
      I stopped listening to this station when they hired Tony Katz. Just do not want to hear his verbal vomit that early in the morning. I want news in the morning not a bunch of mouthwash. Bring back the old crew......
      • Tony Kats
        Can't stand the man! Enjoyed Steve and Terri. Please get rid of Tony!!!1
      • Bad choices for morning show.
        I stopped listening to the morning show when Terri Stacy left. When I moved here and found the station years ago I was pleasantly surprised ti find this host who I thought had the perfect voice and personality for a morning show host, the interaction between her, Steve and Dave Wilson was light and fun and that's a better way to start a day than getting yelled at by some nasally reactionary knee-jerker on your way to work every d%#& day of your life. WIBC, please go back to the friendly format and reserve the weapons of mass (broadcasting) distraction for the p.m. shows.
      • good bye
        I finally convinced my wife to listen to WIBC in the morning. Not any more. Both of us totally dislike the new format. It is wrong on all accounts and the management team made a huge error, iIMHO. ex. This morning this idiot all but called the attorny general stupid and deagraded several Indiana communities publicly. Give me a break. Hoe can any one person be so smart that he is the only one who is ALWAYS right. Good bye WIBC. IT was nice while it lasted.
      • WIBC Programing
        With the loss of Steve Simpson and Terry Stacy along with Dave Wilson....WIBC is now just all opinions all day long. Nothing to enjoy. I've quit listening
      • It just doesn't work
        We've continued to be tuned in to WIBC as we get ready for work, but not because we like Mr. Katz. Listening to him feels like being constantly harassed. This morning, I noticed he drew Mike Wilson into a fray of some sort in regard to a new story--why would the person reporting the news be pulled into giving his opinion? This is all very sad and tiring and I really miss Steve and Terri. So long WIBC; almost any other station would be better than Tony Katz screaming at us in the morning.
      • Katz too Intense
        While I agree with Tony Katz's views, I cannot listen to his screaming and hollering that early in the morning. I miss, miss, miss Steve and Terry and I think WIBC made a big mistake. I, too, despise the giggling giddiness of the "Chicks on the Right" and have left WIBC for another station. Steve was perfect-you knew from the occasional snarky comment exactly where he stood but he did not jam it down our throats during morning coffee and commute. I mean, really, who wants to get all fired up on the way to work when many times, people don't want to be going to work anyway? I like my agitation AFTER my coffee, thank you. Rush has a perfect time slot! I also cannot imagine Katz keeping people calm during a tornado or bad weather like Steve Simpson did. Anyway, you boneheads made a dumb move and by the comments, I can see that you probably lost a lot of listeners. I am one of them.
        • What is the number one principle of a conservative?
          I too have been listening to WIBC since the mid '60s (age eight). It has been my practice to wake up and go to bed, with my radio tuned to WIBC for nearly 50 years. I have weathered the many changes (losses - Fred, Gary, Big John, you know the list!) over the years, but the past few have shown cracks in the foundation. This latest change in format/personalities is truly a shame. Leading me to my headline question - What is the number one principle of a conservative? Answer - Maintaining tradition. Perhaps Emmis is trying to kill WIBC in the long run; making it so caustic, un-family friendly and overtly opinionated, that they can use the frequency for a "new world order" or HipHop station. Losing the "old" WIBC feels like losing a family member or your best friend. Thanks to those who shared their lives, work, personalities and efforts to enrich our lives and make Indianapolis a special place! I will treasure the memories as these values becomes inconsequential too.
        • Leo
          Dump Katz. Please!!
        • katz is horrible
          I have an hour commute and would listen to the news and enjoyed the show. Now its just annoying, loud and just couldnt take it anymore. Not sure where to get local news over the radio, but sure of what I wont be listening to.
        • Not listening anymore
          I will not be listening anymore to WIBC.What were you thinking? Tony Katz vs. Steve Simpson? Steve Simpson was a "staple" in Indy Broadcasting and he was good! A trusted voice with the events of the day and times. Sometimes marketing decisions with input by "marketing consultants" leave trusted employees and listeners in "the dust" and that is exactly where many have been left. Steve has been a local since 1987. What were you all thinking when this decision was made to replace Steve with Tony Katz? You have lost me as a listener of WIBC!
        • Can't listen to this guy.
          I, like others find TK way over the top. His voice and presentation are not something that makes me want to listen. It's like he is trying to start an argument...with??..any time he opens his mouth. I hate to say it, but it's back to music/NPR for my drive to work.
        • Not a good decision
          I agree with all of these opinions from the above disgruntled morning listeners of WIBC. There is just too much of this talk radio, and Katz is too abrasive for morning radio. He belongs where he was....at night while I'm sleeping. I miss Steve Simpson and Terri Stacy. They had such respect for each other. Terri is so pleasant to listen to. She just sounds so sweet and loving. I've listened to WIBC for many years, but this is it for me now. I'll be looking for an alternative.
        • WIBC Fail
          So disappointed in WIBC. This is the last straw to lose a good local morning program. I used to be able to rely on WIBC to give me good local information, news, weather and traffic on my 45 minute commute.Two incidents when I needed local, accurate information regarding severe weather were the first signs I could not now rely on WIBC. I work weekend 12 hour nights for a downtown hospital. This past winter when we had the worst snowfall in my 50 years of life, I came home on a Sunday morning, went to sleep (because I was to go back in Sunday night for another 12 hour shift), and woke up around 1 p.m. to a house with no electricity. I keep an old battery powered radio around and turned on WIBC to see what was going on with the winter storm and the roads and the power outage. Sigh. Only policital stuff. Not even a break in to update on the winter storm warning. The second weather incident occurred when I was driving home during a severe thunderstorm a few months ago. I had already gotten a call from my husband that a tornado warning was just southwest of where I had been. I turned to WIBC to find out what direction the storm was headed so I could figure out a route home, only to find Rush on the air, and again, no breaking away from this stupidity to give me information. Thank God for my phone, which gave me the warning that I was driving in an area where a tornado was seen. Thanks for nothing WIBC. Good luck to you, Steve! We need more of you and not the politics of hatred that WIBC wants to shove at us. Good thing I have Satellite radio.
        • I'm done
          I tried, can't take it anymore. Untill Katz is replaced I can't listen anymore.
        • Missing Steve Simpson
          I am commenting because I apparently am not alone in my opinion of Tony Katz. Steve Simpson was enjoyable to listen to. He always had great comments. Tony Katz on the other hand reminds me of those who think 9/11 was a government consipiracy. Not listening anymore.
