East side getting Super Bowl boost

July 30, 2011

I enjoyed [Benner’s July 18] column on the Super Bowl Legacy project. I am president of the 2011 Realtor Foundation, the organization sponsoring the Building a Living Legacy project—32 rental homes for the homeless or those in danger of becoming homeless. This campaign is the centerpiece of the centennial celebration for the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors.

I believe we are all asking the same questions about revitalization of this and other neighborhoods—will all our best plans really make a difference? I believe strongly the answer is “yes,” at least for this east-side neighborhood.

The revitalization of this area started with the residents long before the Super Bowl was awarded to our city. Residents, business owners, the Boner Center and others began discussing how to improve their neighborhood, and as the plans developed and opportunities for monies were found, a newfound enthusiasm for “what could be” was becoming a reality.

The Super Bowl and all the help it has generated for this area will only add to the plans this neighborhood has been working on for some time. There is no need to lose our enthusiasm or our excitement just because the game is over.•

Joyce Scotten

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