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  1. Went to Cincy a month or two ago. Guess what? Their building a light rail system... Oh my how backwards we are. Build it! For once dream about what this city can become and not merely what it is today.

  2. "Trains passing through the city about 40 miles south of Indianapolis sometimes cause backups on Indiana 46 that can stretch up to two miles and take an hour to clear". Any chance of grade separation where these two cross?

  3. the luxury buses from Miller barely get 100 riders a day and that's on express buses that have no stops between pickup on northside and downtown. Why would people ride these which won't be as nice, will have to have stops, and while they will have their own lane, still won't be as fast as just driving yourself (once you factor in stops, driving to the bus pickup point, etc...). There just isn't the density to justify building out a system that will never capture enough of the population to make sense.

  4. I would love for this to happen, but I don't believe it will. Where this would succeed where all the other ones failed is in the dedicated lane. Then it would be RAPID

  5. So who pays for this boondoggle? Will you enthusiastic wannabe cosmopolitan drifters pay full freight or will you expect others to pay for it? The Miller line just got bailed out after decreasing service bc they were bleeding. Will this survive based on people wanting to take a bus to Colts games? Unlikely since that service failed too. If this goes through, let me allow you to relax back into your seat by telling you now the outcome: 1) service, a selling point, is decreased bc nearly empty buses are running too frequently; 2) rates are increased (yeah, right...that would destroy arguments against driving); or 3) increased taxes. Likely that we would see a combo of 1 and 3. But, this doesn't decrease nor is it about decreasing dependence on furr'n oil. We could do that by leading the world in nat gas usage. It's about three overweight middle aged unattractive coconuts trying to soak taxpayers to say they did something while in elected office; they're concerned only with legacy building. If this was really a no-brainier, big biz would be falling over itself to make it happen in order to make more money. To really help people, the route would be north, south, east, and west in Marion County. Going from carmel to greenwood and selling expanded hours means this is nothing more than a car service for a few and for others a drunk bus.