        • Morning Show
          I have enjoyed WIBC moring show for over 20 years. Due to the recent change, I can no longer listen to WIBC in the moring. Tony Katz sounds more like a Mid Afternoon top 40 DJ than the concervative news host, as billed. Back at Noon for Rush
        • all gone
          Twenty years ago when we moved to Indy I was a stay at home mom and knew not very many people.WIBC was my family and friends for the most part. It was informative, civil, and humerous with Dave the KING. Terri, Jeff, Stever, Big Joe, Matt, Pat and Crumie. I loved them all, and they seemed to love each other. I didn't mind Greg Garrison, but I was not a Rush fan. NOW I can't stand Chicks and all their giggly opinions. Tony Katz is to abrasive that early in the morning(or really any time). I will tune in on Saturday morning for the usual fun and priceless information from Pat and Crumie, mornings it will be 90.1
          • Steve Simpson where are you?
            What a stupid decision WIBC !! The only guy that I looked forward to in the morning the Cronkite of Indy...I guess I tune to another station now...bummer... Steve enjoy your vacation....somebody with half a brain will be calling.
          • I miss Steve!
            I wondered what happened to Steve, so I googled it and found this article. I loved listening to Steve and Terri in the mornings. Loved their personalities and the format of the show. I've listed to Tony Katz's for a couple of weeks now and am not a fan. I'm not in the mood for more ranting and raving that early in the morning. Plus Tony is very abrasive with his comments. There's enough ranting on WIPC from 9am to 4pm with Rush, Garrison, and the lady from Missouri. I liked listening to Steve on my morning commute and I enjoy the format of the chicks on the right at 4pm for the drive home. I hope Steve lands another spot in Indy somewhere so I can tune in!
            • Hey Emmis! Did You Notice?
              I find it quite interesting that not only are there so very many (all but 1 by my count)comments here saying the same thing but that the management at Emmis/WIBC made the decision that the listening public wanted MORE yelling and right-wing rants on the station. I don't know anyone who agrees with the decision and apparently people - including myself - want to take the time to weigh in on this baffeling decision for change when no change was needed. Not a matter of being fearful of change, it's a matter of enjoying the last vestage of pleasant 'talk radio' in the mornings to get the day started with a little light conversation and a pleasant voice. I too hope that Mr. Simpson resurfaces on our airwaves in the AM and takes whatever few listeners away from the obnoxious Mr. Katz. Sorry guy - hope you like the city, but your voice and personality are just bothersome! Nothing personal, it's just not a good fit for me and my radio dial will be tuned elsewhere in the mornings in Indy.
            • Steve Simpson IS the right host!
              We’ve been long time listeners to the WIBC morning show – since we moved to Indy from San Francisco in 1987. You’ve helped us to wake up, get organized, and make our morning commute as safe as possible! The hosts – Fred Heckman, Big John Gillis, Jeff Pigeon, Terry Stacy, Steve Simpson (have I missed anyone, oh yes, Big Joe) were always laid back and relaxed and made me feel comfortable and yes, happy, starting the day right. Now you (Charles Morgan) say the last of the greats, Steve Simpson, is “just not the right guy for what the role of the host requires”. Who determines what the role of the host is? - Emmis Broadcasting WITHOUT listener input it sounds like. He WAS the right guy for what I perceive the role of host requires! I’ve given the WIBC morning show with Tony Katz a month’s trial and decided that it’s bad for my health to keep listening to an opinionated host with a loud and fast voice! He doesn’t make me feel good about my day. I’ve now gone on to another station, WFYI. Goodbye WIBC
            • Wrong for the morning show
              I remember waking up as a kid in the 60's and hearing my Dad listening to old Joe Pickett and WIBC morning crew as he prepared for work. Since then I have always tuned to WIBC in the mornings. Terri Stacey is a breath of fresh air and sunshine, and was/is always a pleasure. Mr. Katz is another story. I enjoy Garrison and the Chicks in the afternoon, but mornings are for easy-going, friendly local banter, news and weather. Sadly, I will not be tuning in to WIBC in the mornings anymore, at least until there is a return to the 'old fashioned' style! New doesn't always mean better!
            • Bring Steve back!!!
              New guy doesn't have "it." Been listening to him last few weeks, to give him a chance, and now we're tuning elsewhere in the morning. Your new format leaves a lot to be desired, folks. I know I speak for thousands when I say "bring Steve back!!!!" Mike
            • Does anyone know--
              what Steve is doing and if he is on another radio station. That is the station I will listen to.
            • Not my station anymore
              I've been a listener for 30 years and coming from a small town always enjoyed the light- heartedness of the morning show. It was nice to listen to Pidge & Terri, and then Steve & Terri. Now it is nothing but slamming politics. Too bad WIBC has decided to take away the community feel of their station and go with nothing but political commentators who want to cram it down your throat if you disagree with them.
            • peon
              Its my party and I'll cry if I want to.
            • Bring Back Steve
              Steve Simpson is the man! Tony Katz is very contentious. He's not a Hoosier, he has a low opinion of Brad Stevens, no one but him can say anything right on his show. The only thing that makes his morning show semi-tolerable is that girl with him, Page. She can stay, Katz needs to go, NOW!
            • I need a news station!
              Really? I am a conservative Christian but I do not want to hear the sensationalist hype 24/7! I am a younger demographic but have listened to WIBC during my morning commute for years. I want a station that doesn't scream hate at me. I agree with many of your hosts, not the delivery of the message. Regardless of Simpson's personal life (never knew he was gay)- he was the best man for the job and I hope he resurfaces in Indy. I am done with WIBC!
            • Sorry about departure Steve Simpson
              I am very sorry to learn that Steve Simpson is no longer on WIBC. I will definitely miss him. He was like family. I listen to WIBC during my morning commute to work. It will not be the same. While I like Tony Katz he has huge shoes to fill. I only wished WIBC had been smarter in making the transition. They could have eased Simpson out or perhaps allowed him to retire or kept him on air in some capacity and I think WIBC would have experienced less resistance from listeners and more acceptance of Tony Katz. I think the way in which this change occurred was a PR nightmare. I think WIBC will lose lots of listeners unnecessarily.
            • Simpson/Terri
              I grew up listening to WIBC beginning with Fred Heckman. Change has not always been easy for me, but I did accept all the changes WIBC made along the way up to now. I believe WIBC has made a HUGE mistake replacing Simpson and Terri during the morning show. Their personalities reflected Indiana and the Indianapolis area residents. They were informative, funny, making you laugh, while revealing other perspectives rather than your own. Mr Katz is boring, too opinionated, does not reflect our "hoosier" family radio station so many are use to. If I want to hear a personality like Mr Katz, I would turn on CNN, Fox, or a news station on cable. For the first time in my adult life, I am in search for other options for my time on my way to work in the morning.
            • Goodbye WIBC
              WIBC WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?! Steve Simpson was the ONLY person left on WIBC worth listening to FOR the very reason they fired him. I'm sick to death of the opinionated, arguing, blowhards that WIBC is full of. I'm done with them. The thought of not hearing Steve Simpson makes me sick. He was the one voice of reason that I always enjoyed listening to. Oh WIBC what have you done??? Get him back!
            • Katz: A perfect man?
              This morning Tony said he is without sin. That makes him and Jesus as the only ones I know who are perfect. I've listened to WIBC since 1988 and now it's time for a change.
            • more talk radio no needed in a.m.
              As mentioned by many before now, even conservatives do not need to be fed this all day, but Jeff Smulyan knows where the money is (maybe "was" if people bail out). He has long been a known Liberal that supports left-leaning politicals, but puts all the Conservative talking heads on the air
            • Bad move
              Steve Simpson was the reason I listened to the Morning Show; you were fools to not renew his contract. Tony Katz his replacement is annoying and his attempts at humor are a fail. You guys messed up this time.
            • I'm gone
              This morning, I finally changed the station. Listening to Tony and his producer scream and argue over what was and wasn't a good Linday Lohan movie was more than I could take. I don't need someone screaming at me at 5:30 in the morning.
            • Tony Katz
              too bad you didn't renew Stever's contract you just lost another listener. Tony Katz is irritating to listen to. bye
            • Steve Simpson
              No longer listen to WIBC. I too do not like to listen to Tony Katz.
            • Disappointed
              I have been a dedicated listener to WIBC for over 35 yrs. Stever & Terri were so easy to listen to in the mornings. I'll miss them deeply. From here on out, I'm an "occasional listener."
            • Another former long time listener
              Are you kidding me? What torture to be subjected to Katz drivel. Mornings were the only time WIBC was listenable - now it has absolutely no value. I'm out
            • Goodbye
              Godbye WIBC. There is no longer any reason to listen to this station whatsoever. ...
              • Ditto
                this is exactly me. I too have been around a long time losing all the good people on air. I quit evenings when Ed Wank left and now Steve. Good luck Stever and goodbye wibc. big wigs better read all these comments and see what they have done.
              • wibc
                I loved the mornings with Steve & can't believe you'dreplace him with another political program. I have listened to Terri& Stever for a long time. No better duo in radio. Tony should stay on late nights with his nasal whining & a no personality Page. Sorry I won't be listening any more. Hope Steve goes to another radio station.
              • Love Katz
                Everyone need to stop their crying. This isn't your mom and dad's WIBC. Times change. Although I enjoyed Simpson I enjoy Katz even more. This guy moved to join our community and all I see are people bashing him. Shame on you all. I agree with most of what he says and he is a strong nationally recognized voice in the conservative movement. And for that we should all be thankful. Thank you WIBC and thank you Tony Katz. Not only for your commentary but also for embracing our community and here's to you being here a long time
                • so sad
                  I was a fan of WIBC in the morning, Steve was the only WIBC host that I listened too, he gave the news with so much flare that I enjoyed listening to him on my way to work. Katz is no Steve. Sadly, I will not be listening to WIBC anymore.
                • Bummer
                  Stever will be missed. Big mistake to replace him with Katz
                • What were you thinking?!!
                  I tried, but listening to Tony Katz is like fingernails on a blackboard. He has no indoor voice! He is loud, obnoxious and clearly doesn't understand Hoosier values. His sidekick producer sounds like she is either bored or can't be bothered to tell a news story. I miss Steve Simpson so much. I have left the listening audience for WIBC. I hope Steve lands on his feet back on Indy airwaves somewhere soon!
                • BUMMED! DISAPPOINTED!
                  I was very sad when Terrie Stacey left my morning radio week days, but when I realized that Steve Simpson was gone, I was really sad! The new guy is too "in your face" for me! After being a listener for over 50 years, I will be sadly changing my AM radio to a new station! You messed up too much this time!!!!!!!!
                • Katz too "in your face" for my morning routine
                  I couldn't agree more. On my drive home from work, I choose to listen to the more opinionated talk shows. In the morning, I want the news, local, national and global. Katz, although I tend to agree with most of his opinions, is a bit too forceful for me in the mornings. I will be seeking a new station for me morning news.
                • Huge loss
                  I'm very disappointed at the loss of Steve Simpson ... Will now find a new station after many many years! Big mistake WIBC !!!
                • Katx not right for Indy or the morning show
                  Tony Katz has subbed several times on different programs on WIBC. Most of us who have listened for anytime at all already had formed mostly negative opinions of him. There is plenty of talk radio programs available all day long. Most listeners are looking for straight news, traffic and weather in the morning. Katz's editorializing has already gotten old. His nasal whining is going to drive listeners away in droves.
                  • Good bye
                    I have really enjoyed reading all the comments because I agree with so many other listeners. I am a satellite radio subscriber but I always took time to listen to WIBC during my morning drive to work. In my opinion, you got rid of the best morning news anchor on Indy radio. He and Terri always felt like family. Do you guys really think that the listeners enjoy all this right wing , shove it down your throat opinion. You guys can't hide it, you have made a huge mistake!! I will be tuning in elsewhere.!!
                  • Changing Stations
                    I have listened to your station for 15 years or more. I loved the down to earth talk from Terri and Steve. I listened to the station this morning and all that was said was how they feel about music and personal issues. Cant stand Tony's opinions and views. Sounds like a big city know it all. Changing stations starting tomorrow. You messed up using Tony. Jeff Pegion and Steve were great over the years. Good Bye!
                  • Gone as well
                    Cannot add anything much to what has been said, but need be counted as another who no longer has a use for WIBC in the morning drive time. Tony filling in for Steve several weeks ago was enough for me to make my first call to a station to voice my displeasure. Have even become frustrated with the lack of news during a newscast--a tease of what was coming, then not even a word on the story! Good luck Steve, goodbye WIBC!
                  • In search of a new morning radio station
                    I have enjoyed listening for many years to Terri & Steve in the morning on my drive to work. First Terri, now Steve. I was hoping he was on vacation & would return soon. I found out this morning that he's been replaced. I cannot stand listening to his replacement, Tony Katz. I've suffered through the last couple of weeks, but no more. He's always cramming his opinion down our throats & in such an arrogant way. I will sadly be looking for a another station to be loyal too. So long WIBC!!
                  • So long WIBC.
                    I have enjoyed listening to WIBC on my way to work for many years. It gets me caught up on daily news, traffic and weather. I no longer can stand to listen in the mornings. It's too early in the morning for political opinions and loud annoying voices. I am saddened to hear that Steve Simpson is gone. I was hoping he was just on an extended vacation or possibly recovering from surgery. Now that I know he is gone all together, so am I. I don't think WIBC really know what Indy wants in the morning. Anyway so long WIBC.
                  • Steve is Funny
                    I gotta be honest "You Lost Me At Wound Socket".
                  • Done!
                    I've listened to WIBC since I was a kid in the 60's. Sorry to say with the new changes, "bye bye!"
                  • I'm not listening now
                    Very disappointed with WIBC. I loved Steve Simpson and the "old school" news program. Management doesn't have a clue as to what we want.
                    • Such a Shame
                      I'm very disappointed with all of this change that has happened with WIBC. And to think, this was the station that I interned with while attending college. I normally don't post on these boards, but with everything that has happened, I felt that this was too important not to. I loved waking up and driving to work/school with warm voices like Pidge, Terri, Big Joe, Big John and Steve. Now, the only time I can listen to this station is Sunday mornings when Terri does the First Day show. Other than that, that's it. I'm a Conservative and some shows I don't mind like Abdul, the Dana show and even Garrison. Can I have my morning drive free of all of the constant bashing we get from 9AM-6PM? I'm switching to NPR.
                    • Disappointed
                      I have listened to Steve Simpson and Terri Stacey for years and loved their format. Terri was taken off first and I really miss her bubbly spirit in the morning! She represented WIBC well in that capacity. Now, Steve Simpson is gone. I thought he was excellent. I didn't know his sexual orientation, but it makes no difference. He is an excellent broadcaster! I do not enjoy the sound of Tony Katz voice at all. It's grating! He maybe a conservative, but he is irritating. I will be finding a new morning radio station. Thank you!
                    • Really?
                      Really dumb move. Katz is even more irritating than Jake Query. Instead of IBC, been listening to John Batchelor podcasts lately (another dumb move-best program they had all day). Will turn in Noori for a while if I need to get up at 3:00, otherwise I've tuned out.
                    • I'm done...
                      Like so many other listeners, I too have listened faithfully for over 20 years. I cannot stand to wake up to someone cramming his opinion down my throat is such an arrogant way. I thought WIBC always felt like their listeners' opinions were respected with credibility. Apparently not anymore, so I will sadly find another station to be loyal too. Katz is not a good wake up call...anytime of the day.
                    • Tony is boring
                      Wibc can not keep their early morning with this mouthy boring guy. Go with Abdul or whoever else.
                    • done with WIBC weekdays
                      WIBC has left intelligent fiscal conservatives with no place to go but another station during the week. The WIBC brand was built on drive time listeners wanting news,traffic and weather. WIBC was the source to be informed since my childhood listening to Gary Todd and on. Intelligent listeners honored your brand with brand loyalty. The brand has left us. Katz' arrogant stuttering is not informative and the afternoon incessant giggling of women interrupting each other is unbearable on a steady dose. I hope Steve Simpson, Eric Berman, Stan and the other few with credibility will join up for a new morning show on another station. I'll tune in to Saturday shows, but otherwise am gone. And Denny, your plugs for them is impugning your integrity. I hope you new format works for the blank minds who will subject themselves to the lower standard you've now set.
                    • Can't do it anymore
                      I really, really liked Steve Simpson. I followed him when he changed time slots. It depresses me to hear Obama-bashing all day long. I'm a conservative, but like many others, I'll be tuning in to another station now.
                      • Sad, sad, day
                        I can't believe that Steve is gone! He and Greg Garrison were the last decent bastion on wibc worth listening to in the morning. I turn Katz, Chicks, Abdul, and Dana off when they come on. I can't stand their intensity! The chicks are down right stupid. I suggest people try 95.9 Freedom 95. Much, much better, especially in the evening. Too bad, I've been a listener since Gary Todd's era.
                      • Sorry
                        Business is business but I wanted Steve Simpson's personality in the a.m. I could tune in from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. if I want politics and opinion. I enjoyed the run but Steve was the last reason to hang on. Oh well. I will enjoy some quiet on my way to work then.
                        • I'm out
                          WIBC...what the?? You already have slots for opinionated shows...mornings are for basic "what's going on in the world" info. Nobdy is awake for debate. Could barely stomach Abdul's stumbling around of "Uh", "Er", "Ah", "Ummm"....did he not take announcer class? I'm done. Last straw. Simpson made it light, informative and enjoyable. By IBC.
                        • +1
                        • CUL
                          See ya later WIBC. You just lost a long, long time listener. When Abul or Katz come on, my radio goes off. I really don't need Katz's opinion at 5:00 AM. Thank goodness for Sirius satellite radio. Guess I'll be spending a lot more time at PGA Tour Radio.
                        • News in the morning is best
                          I liked Steve Simpson and thought he was humorous in a subtle way. I enjoyed his news delivery and as some have written here, commentary and opinion should not be continuous throughout the day. Tony is ok and I have listened to him at night with no complaints. Though you'll likely not bring Steve back, a morning news program is my preference and Steve provided that, at least to my satisfaction.
                        • Bad Move
                          I've been a long time listener, but I'm tuning out. Tried to give Katz a chance buts it's like fingers on a chalkboard. I'm conservative, very conservative, love Rush and Garrison; just don' t want politics 24/7. I feel like Katz is shouting at me and too full of himself. I feel the same about the Chicks and have tuned out in the afternoons. Steve's demeanor, delivery and content were perfect first thing in the morning. This is the first time I've left my opinion on a public forum but felt compelled to do so because I'm so disappointed.
                          • I'm out!
                            Bad move WIBC. You lost me. I don't want to listen to political commentary all day
                          • Yeah
                            Dry Dry Dry as toast. I was so happy to hear Abdul in the morning. I wish he was permanent.
                          • Simpson
                            Sorry to hear an "ol' Friend" leave the air waves. Guess I won't be listening much any more. Don't mind politics and controversy, just DON'T want them in the morning.
                          • A Fresh Approach
                            Steve Simpson & Terri Stacy were as stale as petrified Texas toast. Looking forward to Tony's articulate, upbeat delivery coupled with genuine wit and wry humor. Welcome to Indy!
                          • No morning show for me
                            Steve was great to listen to in the morning. Talked of local events and has a great radio voice. Just a perfect way to start the day. Save all the political stuff until after 9 am. No WIBC for me before 9--I listened to Katz today and it just wasn't right.
                          • So long WIBC
                            So sad Steve is gone. I met Steve when he 1st came to Indy and was on the oldies station. I was so happy when he moved to WIBC & the evening drive then to the morning show. Really felt like I had a friend riding with me to work. My husband and I enjoyed listening to Steve every morning. It started out our day right. Lost a friend that I hope to find on the radio again real soon.
                          • steve simpson
                            I am sorry to hear about Steve Simpson. I will not be listening anymore except for Greg Garrison. I tried to listen this morning but just had enough after about 30 minutes.
                          • Would Be Nice
                            It would be nice to have a radio station that reports the news, and not interject hateful opinions about people they don't agree with.... would be nice to have a cheery happy outlook on the day rather than the doom and gloom and made up stories of how the announcer hates liberals... and I am a conservative...... ~and I am embarrassed to be party associated with Rush ... he rants way too much, but I am glad I have the option to turn him off :) ....
                          • BIG MISTAKE
                            I have listened to WIBC only since the 60's. I have been a true loyal fan and never tuned in to another station. Then we lost Gary Todd. Then Jeff Pigeon. And what about Big John Gillis? And Terri Stacy? Dave "The King" Wilson? And now Steve Simpson. I had already quit listening in the evening we Ed Wenk and Clark Howard left. The best part of my day was my hour long drive each morning with Steve Simpson. Now he is gone and I have no reason to tune in. Come on you big wigs who think you know how to run a business. Look at all of these posts. You are losing ground fast in the Indy market. Bring back the good people that your listeners want before you have no listeners at all. I turn the radio off every time I hear Katz and now that he is a permanent fixture in the morning, I have moved on. Watch out Tony. They will do the same thing to you. I never thought I would not be listening to WIBC, but that day has come. Good bye to all the great people that you have let slip through you fingers WIBC, and judging by the posts I just read here, good bye to your ratings. I dropped channel 6 when they let Ray Cortipassi and Martha Weaver go and I have now officially dropped WIBC. Changing is the only way the listeners and viewers can get our point across. I am done now here and with WIBC.
                            • LOOKING FOR A NEW STATION
                              I started listening to WIBC on my morning commute from Lafayette to Greenwood in 1998. Steve was the last of the Morning News Team from that era, Emmis already having let go of Jeff Pigeon and re-assigned Terri Stacy and Big Joe Stazniak. I cannot stand so much LA conservative noise in my morning drive and am now looking for another station with some degree of local charm and talk. My only interaction with WIBC will now be the Home and Garden Show on the weekend and Abdul at Large weeknights. Such a shame, Emmis!
                              • You don't get it.
                                The nice thing about WIBC in the past has been the down to earth local approach to world events and our own local issues that most of us all care about. We can go anywhere and get the "National host" opinions and slants of the news (and sports) . Dick Crum and the Saturday morning crew, Big Joe and Grady on Sports, Garrsion, (little bit of Rush) is about all I really listen to WIBC for. Sounds like 9:00AM to 12:00 (noon) during the week and Saturday morning is about all WIBC has to offer me. KLOVE isn't a bad option either:)
                              • Done with WIBC
                                Loved listening to Steve in the morning. Lost all interest with the afternoons when the Chicks showed up. Done with WIBC.
                              • big mistake WIBC
                                Been a loyal listener for many years. Too bad you've put all your eggs in the political basket WIBC. Best wishes Steve!
                              • Final Nail
                                This is the Final nail in the coffin for my listening to WIBC. ITs move from AM to FM began the demise of this once great Iconic broadcasting station. Phasing out all the veteran hosts now has just made this station another Fox News Radio station. I can get that on my XM receiver. Your unique local personalities made this station what is WAS. Good Bye.
                              • Nuts
                                This ranks up there with cutting Dave Wilson loose.
                              • Bye bye
                                Deleted WIBC from my presets. It is too much. I don't want to hear opinion and news and doom and gloom and rant and rave first thing in the morning. I want to wake up to a friendly voice (Steve and Terry) and begin my day with a smile. Tony has some good things to say but not first thing in the morning. I will miss my WIBC.
                                • You have it wrong
                                  I believe getting rid of Steve Simpson and moving Terri Stacy were two mistakes. I get enough of people giving their opinions all day long. I don't believe people want a Tony Katz kind of morning show. It was nice waking up and listening to Steve and Terri. As soon as my feet hit the floor I turned on WIBC on my iPhone app. Probably not gonna do that anymore.
                                • Who's next Dick Crum
                                  I can’t believe Steve is gone. I can’t stand Tony Katz. The only thing WIBC has going for them now is Garrison and the Home and Garden Show with Dick, Pat and Denny Guess I will have to go back to XM radio.
                                • Ditto
                                  I feel the same way - I've listen to Tony when he's subbed for Dana and he's not the right voice for this area. Steve was the guy I liked to listen to in the morning. WIBC made a mistake with this move, sad to say.
                                • Great
                                  Its the right move. I hated Stever the liberal news guy, and the last straw was when he tired to make Richard Mourdock the bad guy for his comments at the Republican convention. Now get rid of dumb-bell screachy Terry Stacy.
                                • News?
                                  Sorry to see Steve be shown the door. Not surprised when I look at the programming changes at WIBC. If management is correct, the station will do better. If management is wrong, management should be shown the door.
                                • Very sad
                                  Yeah, I'm done too. Thought it just might be me, getting old and all, but I see a lot of other people feel the same way that I do. WIBC sucks now.
                                • WIBC loss
                                  WIBC has lost me as a istener with this move. The Chicks on the Right had driven me from tuning in WIBC on my drive home (how I miss Dave "the King" Wilsom), and now hearing another political broadcast will replace Simpson in the morning pretty well means now my radio will be tuned anywhere but WIBC. I'm conservative, but I don't want to hear any side's political rants 24/7.
                                • Grow ip indy
                                  What a bunch of cry babies we seem to have here in Indy. I liked stever as much as the next person, but honestly, how about giving Tony the benefit of the doubt. I thought Indy was suppose to be so welcoming to newcomers. I have a feeling Tony will surprise all of you. What a shame you all won't hear it. Welcome Tony, and good luck!
                                  • Steve Simpson
                                    Can't add much to the above.REALLLY DISLIKE KATZ. When I first heard him, "you can't be serious1"was my response. Have heard some vulgarity from the _ _ _ _ on the left (right?) Steve did it all; news, traffic, sports, etc. Been tuned in since 72'(Gary Todd). will see how news is at other stations and of course the morning show.
                                  • What a kick in the stomach!
                                    Very disappointed to hear Steve is gone. He is definitely a class act - genuine, good natured, great humor and humble enough that he didn't think he needed to share his opinion about everything. Made the drive to work tolerable. Felt like your next door neighbor. I've listened to WIBC for 20+ years. Don't want to hear Katz in the morning - not a good way to start my day. I agree with the other comments, WIBC is not what it used to be. Tired of hearing the same news and ads all day long. Not sure what WIBC is thinking, but it's their loss and, unfortunately, all of ours too. Definitely not Steve's.
                                  • Another poor decision
                                    Slowly but surely over the years WIBC has made the conscious decision to remove itself as the once-dependable news station that dominated the local airwaves. Now we get hours-old news that is irrelevant. The "personalities" continue to become more abrasive and slanted to the point of ridiculous. You can have it. I prefer entertainment radio and WIBC can no longer provide it to me so...goodbye.
                                  • what a mistake!
                                    OMG - Steve Simpson, the reason I listen to WIBC in the mornings to get the real stories, the honest news. The last thing I want to listen to is Tony Katz - he is so annoying and full of himself. Who cares about his opinions. Good bye WIBC. Take care Steve, and hope you find a news station that listens to the people and appreciates your voice.
                                  • "Depressed & Disappointed in Plainfield"
                                    Well.... that's just GREAT!! The ONE voice I ALWAYS loved to hear when I turned on my radio, has been "given his hat & asked what's his hurry"... "shown the door"..."kicked to the curb"... (insert clever saying here)... This is just another example of company executives not understanding the people of "flyover country". (Does anyone else remember Howard Stern's brief time on our Indianpolis airwaves? Like HE was gonna waltz in here and put Bob & Tom into early retirement??... HA!) I can NOT do nearly as good a job at putting my disappointment into words, as all the other good folks that have also written their thoughts and feelings here. But I feel like it wouldn't be respectful of Steve, if I didn't at least try... I don't want to rehash what has already been said. So, my main points I want to make are: 1) Part of what I LOVED about Steve, is that you really never quite knew which side he fell on any certain issue. I LIKED THAT. I may be somewhere between a conservative and an independent. But that doesn't mean I want to hear my same opinions parroted back in my face all day long. Listening to Steve, was like leaving your house after fighting with your parents... and feeling that calming, non-judgemental, "everythings gonna be okay" voice that you got from your grandparents. I mean, COME ON... The TRULY talented make it look easy.. and THAT's what Steve did/does. I mean, who ELSE would you want to hear coming from your battery powered radio (or Iphone), while you're hunkered down in your basement, as Central Indiana is hit by wave after wave of tornados and severe weather. EVERYBODY knows you want Steve... calmly telling about what was going on. It was like a lifeline of sunshine and hope... piercing its way into a dark damp mineshaft or well. I don't know how to put a price on that. But I am sure sorrry that it is gone. 2) Can anyone tell me how you squeeze friendship, good feelings, and positive vibes thru a microphone, transmit it over several miles, and then have it POP out of your car or house radio??? That is what Steve did. His voice has an unexplainable, intangable quality, that just makes you feel like you are sitting around with a really great friend. How does that happen, when I've never even met the guy?!?! Well... I'll quit rambling on and on. I KNOW this doesn't rank up there with other major negative life events... But why does it feel that way?? So long, good luck, and best of wishes... from one of a thousand BEST friends, that you never even met :) Take care Steve!!
                                  • When 1 door closes...
                                    ...keep moving forward and find your bliss. I miss Steve in the morning and I, like several others here, am searching for a new morning station. The afternoon segments are HORRIBLE (where were the Chicks discovered, the Fashin Mall?) and I have no interest in what Shabazz has to say. Katz should consider decaf if he's taking the a.m. slot! Sayonara!
                                  • DDillon
                                    I am truly sorry to hear this since I have been a fan of Steve's for years. He was obviously a dedictated employee with all the time he would put in during storms & other disasters. This is a real disappointment & I have listened to WIBC for 40 years since my mother always had it on. I'm not sure that Katz is the right direction either & even though I'm a Conservative all the way. Very sad news...
                                  • Time for me to change, too.
                                    Tony Katz is not the voice I want to hear in the morning. I'll be listening to a different station on my morning commute. Steve will be missed.
                                    • Loss of Steve
                                      I am very sorry that Steve Simpson was released. I enjoyed listening to Steve every morning for my hour long drive to work. I do not care for Abdul at all and Tony is not a voice I want to hear in the morning. I am glad to read that WFYI has a good morning program. I will switch over to listen and if I don't care for that, I will go back to the jokes venue on Bob and Tom that I used to listen to.
                                    • Goodbye WIBC
                                      no reason to listen. Cannot stand the shouting of Katz at night - how could we tolerate in the am? Saturday is the only day I can stand to listen now.
                                    • No more WIBC
                                      I too will be changing my station as of today. Steve Simpson was the very last reason I was listening. It is a sad day.
                                    • Oh. Great.
                                      Steve Simpson, the smooth, self deprecating, genuinely funny guy is gone. Tony Katz, the YELLER (He yells and shouts into the microphone. A lot!) is in. This will not be easy to listen to in the morning. I would rather they gave Abdul the gig if they wanted a change. I am reminded of the disaster that followed when they fired Jeff Pigeon. That's when I left WIBC and discovered Abdul, in fact!
                                    • What!
                                      Seriously Katz and Abdul. I change my radio every time I hear there voices. I have to find a new morning show!
                                    • Goodbye WIBC
                                      This guy was the last reason I'd even tune in to WIBC. Sorry to hear he's no longer with them.
                                      • Enough already
                                        Ban the chicks. Ban the chicks. Ban the chicks.
                                      • How do you keep the chicks
                                        Understand changing times but the chicks are the most absolutely anouying team you guys have ever aired How about new voices in the afternoon
                                      • Just go ahead and change it to WFOX already
                                        I suppose unadulterated news can be boring. Apparently Shock! Conspiracy! and rudeness is what actually sells. And, of course, the purpose of owning a station is to make money. Since so many people blindly follow Fox and MSNBC and distrust news being delivered factually and without opinion, this final nail in the coffin was pretty much expected. WIBC long ago gave up its respected reputation. It might as well make some money as compensation.
                                      • wibc
                                        WIBC has a couple of good shows but otherwise WFYI and Freedom 95 have better choices. Whether you agree with his opinions or not, The bombast of Tony Katz doesn't really fit Indy.
                                      • Dump the Chicks Instead
                                        I don't care who WIBC has on in the mornings but the Chicks in the afternoon are HORRIBLE! Their nasaly voices and their lame news stories are so annoying that I'd rather listen to smooth jazz.
                                      • Radio is dead
                                        The calm, trusted voice of news is gone. I am a conservative, but I just want to be treated like an adult. Tell me what's going on, and then be quiet. Excpet for sporting events, I don't think my radio will leave 88.7 FM again.
                                      • Reply to Steve
                                        I always get a kick out of you folks who are so certain that the only reliable news source is Fox...please, Lois Lerner is on every news feed including the DNC front Mother Jones and liberal Huff Post, if you think that hasn't been reported anywhere but Fox you must be comatose...the news on Fox is nothing but slant just like the sources I've just mentioned, so consider yourself completely uniformed...the only real accurate news sources are Comedy Central and the Onion...hehheh...
                                      • Katz is Great..
                                        Met him last month, and he's a dynamic and challenging young talent. Simpson was flat boring, a plodder at best. I always saw him as a guy without a life, who had a cot in the broom closet. Steve Simpson and NASCAR races are guaranteed to put one to sleep.
                                      • Another nail in the Emmis coffin
                                        Whomever is conducting their focus groups, to determine what the station should be, is way out-of-date. And the last thing this state needs is to import more conservatives...as residents or radio personalities. It's time we turn off Emmis/WIBC. And, as an advertiser, I'm done.
                                      • me too!
                                        I am done,if I want to listen someones ranting and ravings and negitive thoughts i could just go elsewhere. Morning was about all I listen to any more anyway.You better watch what you want you just might get it.
                                      • So Gary Todd is not on in the morning anymore?
                                        Bring back minute mysteries.
                                      • Agree: Sad day for WIBC
                                        We definitely don't need more commentary. We get enough of the CRAP on the news channels. I've listened to WIBC for years on my iphone or streaming on the computer here in Austin, TX. I liked the morning style. We don't need crappy opinionated newstainment. WIBC... stay with your famous roots that made you an institution for decades in Indy.
                                      • I Agree, Sorry to See Steve Go
                                        Sorry to see Steve go; we will miss his positive, soothing voice, his humor, and his balanced approach to the facts of the news. I miss Terri Staci too. That was a good morning team. Best of luck Steve in your future endeavors. You'll be taking a lot of WIBC fans with you as you go.
                                      • WIBC is done
                                        I never dreamed there would be a day that a top brass at WIBC would say they want their news hosts to express opinion and perspective rather than have a neutral objective traditional newsperson. By that rational, the late great Indy newsmen Fred Heckman, Joe Pickett and Lou Palmer would not be welcome by the new management at WIBC. WIBC is no longer the trusted name in news in Indianapolis anymore. How I know wish it were still owned by Richard Fairbanks, WIBC was back on 1070 and 93.1 was WNAP. What a wonderful radio era that was. In this modern age Naptown Rock Radio War, WIBC has replaced their Navy with the Cub Scouts. And the rest of us are joining the other side.
                                      • Last link
                                        Katz would be great, if this was New Jersey. The "Chicks" wouldn't be great anywhere. Greg "let me clear my throat" Garrison can be very hard to listen to, when he's actually there. They have 2 all sports sister stations yet often inject sports shows and reports on this station. Steve Simpson was the last remaining link to WIBC's glory days. The station lost it's relevance as a reliable, timely (including nights and weekends) local news source a few years ago.
                                      • And so it goes...
                                        WIBC....farewell and goodnight...time to eliminate you from the presets...can't even STAND "The Chicks"...but I hung in there...now Steve...REALLY? Again I say, farewell...
                                      • DANG!
                                        I didn't realize that reporting news and events HAD to have an agenda behind it's reporting, which would make WIBC, which has been the one constant in Indy for DECADES of even-handed news reporting, now no better than MSNBC, tilting the news to fit an agenda by reporting w/ a slant. I'm sure you'll get notes like this from many, many ex-listeners, but what ever happened to straight-up event reporting, w/o adding opinions? I'm ticked, and you're now leaving Indianapolis w/o a true fact-based news reporting? Sorry about your luck; you'll probably see your Arbitron Ratings numbers lower than they've been in decades. Sorry to see change for the sake of opinion, not facts.
                                      • dear wibc
                                        Hey, wibc, it's not like I'm going to forget how to be a conservative if I listen to Steve Simpson in the morning. An all-day conservative line-up station has already tried and failed in this market. You need to come up for air some times.
                                      • Last straw
                                        This is the last straw. You can only take so much conservative drivel AND I'm a conservative! I only listened to WIBC in the mornings and now, will not at all. Thanks for nothing.
                                        • Simpson
                                          This came as not surprise to me, just wondered why it took so long. I have not listened to WIBC's morning show since Simpson took it over several years back with Stacy (whatever) her name is....they were awful. Also, don't listen to Chicks on the Right they giggle to much and Greg Garrison having them on his show doesn't help, I turn him off when they are on. I don't listen to Dana Laish(?) either. Greg and Rush are the only shows I listen to on WIBC.
                                        • Lost Me
                                          Goodbye WIBC. I am ok with conservative opinion radio in the afternoon, but I don't need it and won't listen to the ranting in the morning. I will find another station to meet my needs each day, bad move.
                                          • WIBC makes another mistake
                                            Again WIBC top brass make a critical error. Simpson was the voice of calm and reason during tornados, during breaking news..etc….and the radio station owners wonder why radio revenue is declining and sales will never come back….and emmis stock is in the tank…Simpson is a pro, and he will find a better career at 50 and get out of radio.
                                          • Heartbroken
                                            I cannot tell WIBC how upset I am over this decision. Although I listen to other programs hosts while I'm in my car each day, Steve is the one I have enjoyed the most for several years. I hope he lands on another public airway so I can continue to get my news from him. Loved his approach and wit each day to the local and national news stories. I think Tony is just too harsh for the morning time slot. I'm glad he is in love with Indiana, but I wished his move here wasn't at Steve's expense. So going to miss "my friend I had never met". Feel just like another member of my family has passed on....so long Steve. Add you to my list of WIBC heartaches...join Dave and Joe, and Ed Wenk, Greg Browning, oh it's a long list of good souls. Best wishes to you!
                                          • reply to "Former WIBC Fan"
                                            I always get a kick out of you folks that think you are so clever by referring to "FAUX-news"...just because they both begin with an "F" and end with an "X" and the name implies that the news they offer is not at all real. The truth is that Fox News offers news that is certainly far more balanced than what you get from most of the other networks. Whether you choose to believe or accept it is your choice; more often than not, it is your loss. One quick example- the IRS just announced today that about two years worth of e-mails from the account of Lois Lerner have mysteriously disappeared. Now, if you watch most of the other networks, you may not hear about this, or if you do, you may be asking yourself, who is Lois Lerner?
                                            • We need more Sam Graves
                                              The calming, lightly british-accented, delivery of Sam Graves is what we need. Tony's fun to listen to in the evenings but really, my morning jolt should come from caffeine.
                                            • Get over yourself
                                              Seriously.... Pretty sure the listening audience didnt care and the belief that people on the right care is a stereotype perpetuated by the left. Please stop watching MSNBC
                                            • Payola Rules
                                              So they make room for the most unethical radio guy in town, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, and get rid of the only talk host employed at the station who is capable of delivering news and discussing topics without a slant that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of most of their listeners.
                                            • Well put!
                                            • Maybe Too Much
                                              I love Garrison's program. I like the other shows of the conservative slant including Katz. But I like a bit of a break too and just get some basic news in the morning. Simpson provided that and will be missed. Put another way, I like steak but don't want it for every meal.
                                              • Good Luck
                                                The loss of Steve is huge for WIBC and the listening audience. Steve was and remains a trusted voice who could deliver the news in times of crisis and calm. WIBC has moved away from the news in the past several years to focus on a market that is aging and who's views are being more and more seen as behind the times. Are local advertisers going to want to be associated with the brand of radio being presented? I'm not sure. Steve and the Morning News were the safe route to get your ads heard without having social issues being brought up to drive potential consumers away. It won't matter to some, but it may matter to many. I mean, why else did Steve have so many endorsements? Cause no one wanted Greg/Chicks to do it...Good luck WIBC. Actually, no. Good luck Steve and may you be happy and successful in the next journey of your career.
                                              • will miss morning AM show
                                                Will definitely miss Mr. Simpson (and Ms. Stacy) in the early AM hours when heading to IND. Good luck on your next gig.
                                              • Radio Indiana no more
                                                WIBC bears not a trace of the great station it once was. Does anyone else remember Jeff Smulyan's comment when Emmis purchased it from the previous company that ran it into the ground? Something to the effect that he wanted to return it to the great news source and even greater community partner it once was? Nice work. We'll miss you, Steve. Wishing you the very best.
                                              • Terri
                                                Terri is still with WIBC.She runs their big community relations program and broadcasts. She was out at our Fish Fry for charity last week. I hear her on the air often.
                                              • Sorry to see it
                                                Sorry to hear this news. Steve was always the voice that you wanted to hear during breaking news, including weather emergencies. He also was a terrific interviewer. WFYI,,, here I come. Thanks Steve and good luck! My wife and I used to love to listen to your after work program, especially on Friday's with your surveys!
                                              • They never learn.
                                                WIBC has dismissed all of the local talent in the last few years. Now they cannot figure out why their ratings are slumping. Jeff Pigeon, Dave Wilson, Steve Simpson, Terri Stacy etc. are no longer around and the same will be said of the faithful WIBC listeners.
                                                • Huge loss
                                                  The last reason that I had to listen to WIBC was let go today. I am sad to no longer have a reliable, sensible, local news radio person. WIBC is certainly in a full-swing trend toward loud mouthed obnoxious hosts who spew opinions instead of facts. It's a very sad position for a formerly reliable news radio station to have taken.
                                                • Steve is better off
                                                  WIBC has become a joke. Several of the good news people at the station are now on WFYI. I think Emmis is doing him a favor by letting him pursue other options. WFYI is where I go for news radio.
                                                • radio
                                                  gotta wonder about left wing biased radio...love FOX news so don't tell me what I must listen to or believe.
                                                • Huge Loss
                                                  Another consummate professional tossed to the curb. How sad. I had the opportunity to work with Steve on multiple occasions and he was nothing but fair and honest no matter the topic. Guess I'll be erasing all the Emmis stations from the presets.
                                                • Typical
                                                  To be expected...Radio stations are looking for ratings only, so they are going with the flavor of the day, conservative talk radio, news with a slant and bias...won't get me to listen...the airwaves are already full of that crap...
                                                • What a shame
                                                  Words can't express how sorry I am that Steve is going. He is an outstanding Hoosier, newsman, and patriot. I'll miss his laughter, his genuine kindness and his humor. What a tragic loss for central Indiana.
                                                  • Fred is rolling over
                                                    I was a WIBC news fan going back to my high school days. Professionally I had the opportunity to work with Fred Heckman. I can't help but believe Fred is appalled with the direction the station he loved is taking. With Steve gone, there's no reason to endure WIBC and it's FAUX-news. Thank heaven for WFYI.

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                                                    5. Problem: most of the people responding to this article don't know about this service AT ALL! Why? Lack of awareness. This isn't IndyGo. This is CIRTA: might as well be the mattress company because they are asleep at the wheel - something like 3 directors over the last year? Playing with federal grant money is great! This "region" wants commuter rail service, has spent MILLIONS on Transportation studies yet can't even support a commuter bus line? This is largely for suburban riders to get to downtown - not for "service people to work in our hotels and restaurants" ! Get your head out of your backside!! These are professionals, students etc. that don't want to fight traffic, save some money on parking, gas, stress.... if CIRTA would put their federal money into widely promoting the sevive to Greenwood, Fishers & Carmel instead of finding directors and studies - this would be a successful service. Our family uses(d) it daily for the last several years - but the recent uncertainty & now unreliability due to cuts from Carmel has been a problem. Now, costs us an additional $350/month for gas & parking ( $4200/year) plus vehicle wear, service, environmental impact ... YES - this REGION needs this this type of service in order to keep growing and getting the people it needs to fill skilled positions in downtown Indianapolis. Think outside of your own car !!!